What is Hellosafe.ca?

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Quick. Confidential. Comprehensive.

We are Safe! Hellosafe.ca is our comparison platform which is shaking up the insurance market - giving you access to the best insurance deals in Canada in fewer than 30 seconds.

Safe is:

  • Quick - Tired of filling out endless online forms? Get multiple quotes in just seconds.
  • Confidential - Ever been spammed after being forced to give up your personal data? Hellosafe.ca values your privacy. We don't collect any of your personal information.
  • Comprehensive - Looking for a complete view of your insurance options? Safe partners with more than 80 insurance companies so you can see all of your coverage options.

Our identity

Safe's hard-working team is disrupting the Canadian insurance market, bringing greater transparency and empowering consumers to make better choices.

Safe is supported and financed by Blue, an Insuretech Venture Capital firm. Blue already owns two leaders in the French insurance comparison market. These platforms help more than 10 million people find better, less expensive insurance every year. We have developed a unique comparison technology that offers quotes without asking users to give their phone number or email address. This engine is the result of four years of hard work.

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Our vision

Hellosafe.ca helps you make better decisions when buying insurance. Ever feel overwhelmed while looking at small print and trying to understand the jargon on dozens of different quotes? And all you wanted was to protect your car, your house, or yourself while travelling.

Hellosafe.ca brings in-depth research together with optimized algorithms to create a powerful one-page, interactive tool. Get the information that you want to know when shopping for insurance. Find out what it covers and what it costs.

That's how Safe helps you to save money and better protect yourself and your family. That's our way of keeping you safe.

Our values

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100% online guarantee
Hellosafe.ca is a fully digital platform. You'll get insurance quotes in just a few seconds – exclusively online.

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Your privacy protected
Your privacy is our priority. We don’t ask you to leave any personal details or your email address when you’re looking for insurance.

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The best prices on the market
We show real quotes and do not apply any additional fees. And you may benefit from extra discounts when buying through our website.

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Independent and unbiased
Hellosafe.ca is a completely independent company. We gather data from hundreds of insurers. You pick what best fits your needs.

The way we keep hellosafe.ca free

Hellosafe.ca is 100% free for its users. You won't pay extra if you go through Hellosafe.ca, and you won’t find cheaper rates on providers’ websites. 

Safe receives money from insurance providers when users click on an offer to visit their page. Hellosafe.ca is free and confidential - that's our promise!

People simply trust us, come back and recommend us.