Is AMA travel insurance worth it in 2024?

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Alexandre Desoutter updated on 18 July 2023

Visiting another country or province without travel insurance can be a costly mistake. Did you know that an overnight stay in a hospital in the United States can be over $14,000 CAD? Some countries might even refuse to help you if you are unable to prepay for treatment.

Travel insurance is therefore an absolute necessity when you are away from home. It guarantees your ability to get and pay for health care, if and when you need it. Beyond medical emergencies, travel insurance also helps with flight issues, lost luggage, and more.

While you look for options, you may want to consider AMA travel insurance. So read our review on AMA travel insurance, its coverage, prices, pros and cons, and more. Also compare with other travel insurances and get free quotes.

Our 2024 review of AMA travel insurance

AMA is a trusted brand as part of the Canadian Automobile Association. Their travel insurance plans offer great customisation and flexibility for a wide-range of travel needs.

Continue below for pros and cons:

Why AMA could be right for you:

  • Membership with AMA saves you 10% on travel medical premiums.
  • No age limit on some plans
  • Membership not required
  • Emergency Medical Coverage up to $5 million.

Why AMA may not be right for you:

  • Required to be an Alberta resident
  • Required to have a Government Health Insurance Plan in one's province to be eligble
  • Required medical questionnaires and medical examinations if you are above 60.
  • No coverage for extreme sport activities.

Before choosing AMA, a little shopping around can help you to save money and find a coverage that really fits your needs. You could get AMA travel insurance quote using our comparator below, and also get quotes from other providers.

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What does AMA travel insurance cover?

AMA offers extensive coverage for travel across the globe. The packages are affordable, and come with extra discount for AMA members. Choose between Trip Cancellation, the Non-Medical Package Plan or the comprehensive Premium Package. Plans are available for a single trip or as an annual plan for frequent travellers.

Multi-Trip Annual Plan

This AMA annual travel insurance plan boasts flexible payment options. The Multi-Trip plan provides 365 days of coverage within Canada. For trips out of Canada you can pick plans of 4, 8, 15, 20 or 60 days. Enjoy up to $5 million of emergency medical coverage, $150,000 for travel accidents and $1,500 for baggage loss, damage and delay.

If you'd like to know about AMA travel insurance rock climbing coverage or other adventure sports, it is best to check with an agent as the policy might exclude extreme sports.

AMA single trip travel insurance

AMA offers single trip insurance to provide coverage and protection for individuals during a specific trip. It includes AMA travel cancellation insurance, emergency medical and dental care up to $5,000,000, flight and accident coverage up to $100,000, baggage delay cover, and even coverage for pre-existing conditions (based on policy coverage and premium).

Visitors to Canada Medical Plan

This plan of AMA medical travel insurance allows visitors up to the age of 85 years old to access and pay for health care services while visiting Canada. It covers up to 365 days and up to $150,000 (depending on age and plan).

For more information on AMA travel health insurance, download the PDF below:

It offers $150,000 in emergency medical insurance for visitors to Canada. This also covers for travel interruption benefits.

Plan nameMulti-Trip MedicalAnnual PremiumVisitors to Canada
Emergency Medical
up to $5 millionup to $5 millionup to $150,000
Medical repatriation
Return of remains
Non-medical emergency evacuation
Trip cancellation and interruption
Flight and accident insurance
up to $100,000 up to $100,000
Baggage loss and damage
up to $1,500up to $1,500
Comparison of some AMA travel policies

AMA travel insurance for seniors

AMA does cover seniors. However, it must be noted that prices get expensive with age and medical conditions for individuals aged 60 and above like other providers as Manulife travel insurance.

Seniors may be required to complete Ama travel medical insurance questionnaire and calculate premiums and coverage accordingly. The coverage of pre-existing conditions will also be assessed based on how stable the medical history of the individual is.

Does AMA travel insurance cover covid?

Yes, there is ama travel insurance covid coverage for COVID-19 related emergency medical care. Fully vaccinated travellers are eligible for up to $5 million in coverage, while partialy vaccinated travellers are eigble for up to $2.5 million.

Note that this does not include cruise passangers or visitors to Level 4 government advisories. Cancellation due to Covid-19 is not covered.

