How Much is Covid Travel Insurance in Canada for 2023?

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Emergency medical care
Lost/stolen/ delayed luggage
Travel and flight accidents
Coverage for emergency Covid-19 medical care up to $10 million
Travel interruption insurance if subject to quarantine
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Emergency medical care: $10 million
Luggage: loss/theft/delay
Coverage for emergency Covid-19 medical care up to $10 million
Travel interruption insurance if subject to quarantine
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Emergency medical care
Flight and travel accident
Coverage for emergency repatriation of children and travel companions.
Coverage of hotel expenses if subject to hospitalization up to $1,000.
Includes physician, hospital and private duty nurse services.
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Emergency medical care
Luggage: loss/theft/delay
Coverage of emergency medical expenses related to Covid-19 for stays in countries classified Level 1, 2 and 3
Coverage for trip cancellation due to Covid-19
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Emergency medical care
Trip cancellation and interruption
Emergency medical coverage due to Covid-19-related health problems up to $5 million
Coverage for trip cancellation due to Covid-19
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Emergency medical care
Luggage: loss/theft/delay
Coverage of emergency medical expenses related to Covid-19 for stays in countries classified Level 1, 2 and 3Request a quote

Emergency medical care
Flight and travel accident
Coverage of emergency medical expenses related to Covid-19
Trip cancellation coverage if the insured contracts Covid-19
Coverage for quarantine following a Covid-19 medical emergency
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Comparison of the best Covid-19 travel insurance in Canada

What travel insurance covers Covid-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced travel insurance companies to modify their policies to offer additional, specific guarantees. Some airlines are also offering special coverage to handle Covid-19-related issues. Find out which are the best travel insurances that deal with Covid-19 and which expenses are covered by these packages.

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What is Covid-19 travel insurance?

Covid-19 travel insurance covers you from the direct consequences of the pandemic on your travel. Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the conditions of entry have been tightened for many countries. About thirty states worldwide require the presence of a travel insurance certificate mentioning the coverage of events related to Covid-19.

A traditional insurance package which covered travel abroad was mainly concerned with the coverage of emergency medical care, repatriation in case of illness or accident, hospitalization and death. It is now necessary to add a specific contract, which indicates precisely the guarantees that can be implemented in case of Covid-19 contamination, in the event of quarantine or if one encounters organizational difficulties due to Covid-19, such as flight cancellations, interruption or extension of stay.

Is Covid insurance available through your credit card?

Banks offer certain insurance and assistance services related to travel. To benefit from them, you must pay for your stay with your card. It is often wise to top-up these guarantees with a travel insurance contract to cover anything they miss, especially concerning the problems linked to Covid-19. Let's take a closer look at the Covid-19 coverages offered by different banks.

CompanyCovid-19-specific coverage
Visa Gold
  • Coverage of emergency medical expenses following Covid-19-related health problems
  • Trip cancellation is possible in the event of illness
  • Coverage of transportation and accommodation for a loved one in the event of hospitalization due to Covid-19
  • Coverage of additional lodging in case of extended stay due to a medical decision
  • Death coverage, even if due to Covid-19
  • Covid-19 notation on travel insurance certificate in connection with emergency medical coverage
Mastercard Gold
  • Emergency medical coverage: Covid-19 specific conditions not specifically mentioned
  • Trip cancellation due to illness, including Covid-19
  • Coverage for a family member in case of hospitalization, for any medical reason (accommodation + transportation)
  • Please contact your bank to check if the wording "Covid coverage" appears on your Gold Mastercard insurance policy certificate.
Mastercard World Elite
  • Trip Cancellation coverage for health conditions, including Covid-19
  • Medical and hospitalization Covid-19-related conditions are not specifically covered
  • No mention of "Covid-19 coverage" in the insurance policy
Which banks cover Covid-19?

Please note that you will not have any Covid-19 travel insurance with the Visa Classic or Mastercard Classic.

Even if the bank cards provide certain guarantees in the context of a trip, the following cases are not covered by this type of contract:

  • Trip cancellation due to a quarantine risk
  • Trip cancellation due to a lockdown
  • Trip cancellations due to border closures due to the Covid-19 epidemic
  • Cancellation of travel to an area advised against by the country of departure
  • Costs associated with quarantine
  • Cost of PCR tests required abroad.

