Onlia Car Insurance Review and Quotes for 2024

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Alexandre Desoutter updated on 16 April 2024

Are you looking for car insurance that's affordable, simple to manage, and provides great coverage? Onlia Car Insurance might just be what you're looking for.

In this review, we look at everything you need to know about Onlia Car Insurance from the coverage options, pros and cons, costs, and how you can manage your policy completely online.

You can use our free tool to compare personalized car insurance quotes from Onlia and other top providers in Canada so you can decide if Onlia truly fits your needs or if there's another policy that suits you better.

Onlia Car Insurance: Key takeaways

  1. Affordable, simple online management, and comprehensive coverage options.
  2. Rewards safe driving with up to $600 yearly cashback.
  3. Customizable policies with easy online claims filing.
  4. No brokers, salespeople, or paperwork is needed.
  5. Offers a variety of discounts, including multi-car savings.

Our review of Onlia Car Insurance: Simple and affordable online auto insurance

Founded in 2018, Onlia provides auto and home insurance in Ontario. Onlia is a joint effort between Achmea and Fairfax Financial, two big companies, in an attempt to make insurance in Ontario more transparent and easier to understand. Their policies are backed by Verassure Insurance Company, which is part of the same group as Achmea and Fairfax, ensuring reliable coverage for Canadians.

Despite being relatively new in the market, Onlia Car Insurance stands out for making auto insurance easy and affordable to the average Canadian. You can get an Onlia car insurance quote and buy a plan online anytime, without the need for brokers, salespeople, or paperwork. This approach cuts costs, leading to lower insurance prices.

Onlia lets customers customize their policy online in a few minutes and also enables you to file claims entirely through your phone. It also offers a whole bunch of saving programs and discounts for customers by rewarding safe driving with cashback of up to $600/year,

Onlia is therefore a great choice for anyone who values easy-to-handle car insurance that's affordable and customizable, particularly tech-savvy individuals who prefer managing their insurance needs online, offering a modern solution to traditional insurance hassles.

Onlia car insurance pros and cons

Why Onlia may be right for you

  • Coverage flexibility – adjust your policy anytime online
  • No paperwork or phone calls are required
  • 24/7 claims support by calling the Onlia team
  • No cancellation fees
  • Get online quotes in just a few minutes
  • Manage your insurance completely online
  • Ticket and accident forgiveness included
  • Wide variety of discounts available
  • Up to $600 cashback: Customers who drive safely with the Onlia Insurance™ app can get up to $50 monthly.
  • 10% discount for new cars

Why Onlia may not be right for you

  • Only available in Ontario
  • No physical office for in-person visits
  • Your car must be registered, plated and located in Ontario
  • Your car must be less than 20 years old and have less than $150k in value
  • No commercial car policy option
  • No coverage for motorcycles, customized cars or recreational vehicles

We recommend comparing car insurance from other providers before zeroing in on a policy. While getting quotes from multiple providers might be time-consuming, we've made it simple for you. Use our free comparator below to get car insurance quotes from Onlia and Canada's top companies based on your unique needs.

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What does Onlia insurance cover?

All Onlia car insurance policies include mandatory coverage for drivers in Ontario. In addition to the standard basic car insurance policy, you can choose to add extra protection. Onlia offers additional features including collision and comprehensive coverages. This is a good idea if you have a newer car or are leasing or financing a car.

Here's a recap of Onlia's car insurance offer:

Onlia basic car insurance policyExtra features free of charge
if eligible
Third-Party Liability coverage
Accident Benefits coverage
Direct Compensation coverage
Uninsured Automobile coverage
Accident Forgiveness
Free of charge if eligible
Ticket Forgiveness
Free of charge if eligible
75% Settlement Option
Free of charge if eligible
Collision coverage
Option available
Comprehensive coverage
Option available
Family Protection
Option available
Enhanced Rental Automobile Package
Option available
Automobile Purchase/Leased Price Guarantee
Option available
Permission to Carry Paying Passengers
Option available
Coverage options Onlia car insurance Ontario

How to get a car insurance quote with Onlia?

You can get free quotes and purchase an Onlia insurance plan online through their website. You will answer a few basic questions and receive a quote in minutes. These essentially include your car model, purchase date, kms run, and other fundamental details, all of which should take less than 3 minutes.

If you choose to proceed, you can purchase the policy, confirm it, and you’ll be covered from the date you selected as your start date.

Good to know

Onlia requires a down payment when you sign up, which is equal to the cost of one month’s premium payment.

If you want to get quotes from Onlia car insurance and compare it with other providers in Canada, you can use our free tool below.

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How much does Onlia car insurance cost?

Onlia takes a few factors into account when determining the cost of your premium:

  • Car details
  • Your driving history
  • The drivers in your household
  • Your location

You can adjust the cost by choosing what type of coverage suits your needs. A basic plan will meet Ontario’s mandatory coverage and be the cheapest option, while a more comprehensive plan will cost extra but adds extra protection.

Here are sample quotes for Onlia Car Insurance. These quotes were obtained on March 29, 2024.

VehiclePurchase DatePremium per MonthPremium per Year
Onlia car insurance cost

Good to know

Did you know? Onlia is Canada’s first insurance agency to calculate your premium based on the exact number of days you’re covered. They don’t use a monthly average or a year's up-front cost. This saves you some cash.

How can you save with Onlia car insurance?

Onlia offers you a lot of ways to get discounts on your car insurance and also save big. Here are all the best deals from Onlia.

  • Use the Onlia Sense app and drive safely: Download and install the Onlia Sense app before you start driving. They reward safe driving habits with gift cards and up to $50 cashback every month. This means a total savings of $600 per year, which is 30% off the average premium.
  • Bundle Car & Home: Save 15% on car and 20% off home insurance by insuring both with Onlia.
  • Conviction-Free: Keep a clean driving record for three years and save 25%.
  • Graduated Licensing: Get a 10% discount in your first year after advancing to a G2 or G license.
  • Multi-Car: Insure two or more cars with Onlia and save 20% per car.
  • New Car: Insure a car from 2020 or newer to save 10%.
  • Renewal Loyalty: Stay with Onlia for 3+ years and save 5%.
  • Retiree: Retirees save 5% off accident benefits coverage with a good driving record.
  • Winter Tires: Install winter tires for a 2% savings.

How do I contact Onlia car insurance?

If you need to contact Onlia directly, you can:

  • Call Onlia's customer support phone number: 1-844-472-7905
  • Email them: [email protected].
  • Engage directly with a customer support representative using Onlia's chatbot for live chat or screen-sharing assistance. Receive immediate help and answers to your inquiries during regular business hours, Monday to Friday.

How to file and make a claim with Onlia?

You can file a claim with Onlia through:

  • Email for non-emergencies: [email protected]
  • Onlia car insurance phone number: 1-844-472-7901.
  • Through the app

How to cancel Onlia car insurance policy?

If you change your mind about Onlia, you can easily cancel your policy anytime on their website or your app without paying any cancellation fees.


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