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Third-party liability
Up to $2,000,000
Collision or Upset
$500 deductible
Accident without collision
$500 deductible
Additional coverages
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Top policies beating market prices
  • Rental cars included
  • Over 150,000 satisfied users
  • Immediate connection with multiple insurers
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Save up to 15% by bundling your auto and home insurance!
Highly recommended
Third-party liability
Up to $2,000,000
Collision or Upset
$500 deductible
Accident without collision
$500 deductible
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Perfect option for vans, trucks & SUVs
  • More than 5 additional coverages
  • Renewal discounts available
  • Legal fees covered
With our partner YouSet
Save up to 15% by bundling your auto and home insurance!
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Third-party liability
Up to $2,000,000
Collision or Upset
$500 deductible
Accident without collision
$500 deductible
Additional coverages
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  • Get a personalized car insurance premium with my Drive™
  • No premium increase for two at-fault losses in 5 years
  • 2,000 broker relationships across Canada
With our partner YouSet
Save up to 15% by bundling your auto and home insurance!
Third-party liability
Up to $2,000,000
Collision or Upset
Different options
Accident without collision
Different options
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Best offer for young drivers under 25
  • Base rate plus distance-driven payments
  • Large amount of discounts available
  • Additional theft or vandalism coverage
With our partner LowestRates
Third-party liability
Up to $2,000,000
Accident without collision
$500 deductible
Additional coverages
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  • Bundle Car and Home insurances to get discounts
  • Uninsured automobile coverage included
  • Get a direct compensation
With our partner YouSet
Save up to 15% by bundling your auto and home insurance!
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With over 26 million registered motor vehicles in Canada, having auto insurance isn't just a choice but a legal requirement for vehicle owners. Its primary purpose is to protect drivers and their vehicles from potential financial hardships arising from unexpected events or accidents.

Across the various provinces in Canada, each has its distinct regulations governing car insurance. These regulations encompass different public, private, and hybrid systems that comprise our country’s insurance network.

Our comprehensive car insurance guide features a list of top providers, insights into cost-affecting factors, and invaluable tips to help you secure the best coverage while effectively managing insurance premiums. Keep reading to learn more!

Best car insurance providers at a glance for 2024

Name of InsuranceKey FeaturesBest forOur RatingPersonalized Quote
youset logo
  • Easy-to-use online tool
  • Get up to 15% off by bundling home and car insurance
  • Rental Car Coverage
  • Instant options from multiple insurers
  • Buy policy online in just a few minutes
Best for users looking for multiple options to choose from and affordable premiums4.9/5Get a free quote now
lowestrates car insurance main
  • User-friendly online comparison tool
  • Get quotes from major companies like CAA, SGI, etc.
  • Choices for high-risk, student, and new drivers
  • Sample quotes ranged $70 - $167 per month
Users seeking multiple quotes from top insurers4/5Get a quote from LowestRates
onlia car insurance main
  • Manage your policy entirely online
  • Easily customize coverage amounts and options
  • Add-ons like increased accident benefits, ridesharing
  • Digital experience without involving brokers
Individuals seeking online policy management4/5Consult Onlia's website for a free quote
economical car insurance main
  • Specializes in drivers with challenges
  • Robust protection against lawsuits
  • 24/7 emergency roadside assistance program
  • Tailor coverage to your exact needs
Policyholders with problematic driving records3.5/5Get a quote from Economical
mychoice car insurance main
  • Get side-by-side quotes from various insurers
  • Easily adjust deductibles and recalculate
  • User-friendly quote form takes 2 minutes
  • Sample monthly quotes spanned $77 - $184
Quick quote comparison with minimal customization4/5Get a quote from mychoice
pafco car insurance main
  • Caters to drivers others won't cover
  • Helps improve poor driving records over time
  • Available in ON, QC, NS, NB, AB
  • Experts find the right policy for your situation
Drivers facing coverage challenges3.5/5Get a quote from PAFCO
optimum car insurance main
  • Up to $2 million liability coverage
  • Discounts for mature drivers, multi-policy bundles
  • Add any combination of optional endorsements
  • Significant savings when bundling home and auto
Individuals seeking tailored insurance options4/5Get a quote from Optimum
promutuel car insurance main
  • Policies very easy to manage online
  • Discounts for environmentally-friendly vehicles
  • Also insure motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, more
  • Great website and mobile apps
Customers looking for easily managed digital policies3.5/5Get a quote from Promutuel
td car insurance main
  • Choices like accident forgiveness protection
  • Savings when bundling and driving hybrid
  • Customize premiums based on driving habits
  • Specialty insurance for cross-country travel
Customers seeking flexibility and various discount options4/5Consult TD's website for a quote
rbc car insurance main
  • Useful add-ons like Family Protection
  • Satellite Program for towing and repairs
  • Prompt emergency roadside assistance
  • Many choices beyond basic coverage
Policyholders in need of emergency assistance services3.75/5Consult RBC's website for a quote
aviva car insurance main
  • Insurance specifically for ridesharing drivers
  • Steep discounts for safe driving and bundling
  • Save up to 20% with their telematics app
  • Handy endorsements like accident waiver
Ride-sharing service users and discounts seekers4/5Consult Aviva's website for a quote
desjardins car insurance main
  • 5-year replacement coverage option
  • Discounts for eco-cars, bundling policies
  • Rebates available for young drivers
  • Telematics app provides significant savings
Customers seeking distinct coverage add-ons4/5Consult Desjardins' website for a quote
co operators car insurance main
  • Co-op business structure that gives back locally
  • Mandatory coverage plus helpful add-ons
  • Choices like accident forgiveness, family protection
  • Demutualized to expand nationally
Customers valuing community-driven service3.5/5Consult Co-operators' website for a quote
all state car insurance main
  • Vast selection of coverage add-ons
  • Specialty insurance for ridesharing
  • Savings for good students and safe habits
  • Robust theft protection and parking tools
Customers seeking feature-rich auto insurance4/5Consult Allstate's website for a quote
sonnet car insurance main
  • Fully online process with 24/7 support
  • File claims easily by phone, email, chat
  • Customizable endorsements
  • Alumni savings for graduates
Users desiring quick, online policy services4.5/5Consult Sonnet's website for a quote
Best car insurance Canada