Good to know

AMA travel car insurance is something you can consider while traveling given that many Canadians drive into neighbouring USA for long weekends/vacations. AMA rental insurance can be conveniently purchased online at any time prior to picking up the rental car. It offers Vehicle Loss, Damage, and Theft Coverage with a maximum coverage limit of $80,000. It's worth noting that even credit card travel insurance typically provides coverage with a maximum limit of $60,000.

How much does AMA travel insurance cost?

The price of coverage with AMA depends on:

  • Your age.
  • Your desired coverage and otpions.
  • Your deductible.
  • Your waiting period.
  • Your destination(s).
  • The lenght of your trip.

Expert advice

Therefore it will be important to get an individual quote customised for your unique needs. It is to be noted that there is also AMA travel insurance discount for AMA members. Members can save 10% on Travel Medical Insurance, get 24-hour assistance, and other benefits. Refer your policy for complete offers, promo code for AMA travel insurance as they are subject to change.

To help you gain a better understanding, we've gathered quotes for AMA Travel Insurance Calgary resident, who is 30 years old, and traveling to France for three weeks. Note that quotes for AMA Travel Insurance Edmonton resident will also be the same for the traveler of the same age but might vary if the age and coverage required is different.

Coverage BenefitsSingle Trip Plans (Medical + travel coverage)Multi-trip Plans (Medical + travel coverage)
Emergency Medical and Dental Care
Included, up to $5,000,000Included, up to $5,000,000
Medical Repatriation
Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions
Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation
Medical Follow-up in Canada
Subsistence Allowance
Family Transportation
Return of Remains
Flight and Accident Insurance
Up to $100,000Up to $100,000
Baggage Loss, Damage, and Delay Coverage
Up to $1500Up to $1500
Trip Cancellation and Interruption
Cancel up to 3 hours before departure
50% refund if booked with AMA Travel50% refund if booked with AMA Travel
Delayed Return to Canada
Up to $2,500Up to $2,500
Misconnection and Travel Delay
Up to $1,000Up to $1,000
Unlimited Number of Trips
Coverage for In and Outside Canada
Up To Sum InsuredUp To $2,500
Total cost
AMA quotes for travel plans

Before zeroing in on AMA, we advise you shop around! You can quickly and anonymously compare prices from leading travel insurance companies using our free comparison tool below:

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How to buy AMA travel insurance?

To buy AMA travel insurance, request a quote and purchase AMA travel packages by:

  • Calling - 888-799-1522
  • Visiting AMA's website
  • Visiting an AMA centre in-person

How to file AMA travel insurance claim?

You can easily file your claim on their website or place a call to AMA travel insurance phone number 800-458-5736 for customer service assistance in filing your claim.

Notify AMA as soon as possible about the incident that requires a claim. You can reach them through their customer service hotline or check their website for specific instructions on initiating a claim.

Request a claim form from AMA or download it from their website. Fill out the form with accurate and detailed information about the incident, including dates, locations, and any supporting documentation or evidence.

Good to know

AMA will evaluate your claim based on the terms and conditions of your policy. If your claim is approved, you will receive reimbursement or compensation for the eligible expenses covered under your policy.

How do I contact AMA travel insurance?

Travellers can reach AMA travel insurance in an emergency at:

  • 1-855-330-8330 (Canada and mainland USA)
  • +1-519-988-7039 (Worldwide)

For general inquiries, call the following AMA travel insurance phone number:

  • 1-866-989-6595

How do I cancel AMA Travel insurance?

Get in touch with AMA directly to initiate the cancellation process. You can reach them through their customer service hotline 1-866-989-6595 or visit their website.

Clearly communicate your intention to cancel your policy to the AMA customer care. Follow any specific instructions they provide and ask about any documentation or forms that may be required.

Inquire about any applicable refunds or adjustments to premiums based on the cancellation date and terms outlined in your policy. It's important to cancel policy before your trip and before filing a claim to be eligible for refund if any.

Now that you know everything you need to decide if AMA is the right choice for you, you can see how it compares with other travel insurances. Use our comparator below for the same and also get free quotes.

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