Is Onlia Car Insurance Right for You?

Car insurance options may seem endless. Are you wondering what Ontario auto insurance agency is the best for you? In case you have an accident, it’s vital to make sure your car has the proper coverage while not breaking the bank in the process. 

We are here to help simplify your search for auto insurance. Check out our review of Onlia car insurance, get access to our comparison tools and receive personalized quotes right here with HelloSafe.      

Our review of Onlia car insurance

Onlia started offering Ontario car insurance in 2019 after developing an app called Onlia Sense which offers cashback rewards for safe driving. Their goal is to encourage better driving habits while offering affordable direct insurance coverage. They are an all online agency that removes the need for paperwork and insurance brokers. 

Onlia values simplicity and coverage flexibility while making sure all its policies meet Ontario’s mandated coverages. Currently, they insure over 10,000 car owners and homeowners in Ontario. Verassure Insurance Company, which is part of Fairfax Financial Holdings, underwrites Onlia’s insurance policies.

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What does Onlia insurance cover?

All Onlia car insurance policies include the mandatory coverages for drivers in Ontario. In addition to the standard basic car insurance policy, you can choose to add extra protection. Onlia offers additional features including collision and comprehensive coverages. This is a good idea if you have a newer car, or if you’re leasing or financing a car. 

Onlia basic car insurance policy:Extra features free of charge
if eligible:
Third-Party Liability coverage
Accident Benefits coverage
Direct Compensation coverage
Uninsured Automobile coverage
Accident Forgivenessfree of charge if eligible
Ticket Forgivenessfree of charge if eligible
75% Settlement Optionfree of charge if eligible
Collision coverageoption available
Comprehensive coverageoption available
Family Protectionoption available
Enhanced Rental Automobile Packageoption available
Automobile Purchase/Leased Price Guaranteeoption available
Permission to Carry Paying Passengersoption available
Coverage options Onlia car insurance Ontario

Onlia insurance pros and cons

Choosing the right insurance for your car isn’t always easy. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Onlia car insurance.

Why Onlia may be right for you:

  • Onlia Sense app – when you drive safely, get up to $40 cashback each month
  • Coverage flexibility – adjust your policy anytime online
  • No paperwork or phone calls required
  • 24/7 claims support by calling the Onlia team
  • No cancellation fees

Why Onlia may not be right for you:

  • No physical office for in-person visits
  • Your car must be registered, plated and mostly located in Ontario
  • Your car must be less than 20 years old and have less than $150k in value
  • No commercial car policy option
  • No coverage for motorcycles, customized cars or recreational vehicles

How much does an Onlia policy cost?

Onlia takes a few factors into account when determining the cost of your premium. They will take into account your car details, your driving history, the drivers in your household and your location. You can adjust the cost by choosing what type of coverage suits your needs. A basic plan will meet Ontario’s mandatory coverage and be the cheapest option, while a more comprehensive plan will cost extra but adds extra protection.

Good to know

Did you know? Onlia is Canada’s first insurance agency to calculate your premium based on the exact number of days you’re covered. They don’t use a monthly average or a year's up-front cost. This saves you some cash.

How can I save with Onlia car insurance? 

If you’re hoping to find cheaper car insurance, or if you’re looking for ways to lower your car insurance premium, there are a few ways you can do so. Here are some tips for saving with Onlia car insurance:

  • Use the Onlia Sense app and drive safely! 
  • Remove additional coverages and opt for the basic policy
  • Increase your deductible to lower your premium
  • Lower your daily kilometres driven
  • Bundle car and home insurance

A unique benefit to Onlia is the Onlia Sense app. They reward safe driving habits with gift cards and up to $40 cashback every month. This means a total savings of $480 per year, which is 20% off the average premium! 

Onlia also offers a great deal if you bundle car and home insurance together. You can save 20% off home insurance and 15% off auto insurance if you use Onlia for both. 

Onlia aims to provide affordable premiums by offering several discounts such as:

  • Conviction-Free
  • Winter Tire
  • Retiree
  • Multi-Car
  • Renewal Loyalty
  • Graduated Licensing
  • Car and Home Bundle
  • New Car

How do I purchase a plan with Onlia?

You can purchase an Onlia insurance plan online. You will answer a few basic questions and receive a quote in minutes. If you choose to proceed, you can purchase the policy, confirm it, and you’ll be covered from the date you selected as your start date. As is common for most auto insurance agencies, Onlia requires a down payment when you sign up which is equal to the cost of one month’s premium payment.

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How do I contact Onlia?

Onlia is structured so that you can access your account and all information digitally. If you need to contact Onlia directly, you can call customer support: 1-844-472-7905 or email them: [email protected]

How do I file and make a claim with Onlia?

You can make a claim with Onlia through email for non-emergencies: [email protected] or by phone: 1-844-472-7901.

How can I cancel my Onlia policy?

If you change your mind about Onlia, you can easily cancel your policy anytime on their website without paying any cancellation fees.

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