LowestRates - Comparing quotes

Our Rating: 4/5 offers an intuitive one-stop online platform to easily compare personalized rate quotes from over 30 top Canadian insurers. It is an excellent fit for customers wanting the simplicity of gathering multiple quotes across various companies in one place to determine the most competitive rate based on their situation. LowestRates provides nearly instant sample quotes and doesn't require lengthy forms. It caters to high-risk drivers who struggle to find affordable coverage.

What customers love:

  • Quick online comparisons
  • Quotes from 30+ major insurers
  • Optimized for high-risk drivers
  • Accurate, user-friendly quotes

Onlia - Online Convenience

Our Rating: 4/5

Onlia car insurance utilizes a seamless digital insurance model allowing customers to completely manage their personalized policies online without paperwork through its intuitive platform and mobile apps. It is ideal for busy, tech-savvy drivers wanting the flexibility to quickly adjust coverage, access documents, and file quick claims digitally anywhere without needing a broker.

What customers love:

  • Intuitive, fully online system
  • Sleek mobile app
  • You can adjust coverage with ease
  • Rideshare coverage capability

Economical - Specialty risky driver coverage

Our Rating 3.5/5

Economical specializes in insurance for drivers that other companies avoid. They offer customized policies by leveraging decades of specialty non-standard market experience. The company is a great fit for drivers considered to be accident-prone due to past issues.

What customers love:

  • Covering the most challenging accident cases
  • Custom-tailored policies to your risk profile
  • Helps improve poor driving history

My Choice - Streamlined quote comparisons

Our Rating: 4/5

My Choice simplifies the formerly overwhelming process for drivers to evaluate detailed pricing options from leading insurers using their conveniently short, user-friendly online quote form. It works best for customers wanting a quick, hassle-free quote experience without intensive back-and-forth paperwork. My Choice empowers shoppers to efficiently compare rates and tweak variables to suit their preferences best.

What customers love:

  • Intuitive and seamless quote form
  • Efficiently compare pricing with providers
  • Adjust deductibles with ease
  • Added guidance from brokers

Pafco - Last resort specialty coverage

Our Rating: 3.5/5

Pafco provides specialty insurance solutions for overwhelmingly high-risk drivers who repeatedly rejected coverage elsewhere. It works with customers who desperately need an insurance policy and are labeled as otherwise uninsurable. Though premiums are steep, Pafco offers a crucial lifeline helping dedicated drivers gradually reduce insurance risk.

