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Want to know more about car insurance in Quebec? Would you like information on coverage levels, prices, but also tips on how to save on your car insurance? You're in luck, in this guide we detail everything you need to know before taking out car insurance in Quebec, the specifics of this province, car insurance premiums, mandatory and optional coverage levels.

Auto insurance in Quebec in short

At a glance, here are the things you should know about Quebec auto insurance :

Assurance auto Details
Mandatory car insuranceThird party liability
Third party Liability amount$50,000
Average price Québec car insurance$700/year
Three-point car insurance in Quebec

How does auto insurance work in Quebec?

Having car insurance in Quebec is mandatory. In Canada, there are several auto insurance plans and depending on the state, these auto insurance plans are mandatory or not. In Quebec, the law on automobile insurance of March 1, 1978 distinguishes between two auto insurance plans: the treatment of bodily injury and the treatment of property damage.

Is it mandatory to have car insurance in Quebec ?

In Quebec, there are two types of mandatory insurance:

  • Public insurance: This is the public plan administered by the Société automobile d'assurance du Québec (SAAQ). The SAAQ administers Québec's public automobile insurance plan. This insurance is used to cover bodily injury following an accident. Everybody is covered by this public insurance.
  • Private plan insurance: This is the third liability insurance, which is mandatory.

Public insurance provided by the Quebec Automobile Insurance Company

This insurance is also known as "accident benefits". As mentioned, it is a public plan insurance. This insurance protects all Quebecers in the event of a road accident, whether in Quebec or elsewhere in the world, for any bodily injury resulting from the accident. It is not necessary to have a driver's license to be covered by this insurance, as long as an accident occurs and you are a Quebecker, you are covered by the SAAQ.

The particularity of this insurance is that it covers all Quebecers whether they are guilty or not guilty of the accident. It is therefore not possible to take legal action against the person responsible for the accident.

Some accidents are not covered by the SAAQ public plan:

  • An accident that occurs during a competition
  • An accident with an "off-road" vehicle, such as a snowmobile.`

Compulsory private car insurance: Third party liability

In other words, this insurance is more often referred to as "Third Party Liability Insurance". Unlike public insurance, you must purchase liability insurance through private insurers, it is not automatic.

This insurance is used to cover property damage you may have caused to others. The minimum amount is $50,000.

Liability insurance will provide you with coverage for:

  • Your property damage if you are not at fault.
  • Property damage caused to others (fences, or house)
  • Bodily injury caused to others not covered by the SAAQ, outside Quebec.

Of course, you can increase the amount of coverage from $1 to $2 million, which is often proposed by insurers, because sometimes the amount of $50,000 can be exceeded, especially if the accident occurs in the United States for example.

What are the different types of auto insurance coverage in Quebec?

There are additional coverages to insure your car against theft, vandalism, collisions and other risks. These additional coverages are not mandatory in Quebec, but it provides the best protection.

Auto collision or upset insurance

This car insurance protects you in the event of a collision of your vehicle with an object or the rollover of your car. This insurance covers property damage caused by this accident if you are at fault. For example, if you hit a traffic sign, you will be covered by collision insurance. This coverage is not mandatory.

Comprehensive auto insurance

This car insurance protects you for anything that is not collision or upset, as the name implies, i.e. vandalism, glass breakage, theft, fire. If you park your vehicle on the street, and when you come back, one of the windows has been broken, you will be able to use this insurance if you have subscribed to it. It is possible to make car insurance estimates to see how much you want to be insured.

Specified Perils Auto Insurance

It covers you for risks that you have specified in the contract. For example, you can mention glass breakage but not include vandalism, theft but not include fire.

All-risk car insurance

This car insurance is a combination of all other insurances: collision, upset and comprehensive. The deductible is the same for all damages. You will thus be protected for all incidents that are beyond your control: vandalism, theft, fire. You will also be covered for incidents resulting from a traffic accident, collision with an object, or the overturning of your vehicle.

What endorsements can I add to my car insurance in Quebec?

In addition to these mandatory and optional insurances, you can add endorsements to your car insurance to get the best protection.

Replacement Cost Protection

This insurance protects the new vehicle you just bought. In case of theft or total loss, the vehicle will be replaced by the same one. In case of partial loss, damaged parts will be supplied by new parts.

Replacement Insurance

This endorsement is offered in addition to your car insurance and allows you to be compensated regardless of the vehicle's depreciation. When your vehicle is stolen, you will be able to replace it very easily with this type of insurance, even if your vehicle has lost value over the years. In case of partial damage, your deductible will be reimbursed according to the amount chosen.