To learn more about your credit card travel insurance, check out our guide.

Why take out Covid-19 travel insurance?

In June 2023 having Covid-19 travel insurance is strongly recommended, if not mandatory. Many countries require you to have this specific coverage. Even if your destination does not require you to have insurance with Covid-19 coverage, your trip may be affected by rapid changes in the global situation. It is important to be insured against this risk. Due to the growing needs in this field, most insurers have revised their contracts to extend their coverage and may offer coverage specifically related to Covid-19. This is not yet the case for all banks. The insurance and assistance services they offer are useful, but not always sufficient. The reimbursement limits are often much lower than the amounts covered by full-fledged travel insurance. It is advisable to take out a more comprehensive contract.

Expenses related to hospitalization or quarantine in certain countries can quickly spiral out of control. Let's take the example of a trip to the United States.

Medical expensesAverage cost
Cost of a 6-day hospitalization due to Covid-19
Cost of a room in intensive care
$9,736 per day
Cost of an artificial respirator
$2,800 per day
Cost of an ambulance
What are the risks of not having Covid-19 insurance?

What does Covid-19 travel insurance cover?

The benefits included in Covid-19 travel insurance may differ slightly depending on your chosen company. The coverage offered may cover the following:

  • Emergency medical care following Covid-19-related health problems up to $10 million: be aware that some companies require the insured person to be vaccinated to receive these benefits. Always check the general conditions of a contract. In addition, in some countries, such as Canada, most insurers offer this coverage only if you are staying in a country where the warning level is less than or equal to 3. In other words, if you are going to a country considered risky by your country of origin, it is wise to check whether or not your coverage will apply.
  • Repatriation in case of illness: this decision must be approved in advance by the insurer. It is only accepted in serious cases when it is not possible to provide the necessary care in the country where the patient is staying. The amount covered can reach $80,000.
  • Trip cancellation if you contract Covid-19 before your departure: coverage is subject to a positive PCR test and can amount to approximately $25,000.
  • Trip cancellation if a family member has a severe form of Covid-19. Coverage is up to $25,000.
  • Coverage for mandatory quarantine. Coverage is generally limited to $6,000.
  • Early return if a family member contracts a severe form of Covid-19 during your stay
  • Coverage for a companion if you need to be hospitalized during your trip due to Covid-19-related health problems.

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Covid-19 travel insurance: is quarantine covered?

Quarantine may be covered by your Covid-19 travel insurance, under certain conditions. It's important to differentiate between predictable and unexpected quarantine to understand your Covid-19 travel insurance coverage.

Some countries require quarantine upon arrival. This is a quarantine that is indicated before the trip is booked and therefore known at the time of departure. No insurance company insures the costs related to this type of event.

You may be quarantined during your stay after having contracted Covid-19 or being considered a contact case. This is sudden and unforeseeable. Depending on the date and duration of your mandatory isolation, this event may extend your stay and make it impossible for you to return under the conditions initially planned. In this case, if you benefit from this coverage in your Covid-19 travel insurance, you can benefit from the coverage of expenses related to accommodation and the purchase of a new plane ticket for example.

Is Covid-19 travel insurance mandatory?

Covid-19 travel insurance is required in some countries, but not in all. Some countries require proof of travel insurance to cover Covid-19-related health expenses while abroad before entering the country. However, not all governments require the same maximum coverage. The certificate is most often delivered upon subscription online and notifies exactly :

  • the amounts covered by guarantees
  • the conditions of reimbursement
  • the dates of coverage
  • the geographical scope of coverage, etc.

For example, the American continent concentrates most of the states that require this type of guarantee. This is also the case in Asia and Africa. In Europe, only Ukraine is covered by mandatory Covid-19 travel insurance. You can check whether your destination is one of the territories for which Covid-19 coverage is required.

ContinentCountries requiring Covid-19 travel insurance
Algeria, Benin, Cape Verde, Djibouti, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, Togo
Anguilla, Argentina, Aruba, Bermuda, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador (Galapagos), Fiji, Guatemala, St. Martin, Paraguay, El Salvador, Turks and Caicos Islands
Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Countries in which Covid-19 travel insurance is mandatory

It is important to note that the requirements for Covid-19 travel insurance differ from country to country. Some will, for example, require minimum coverage limits. Others will require specific coverage such as repatriation.