What customers love:

  • Specializes in repeatedly rejected applicants
  • Mandatory protection lifeline
  • Compassionately aids dedication
  • Eventual driving record redemption

Optimum - Flexible customization

Our Rating: 4/5

Optimum Insurance empowers customers to personally handpick optimal coverages from its broad range of over 100 innovative options. This allows its customers to customize their protection to perfectly align their coverage with their unique needs. Optimum also offers advice on managing unique assets like luxury vehicles and watercraft, which pulls in some higher-end clientele.

What customers love:

  • Over 100 coverage extras
  • Bundle home & auto insurance
  • Tailored premium equipment advice

Promutuel - Digital policy convenience

Our Rating: 3.5/5

Promutuel sets itself apart with its elegant online account and mobile tools. It simplifies managing your insurance policy or submitting a claim without paperwork whenever and wherever you need to. You will like Promutuel if you want seamless account access and a digital approach to insurance. Promutuel also offers discounted rates for hybrid/electric cars, contributing to sustainability.

What customers love:

  • Digital tools efficacy
  • Discounts for eco-cars
  • Simplified claim filing
  • Adaptable range of vehicles

TD Insurance - Dynamic protection & pricing

Our Rating: 4/5

TD car insurance offers customers the ability to modify their plans and offers savings through customized pricing approaches that incentivize positive driving. TD is a great fit for drivers wanting dynamic adaptability and great value. The company offers accident forgiveness options and app-based savings, particularly appealing for safety-focused shoppers.

What customers love:

  • Adaptable coverage options
  • Usage-based savings
  • Multi-policy bundling
  • Specialized travel insurance

RBC Insurance - Reassuring emergency support

Our Rating: 3.75/5

RBC car insurance is great if you want to build a relationship with an established bank. They also offer peace of mind through dependable round-the-clock emergency roadside support. It is great for drivers who want reliable crisis assistance and family security. RBC provides essentials like fuel, battery jumps, locksmith access, and more at your most vulnerable moments.

What customers love:

  • Industry-leading roadside aid
  • Direct family coverage
  • Reassuring rapid response
  • Towing and tire expertise

Aviva - Rideshare gap solving

Our Rating: 4/5

Aviva car insurance fills a problematic coverage gap by offering insurance specifically addressing ridesharing drivers, complemented by other helpful options to avoid huge rate hikes after accidents. The company is popular with rideshare operators who need coverage for their on-road activity. Aviva also provides accident forgiveness and vanishing deductibles over time.

What customers love:

  • Specialized ridesharing endorsement
  • Forward-thinking market leader
  • Conviction protection extras
  • Vanishing deductibles option

Desjardins - Car replacement security

Our Rating: 4/5

Desjardins car insurance delivers exceptional permanent auto replacement assurance through its optional 5-year policy, ensuring a brand-new car after incidents. It gives security-seeking customers unmatched longevity compared to competitors, ceasing coverage after two years. Desjardins also offers usage-based and bundled policy discounts complemented by a polished web/app experience.

What customers love:

  • Unique extended replacement
  • Discounts for safe app driving
  • Multi-policy bundling
  • Sleek digital site/tools

Co-operators - Socially conscious advocacy

Our Rating: 3.5/5

As a highly reputable co-operative, members of the Co-operators collectively guide its community-focused advocacy. The company focuses on accessibility for disadvantaged groups often discriminated against, providing affordable and comprehensive coverage.

One key drawback is that many see the Co-operators as a much more expensive option than its competitors. The company targets forward-thinking consumers who want to support an ethically-conscious business with a community focus.

What customers love:

  • Values-based co-op governance
  • Democratized policy decisions
  • Upholds accessibility morality
  • Robust coverage meeting needs

Allstate Insurance - Unparalleled customization

Our Rating: 4/5

Allstate car insurance stands out by offering an enormous catalog of specialized auto insurance options. Their customers can extensively customize their protection, offering insurance for almost any imaginable niche not covered by competitors. With so many choices, assessment paralysis could hinder some customers. It is a great fit for drivers wanting unrivaled customizability beyond basic policies and usage-based savings.

What customers love:

  • Addresses overlooked niches
  • Usage-based discounts
  • Rideshare plan options that don’t break the bank

Sonnet Insurance - Student-friendly digital experience

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Sonnet car insurance delivers an exceptionally smooth, quick 100% online insurance purchasing experience complemented by considerate 24/7 customer support options convenient for tech-savvy drivers. Despite being digitally savvy, their limited physical locations may deter traditional customers. It serves busy drivers wanting straightforward digital interactions with caring assistance always available when necessary. Sonnet offers exclusive deals for university alumni and savings for recent graduates.

