Top 10 best home insurance in Canada

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2 comments on "Top 10 best home insurance in Canada"
Alastair smith, on 2021-01-07

I live in NS. I was informed by CAA insurance that I need to replace my oil tank or my insurance will be cancelled. I have received quotes from several other Companies who will insure my house with the present oil tank, My oil tank according to manufacturers label is good for another five years, been professionally installed, inside and serviced every year. I contacted NS insurance Government ombudsman and was informed that she feels that they are being unreasonable but unfortunally can not do anything as there is no legislation regarding insurance companies standards in NS. I have a heat pump and planning to get of oil altogether when .y equipment needs to be replaced but presently I have close to a full tank of oil and do not want to be pressured to purchase another oil tank that is not part of my future heating plans.
Is there anything I can do?

Our expert
Angélique, on 2021-01-08

Hello Alastair,

You should maybe think to change your home insurance, it seems that your home insurance is not being reasonable. You should ask a quote to other home insurance companies such as TD home insurance or SSQ home insurance that are good home insurance companies.

Have a good day,


HelloSafe Team

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