How much does Covid-19 travel insurance cost in Canada?

Insurance companyCovid-19 coverPrice
  • Emergency medical expenses including those related to Covid-19
  • Travel cancellation in case of quarantine or Covid-19 infection
from $14.84
  • Emergency medical coverage, including Covid-19
  • Trip cancellation due to Covid-19 (if you or a loved one becomes ill)
  • Coverage of hospitalization costs due to Covid-19
from $72
  • Coverage of emergency medical expenses related to Covid-19 for stays in countries classified as level 1, 2 or 3
  • Trip cancellation coverage as a result of Covid-19
from $56.80
  • Coverage of emergency medical expenses related to Covid-19 for stays in countries classified as level 1, 2 or 3
  • Trip cancellation coverage as a result of Covid-19
from $23.53
Blue Cross
  • Emergency medical care due to Covid-19-related health problems
  • Trip interruption or cancellation coverage as a result of Covid-19
$3.55 per day for a 22-year-old student traveller staying in the United States for 22 days
$7.20 per month for a 35-year-old on an international business trip of up to 17 days
Price of Covid-19 travel insurance

The price of your Covid-19 travel insurance in Canada depends on several criteria such as

  • The level of coverage desired
  • The duration of the trip
  • The age of the insured
  • The number of travellers
  • The type of trip
  • The insurance company you choose

Find out some sample costs for your policy that covers Covid-19 while travelling abroad.

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How to make a Covid-19 travel cancellation insurance work?

There are several ways in which Covid-19 could force you to cancel a trip.

If you contract the disease before your departure, it is essential to report this event to the insurance company as soon as possible. A positive PCR test result and, in some cases, medical proof of your condition is required.

If one of your loved ones becomes ill with a severe form of Covid-19, you must remember to notify your insurer as soon as you become aware of it. You must then send a medical certificate justifying the state of health of the person concerned. In certain situations, you must also provide evidence of how you are related, like a birth certificate.

If you are hospitalized due to Covid-19 and must cancel your trip, it is necessary to inform the insurance company as soon as possible and to accompany your request with a certificate from the hospital treating you.

In all cases, the insurance company will request your transportation ticket(s) and the corresponding invoice and proof of payment. You will be reimbursed up to the maximum limits outlined in your policy's terms and conditions.

How do I know if my travel medical insurance also covers Covid-19?

The "Covid-19 Coverage" section on your travel insurance policy indicates whether your policy covers you for this type of risk. You can also read and check the terms and conditions of your policy. These contain all the details of your coverage regarding the events covered, the situations covered and the reimbursement limits granted. To be sure that your travel medical insurance covers Covid-19, you can also contact your insurance company directly. A written request, by post or email, makes it easier to keep track of responses and guarantees.

Our tips for choosing your Covid-19 travel insurance

Are you still hesitating before choosing the right Covid-19 travel insurance for you? Which company should you choose? Beyond the price, what guarantees make a difference? Discover our tips to help you make a decision that meets your needs and expectations.

  • Check the insurance requirements of your destination country. Your travel insurance must comply with Covid-19 coverage requirements. These may differ from state to state. It is important to be aware of the minimum Covid-19 coverage required in the jurisdiction where you plan to travel.
  • Compare several offers. Don't limit yourself to one quote. It's a good idea to compare several quotes and rates to choose the Covid-19 travel insurance that best suits your needs. Use a simulator or comparator to make your selection.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the Covid-19 travel insurance before you buy. It is important to check the levels of coverage and the conditions of coverage before you sign up. Don't hesitate to ask questions about the company if there are any unclear points.
  • Look for generous coverage of health expenses. This is the most important benefit. The amount provided for emergency medical care should be appropriate to the costs of healthcare in your country of destination. Depending on the country, this type of cost can be very expensive without insurance.
  • Check the warning levels announced by the Canadian government for the destination you choose. Most Covid-19 travel insurance will only cover you if the country you are visiting is at levels 1, 2 or 3.

Now you know what Covid-19 travel insurance is. You understand why this type of travel insurance is strongly recommended or even mandatory depending on your destination. To plan your trip with peace of mind, compare several travel insurance policies specifically related to Covid-19. Check the coverage levels and reimbursement limits. Select the Covid-19 travel insurance that meets your needs and expectations to ensure a well-insured trip in case of unforeseen events.

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