What customers love:

  • Top-tier fully online system
  • Caring always-available aid
  • Exclusive student deals
  • Customizable bundle options

Types of car insurance in Canada

As a Canadian motorist, auto insurance is non-negotiable - all provinces legally require drivers to carry a bare minimum level of coverage before hitting the road. While mandatory insurance safeguards you against financial catastrophe if the worst happens, many drivers often find policies perplexing with the slew of insurance-speak involved.

Mandatory auto insurance

At its core, mandatory auto insurance shields drivers against massive payouts if involved in an accident causing harm, similar to home insurance protecting homeowners against fire damage costs. For example, all provinces need drivers to carry at least $200,000 in liability coverage if they cause injury or property damage to another motorist.

Other compulsory protections generally include lawsuit protections along with accident and injury benefits, which cover rehabilitation and income replacement if you are hurt.

Additional auto insurance coverage

Optional coverages include collision coverage, specified perils, comprehensive, and all perils. Opting into collision coverage will allow you to recuperate repair costs if you damage your vehicle. Imagine if you slid on black ice into a lamppost in the winter. Without collision coverage, that $5,000 front-end fix could have a devastating impact on your wallet.

Another popular add-on is specified perils, which cover specific unexpected events like theft or fire. Comprehensive coverage includes all perils except specific exclusions like collision or theft by someone in your household. All perils coverage includes all causes of loss except specified exclusions that your insurance company outlines. However, it’s worthwhile to understand increasing your covered events will typically increase your monthly cost.

Commercial auto insurance

Rideshare drivers need specialty commercial coverage to cover passengers, unlike standard policies excluding payloads - a costly oversight if driving for Uber without this prerequisite protection. When chosen sensibly, add-ons safeguard against blindspots that minimums don't address for your unique situation.

Getting a Car Insurance Quote in Canada

Insurance Aggregator
  • Compare quotes from multiple companies at once
  • Often have special discounts or incentives
  • Limited customization options
  • May not show all providers
Insurance Broker
  • Customize coverage options
  • Offer policies from many insurance companies
  • May charge broker fees
Insurance Agent
  • Develop personal relationship
  • Advocate on your behalf
  • Only sell policies from one insurer
Direct Purchase
  • No middleman
  • Cut out broker/agent fees
  • Must identify own coverage needs
  • Deal with the insurance company directly for claims
Car Insurance Canada Quote

Insurance Aggregators

Insurance aggregators operate online platforms that allow you to compare quotes across various companies in one place easily. To generate these quotes, you input details such as driver and vehicle information, driving records, and the types and limits of coverage you desire.

Aggregators then run your details and display quotes side-by-side from all participating insurers for convenient comparison shopping. Some top insurance aggregation firms in Canada include MyChoice,, and Kanetix.

Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers act as intermediaries between you and various insurance companies. They can access policies from various providers and leverage their market knowledge to help customers find the right coverage.

To obtain quotes, brokers will gather specifics on all drivers to be insured and their vehicles, driving histories, and intended coverages. Drawing on their roster of insurer partners, brokers will search for applicable plans that align with your needs and provide multiple quotes for you to review and select from. Prominent national brokers include Sonnet, TD Insurance, and The Cooperators.

Insurance Agents

You can consult insurance agents who represent and sell policies strictly for a single provider. The quoting process is similar to working with a broker and involves sharing driver and vehicle information, driving history, and outlining your desired coverage with an agent. They then enter your data into their company's system to output an insurance quote tailored to you. Top Canadian insurers with agents that sell directly include RSA, Wawanesa, and Travelers.

Making a Direct Purchase

Finally, you can purchase car insurance policies directly from select insurance carriers online or over the phone. Companies like Belairdirect, TD Insurance, and Intact Insurance allow customers to input their driver, vehicle, history, and coverage specifics to generate self-service quotes.

While convenient, the responsibility falls solely on the applicant, who must accurately assess their protection needs without agent guidance. However, cutting out the intermediary does save money on commissions and fees.

How are car insurance quotes in Canada calculated?

Eight factors influence how insurance quotes in Canada are calculated.