Loss of use of your vehicle

This insurance can be very useful if your vehicle is out of use for a while, especially if it is in the garage. This endorsement allows you to be reimbursed for the cost of renting a vehicle, or to be reimbursed for the transportation costs you had to take.

Personal Insurance

This option allows the spouse or children to receive compensation in the event of injury or death resulting from an accident. It is advisable to add this coverage because of its fairly reasonable price.

Road Insurance

This insurance is very practical, because it allows you to benefit from breakdown service in case of breakdown or breakage of your vehicle.

How much does car insurance cost in Quebec?

The car insurance premium is calculated based on several factors:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Your driving record, i.e. your driving history
  • The place where you live
  • The type of vehicle you drive
  • The use you make of your vehicle: are your journeys to and from work daily, for example? Do
  • you use your vehicle for business purposes?
  • The number of people insured on your car insurance and their driving level
  • The date you obtained your driver's license
  • Some insurers will also want to know if you are financially stable, you will be asked about your occupation and access to your credit report.

Your car insurance will come with deductibles, in fact, if you have to make a claim on your car insurance, you will have to pay part of it yourself, unless you were not involved in the accident, third party liability will take over. The higher your deductible, the less your car insurance will cost you.

On average in Quebec, car insurance is $700 a year.

How can I find cheap car insurance in Quebec?

There are several ways to lower your car insurance premium. Here are a few tips that we recommend you apply:

  • You can choose high deductibles, which allows you to reduce your monthly premium.
  • If you insure more than one vehicle with the same insurer, a discount will be offered
  • Taking out home insurance with car insurance

Taking only the necessary additional coverages, for example if your vehicle is old enough, taking the comprehensive car insurance coverage may not be optimal.

Having a good driving record, car insurance premiums tend to increase after an accident.

Equipping your vehicle with safety devices

Have an electric or hybrid vehicle

How do I renew and cancel my auto insurance contract in Quebec?

Renew car insurance
  • Automatic except notice from the insurance company
Nothing to do - automatic renewal
Cancel car insuranceAny time
  • Write to the car insurance company
  • Refund of your excess premiums
  • The insurer has 60 days to cancel your auto insurance.
Renew and cancel my auto insurance

How to get the best car insurance quotes in Quebec ?

The best thing to do is to compare car insurance to get the best car insurance quote. You can get car insurance quotes online, or you can get the best car insurance rates directly from an insurance company.

We have listed a few insurers who have interesting car insurance quotes :

CompanyCar insurances Details
TD car insurance
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Emergency roadside insurance
  • Good driving discount
  • Multi-car discounts
Desjardins car insurance
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Discounts for driving green
  • Discounts if you are less than 30 years old etc.
Best car insurance quotes in Quebec

How can I pay less for my car insurance as a young driver in Quebec?

There is no car insurance for young drivers in Quebec, you must purchase insurance (All Perils, Collision, Comprehensive, or Just Third Party Liability). This car insurance will be a little more expensive given your status as a young driver.

Shopping for a cheaper car
There's no secret: the more expensive your car is, the more expensive auto insurance is. In addition, you may want to consider third party liability insurance if your car is safe, instead of taking all risks, or collision.

Shopping for an easy-to-repair car
This means buying a car where parts are easy to find and inexpensive.

Opt for endorsements
You still want to be well covered, you can add endorsements that are always cheaper than taking out optional insurance.

Take care of your driving record
As soon as you are on the road, apply yourself! The history, the claims are taken into account, your wallet will thank you.

Accept that your insurers have access to your credit file.
Depending on the insurance company, this can mean big discounts for you.

Combine your car insurance with other insurance
Often, it is suggested that you combine your car insurance with your home insurance, don't hesitate, it can bring you many discounts!

Don't forget to take advantage of young driver discounts.
Insurers all have discounts for young people.

Take your parents' car
You can also insure yourself on your parents' vehicle as an occasional driver, the amount of the car premium will be less expensive than taking out your own car insurance.

Increasing Deductibles
This is true for both young and experienced drivers!

Adopt telematics
This system is very fair because your premiums are calculated according to your driving.

What are the best discounts offered by auto insurers in Quebec?

Type de rabaisDétails
Telematics programSometimes present at certain insurers
Multi-vehicle discount15% discount on average
Zero Offence DiscountSome insurers offer discounts if no infractions are committed for a certain period of time.
Youth discountDiscount offered if you are young
Green discountDiscounts increasingly common in Quebec
Car insurance discounts Quebec

How do I make a claim on my car insurance in Quebec?

Generally speaking, the procedures for making a claim with your car insurance are extremely simplified, you can either:

  • Contact them by phone to explain your situation directly
  • You must also have access to your online space where you can also normally file a claim, it depends on the insurers but it is often the case.
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