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Alexandre Desoutter updated on 27 June 2023

If you are a pet parent, you know vet bills can be substantial and usually come when you are least prepared for them. Pet insurance can be a real relief and help guarantee your ability to pay for quality care at the veterinarian.

At some point, most pets get sick or injured. This can result in expensive visits to the vet. Did you know that the average cat owner in Canada spent nearly $2,800 in 2022 caring for their animal? For dog owners, this number came in even higher at $3,500 and above. The cost of caring for an animal is increasing every year according to a study from HelloSafe’s team.

This guide to Desjardins pet insurance explains what it has to offer, its pros and cons, prices, what makes it unique and why it may be right for you.

Our 2024 review of Desjardins pet insurance

Desjardins has been servicing the financial and insurance needs of Canadians for over 60 years. They also recognize that your pets are family and they want to help you protect their needs also.

Desjardins offers three plans for your pet - from basic to comprehensive coverage. They offer a program known as the ContinuedCare plan that guarantees to provide coverage and benefits for any illness your insured dog or cat may develop. You can add on coverage for behavioural and alternative treatments. The have a user friendly online platform which allows you to manage your pets policy and make a claim. Unfortunately, they do not offer any discounts for your pet policy.

Here is what HelloSafe thinks about Desjardins pet insurance pros and cons:

Why Desjardins could be right for you:

Desjardins has a comprehensive online portal
They offer three plans to suit your pets needs
You can insure a pet at any age

Why Desjardins may not be right for you:

There are no discounts available
behavioural, alternative therapies and medical device coverage are add ons

Compare quotes and options before choosing pet insurance with Desjardins. A little shopping around can help you to save money and find the coverage that fits your needs:

Compare the best pet insurance plans on the market!

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What does Desjardins pet insurance cover?

Desjardins offers three plans for your pet: Bronze Paw, Silver Paw, and Gold Paw.

Check out our chart to compare their plans:


Bronze Paw Pet insurance

Silver Paw Pet insurance

Gold Paw Pet insurance










Optional - Up to $500



Additional Coverage (behavioural, Alternative, Medical Devices)

Optional - Up to $350 per category

$350 pet category

Preventative Care

Comparison of Desjardins pet insurance plans

How much does a policy with Desjardins cost?

The price of pet insurance coverage with Desjardins will vary depending on your situation. For example, the age, size or breed of your animal. Also, the type of coverage you need. Do you need a cat insurance, or a dog insurance? Therefore, it will be important to get an individual quote customized for your unique needs.

Before settling on Desjardins pet insurance, make sure to compare all the best offers currently on the market using our frre online tool below:

Compare the best pet insurance plans on the market!

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How do I purchase a pet insurance plan with Desjardins?

If you are interested in obtaining Desjardins insurance for your pet, you can purchase online or you can call 1-855-343-9393.

Desjardins does not offer any discounts.

How can I contact Desjardins pet insurance?

This is the best way to get in touch with Desjardins:

  • Inquires 1-855-343-9393

  • Claims 1-800-581-0580

How do I file a claim with Desjardins pet insurance?

If you need to file a claim for your pet, you can do so on their online portal, by phone at 1-800-581-0580, or by completing a claim form (which you can find by login into your Desjardins account) and sending:

  • By mail:

Petline Insurance Company
301-600 Empress Street
Winnipeg (Manitoba) R3G 0R5

  • By fax: 1-866-501-5580

How to cancel Desjardins pet insurance?

If you'd like to cancel Desjardins Pet Insurance, you could contact customer service at 1-855-343-9393.

The lines are open and the agents will be at your disposal from Monday to Thursday (8 AM to 10 PM Eastern Time), Friday (8 AM to 9 PM Eastern Time), and Saturday (9 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time).

Can I transfer my Desjardins policy?

You might find yourself in a situation where you would like to change your pet insurance provider, for example, to get a better deal. When doing so, there are some factors to take into consideration:

  • Difference in coverage - a medical condition may be considered pre-existing to the new insurer at the time of enrolment, and, therefore, not being covered.
  • There may be an unavoidable waiting period before your new policy begins.
  • Immediate savings of a new policy may ultimately cost more in the long run - the cost of on-going treatment.

How much pet insurance do I need?

How much pet insurance you need will depend on many different factor. These include your pets:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Breed
  • Existing health conditions
  • Current health

It is important to choose the right policy that meets the needs of both your pet and yourself. This is to ensure that if a problem arises, it will be covered by your insurance. Take time to shop around and compare insurers by using our comparison tool:

Compare the best pet insurance plans on the market!

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