  1. Driver Age: Young drivers aged 16 to 24 face increased premiums due to higher risk associated with their age group. More experienced drivers typically enjoy lower premiums as they build a driving record.
  2. Driver Gender: Statistics show males have a higher likelihood of collision-related fatalities, leading to potentially higher rates in provinces where gender is a pricing factor.
  3. Location: Living in rural areas generally results in cheaper premiums, while urban areas with high population density often incur higher rates due to increased crime and traffic.
  4. Vehicle Type: Insurance costs are influenced by a vehicle's repair/replacement expenses and its likelihood of theft or accidents. Sports cars tend to have higher insurance costs due to their higher repair and replacement expenses and increased likelihood of being involved in accidents or thefts compared to other vehicle types. On the other hand, cars with a strong safety record, lower risk of theft, and generally more affordable repair and replacement costs, such as sedans, minivans, and certain compact cars, often come with lower insurance premiums.
  5. Driving History: A clean record lowers premiums, while multiple convictions can significantly raise insurance costs.
  6. Driving Activity: More time spent on the road increases the probability of claims, impacting premiums. Reduced driving can lead to lower costs.
  7. Insurance Coverage: Opting for additional coverages and higher policy limits increases premiums for the added benefits.
  8. Applicable Discounts: Inquiring about and utilizing various discounts, such as bundling policies with one provider, can reduce insurance costs.

Car Insurance Costs by Province

ProvinceAverage Annual Premium
Prince Edward Island
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Newfoundland & Labrador
British Columbia
Car insurance Canada cost

Quebec has the most affordable car insurance premiums among the provinces, averaging just $717 per year. This is due to Quebec's unique public/private hybrid insurance model and lower minimum liability coverage requirements compared to other provinces.

British Columbia has the highest average car insurance costs at $1,832 annually. BC has a public auto insurance system monopoly, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), which leads to higher premiums without competition. Ontario and Alberta are the next most expensive provinces for car insurance, with purely private models and average yearly premiums of $1,528 and $1,316, respectively.

Subsequently, the fully private models in Ontario and Alberta follow suit, being the most expensive at $1,528 and $1,514, respectively

Examples of average Car insurance costs in Ontario

  • Becky, a 45-year-old driver in Ottawa, is looking for insurance for her 2018 Tesla Model 3. She gets a quote for a comprehensive plan with $2 million liability coverage and a $500 deductible for $153.75 monthly or $1,845 annually. She has a clean driving record and drives 12 to 16,000 km a year.
  • Kamau, a 28-year-old driver in Mississauga, is shopping for car insurance Ontario quotes on his 2022 BMW 330e 4DR. One leading provider quotes him $336.83 per month or $4,041.96 annually. This quote is more than double Becky’s due to his location, more expensive vehicle and four demerit points on his record for exceeding the speed limit.

Navigating car insurance as a new driver in Canada

Inexperience behind the wheel categorizes novice drivers as "high-risk" in the eyes of insurers. Consequently, new drivers under 25 should expect to pay premiums ranging from $3,000 to $7,000 annually, depending on the province. There are a few ways to help minimize your costs as a new driver:

  • Maintain a clean driving record
  • Avoid traffic violations by driving as safely and attentively as possible, as they will directly increase premiums
  • Complete an accredited defensive driving course can help you become eligible for discounts of up to 20%
  • Avoid insurance claims if possible, especially in the first years cuts costs over time

How do you get the cheapest car insurance?

  1. Maintain a Clean Record

Avoid traffic violations to significantly lower insurance premiums. Traffic offenses like speeding tickets often lead to increased insurance rates.

  1. Bundle Policies

Combine car and home insurance policies to secure potential discounts from many insurance providers, resulting in cost savings.

  1. Consult Your Insurer

Engage with insurance agents or brokers to explore various coverage options, potentially leading to more cost-effective car insurance quotes. Don't hesitate to inquire for better deals.

  1. Avoid Over-Insuring

Save money by carrying only the necessary coverage and endorsements, eliminating unnecessary expenses.

  1. Seek Discounts

Membership in alumni or professional associations could qualify you for group discounts. Inquire about available discounts without hesitation.

  1. Opt for Higher Deductibles

Raising your deductible leads to lower rates. Although it may cost more in the event of a claim, the overall cost savings could outweigh this if you don’t frequently make claims. Check out our guide on how car insurance deductible works.

  1. Enhance Safety Features

Some insurance companies provide discounts if you install anti-theft systems, backup cameras, or other safety features to reduce risks.

