[Auto] Alberta remained the more negatively affected province by car thefts in 2021

...and the most stolen brand has been the Ford F-150F-250F-350F-450 trucks from 2006.


… the total cost of car thefts across Canada in 2021.

car theft
5,725 car insurance claims were made for theft in Alberta in 2021 (credit: Pixabay)

Key numbers regarding car theft in Alberta and in Canada for 2021

Car theft costs Canadians $1 billion each year. Below are key figures on this phenomenon which, unfortunately, is not decreasing:

car theft claims

...reported by insurers in 2021 across Alberta

1 car stolen
every 7 minutes

... across Canada in 2021

$542 million
the annual cost of theft

...to car insurance companies in Canada

Good to know

This data is based on car thefts claims registered by private car insurance companies. It does not include other motor vehicle than cars. It may therefore be different from other car thefts data from governmental sources.

The Alberta 2021 top 10 stolen cars ranking

winner 1
ford f truck

Ford F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450 from 2006

In 2021, it seems like all kind of cars have tempted the thieves in Alberta. With 4 car models in the 2021 top 10 ranking of stolen cars in Alberta, SUV is the most represented category. However, trucks are also tempting for thieves, with the 2 first spots of the ranking occupied by the 2006 Ford F models (1st) and 2019 Dodge / Ram series (2nd).

RankBrandModelYearCar type
FordF-150, F-250, F-350, F-4502006Truck
Dodge / Ram1500, 2500, 35002019Truck
Chevrolet / GMCSilverado / Sierra 2500, 35002005Sedan
Ford/LincolnEscape, Corsair, MKC2014SUV
Chrysler / DodgeTown & Country, Caravan, Voyager2017Van
JeepGrand Cherokee2014SUV
HyundaiSanta Fe2018SUV
The 2021 top 10 ranking of the most stolen cars in Alberta (sources: Equité association, IBC)

It is interesting to find quite old models in this ranking, the with 2000 Honda Civic model (4th most stolen in Alberta, the 2001 Honda CR-V model (6th), the 2005 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra (2005) and the 2006 Ford F series (1st). This is quite different from Quebec and Ontario, where most stolen cars are series from 2016 to 2019.

In 2021 37.6% of stolen cars in Alberta were trucks

Trucks are the most tempting cars for thieves in Alberta, with 37.6% of stolen automobiles in 2021 being truck models (around 2150 thefts in total). This is different from Quebec and Ontario, where SUVs are the most stolen vehicles. However SUVs comes just second in Alberta, representing 34.1% of stolen cars in 2021 (around 1950 thefts). Then we find:

Source: Equité association, IBC

Car thefts cost insurance companies $542 million in 2021 across Canada

Out of the $1 billion cost of auto theft in 2021 across Canada, 54.2% was paid directly by auto insurance companies. Their claims payoffs were a total of $542 million. The remainder of the $1 billion cost includes:

Source: IBC

Car thefts: Alberta still the most negatively affected province in 2021

To have the most impartial view possible when comparing car thefts by province, it is necessary to relate the actual number of thefts to the population of each territory. Here is what the numbers show:

Sources: IBC, Equité association

Our methodolgy

This study is based on information from public sources, including: the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), Equité Association, the GAA and Statistics Canada.

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