  1. Loyalty Rewards

Some insurers offer discounts for long-term policyholders or provide perks like diminishing deductibles over time.

  1. Garage Parking

Store your vehicle in a garage to shield it from weather damage and theft, often resulting in reduced insurance rates from many insurers.

  1. Annual Payments

If feasible, pay for a year of insurance upfront to secure a 5-7% discount on insurance rates.

  1. Annual Review

During policy renewal, collect insurance quotes to ensure you get the best deal. Consider changing insurers or dropping unnecessary policy endorsements.

  1. Enroll in Driver Training

Completing driver training classes, especially for new drivers, can lead to reduced premiums.

  1. Telematics Apps

Take advantage of discounts offered by Canadian car insurance companies for using driving habit monitoring apps. Following speed limits and safe driving habits can lead to significant savings.

  1. Compare Quotes

Gather quotes from different insurers to secure the best deal. Different insurance providers often offer varying rates.

How do you make a car insurance claim?

Steps Details
1. Collect Key Information
Gather driver and insurance details, date, time, accident location, injuries, and vehicle damage.
2. Report the Accident
Notify your insurance company within seven days to begin the claims process promptly.
3. Await Claims Adjuster Contact
Expect the claims adjuster to review information, assess losses, and guide you through the process.
4. Assessment of Fault
The adjuster determines fault, impacting insurance payouts and premiums.
5. Repair or Total Loss Decision
Insurer decides whether to repair or declare the vehicle a total loss based on repair costs versus the vehicle's value.
6. Payment Determination
Insurance payment is calculated based on damage, coverage, and deductibles, as the adjuster explains.
7. Dispute Resolution
Address disputes through discussions, appraisal, or mediation under the Insurance Act for a fair resolution.
Car insurance claim process

Our advice for buying car insurance in Canada

First and foremost, take the time to compare rates from different insurance providers. Prices can vary significantly for similar coverage, so exploring multiple options is wise before deciding.

Understanding the coverage offered is crucial; thoroughly review policy details, including limits, deductibles, and what the coverage entails. Equally important is familiarizing yourself with the claims process of each insurance company.

While cost is a significant consideration, it's essential to balance the policy's price and the quality of service provided. Opting for the cheapest policy may not always be the best choice if it comes with a high deductible that could lead to higher expenses during a claim.

Lastly, before finalizing your car insurance purchase, ensure you feel comfortable and satisfied with both the policy you choose and the service offered by the insurance provider. Your peace of mind and confidence in your decision are vital when selecting car insurance.


Finding the best value with car insurance in Canada requires looking past the lowest absolute dollar premium. By comparing coverage details, customer service, and overall value with price, drivers obtain affordable and dependable protection that holds up when needed most.

Taking time to educate yourself and patiently review multiple options is a small investment towards saving you from vastly higher costs of being underinsured down the road. Use the provided information to navigate the car insurance process this year.

What are the FAQs on car insurance?

Who has the best car insurance in Canada?

Aviva and Desjardins Group currently lead the market in Canada in total assets and national representation. Assess your needs and compare key differentiators of major insurers like financial strength, premium pricing, endorsement options, and customer service ratings - focusing on providers available in your province.

How to choose the best car insurance in Canada?

Meticulously compare coverage levels, exclusions, deductibles, and premium quotes across providers. Pay attention to extras like accident forgiveness and disappearing deductibles when evaluating policies.

Additionally, check out insurer financial strength ratings evaluating their fiscal viability. Lastly, review aggregated customer feedback on elements like claims fulfillment and open fresh complaints with industry oversight groups to cross-reference advertised promises mirror real-life experiences.

How to get the best car insurance rates in Canada?

To get the best car insurance rates, go beyond comparing quotes during mandated annual reviews, discuss discounts for safe driving records, vehicle safety features, bundling policies, and adjusting coverage limits/deductibles with your broker or agent. Ask about group discount eligibility through associations and alumni networks.

What market conditions impact car insurance rate increases?

The market conditions that increase your car insurance rates include inflationary pressures on vehicle parts/ repair costs, and extreme weather events causing more accidents. This increases the risk to insurance companies, which they then pass on to customers through increasing the monthly premium.

Keep reading about car insurance

Have more questions about how insuring your vehicle works? You’ve got questions and our comprehensive auto insurance guide has answers. Still hungry for more? Explore our other articles.


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