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Alexandre Desoutter updated on 2 December 2022

Your home is your most important asset and your insurance plan should reflect that! However, with so many providers to choose from choosing the right home insurance plan can be a daunting task! To help you make your decision we have taken a close look at what is on offer and this Aviva home insurance review will help you decide if this is the right option for you.

In this review, we will take you through the pros and cons of Aviva home insurance, how much it costs and what it covers.

Keep in mind

Aviva: the basics

  • Aviva Insurance Canada is a subsidiary of the UK company Aviva plc
  • Aviva has over 2.8 million customers in Canada
  • Its HQ is at 10 Aviva Way, Ontario
  • It has 4,000+ employees
  • Insures over 850,000+ Canadian homes

Aviva: our review

Aviva is a large and well-established insurance provider in Canada. Their years of experience and size mean that they can offer a greater variety of bundles and special offers than other smaller providers. It also allows them to offer cheaper premiums than other competitors. However, being a large company also comes with disadvantages. Some customers have criticized Aviva's customer service, suggesting that it can be impersonal and at times unclear.

Aviva's home insurance seems more geared toward urban homes. Its exclusions on flood damage, for example, would make it unsuitable for anyone living in a rural, coastal environment. In our opinion, Aviva's home insurance is best suited to low-risk urban homes whose owners want peace of mind at the most affordable price. Homeowners with specific risks in mind would be better suited to searching for a smaller insurance provider that focuses coverage on their home's specific needs.


  • Great range of bundles and discounts
  • Variety of add-ons and specific insurance policies
  • International network


  • Renewals can be expensive
  • Some negative experiences with customer service

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What does Aviva home insurance cover?

Aviva home insurance is comprised of building insurance and content insurance. Usually, these are combined into one policy, however, it is possible to buy these separately. When they are bought together the actual structure of the building, as well as your possessions inside it are protected. Add-ons can be bought to extend the coverage of your policy and these can be negotiated with Aviva at the time of purchase or at a later date.

In the table below we have outlined the standard protections in an Aviva home insurance policy to show whether they apply to a home, a condo, a tenancy, a seasonal home or a high-value property.

CoverageHomeownerCondoTenantSeasonal homeHigh-value homes
Accidental property damage to the building and surroundings
Damage from falling objects, such as a tree branch
Detached private structures
Fire, explosion, theft and vandalism
Lightning, hail and windstorm damage
Living expenses
Personal liability
up to $1 millionup to $1 million
Service Line
optional optional
Unit content
Unit upgrade
Aviva home insurance coverage

You can take a closer look at homeowner insurance, condo insurance and tenant insurance by reading our in-depth guides that come with comparison tools.

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What optional add-ons are there?

Aviva prides itself in offering extra protection which you can purchase to extend your coverage. Let's take a look at what the main add-ons on offer are.

  • Earthquake: this add-on will be of interest to customers in B.C. and Quebec.
  • Back-up or overflow of sewage pipes or septic tanks: this could be of interest to homeowners living outside of urban developments. For city dwellers, check if it is you or your local authority who is responsible for the waste disposal system.
  • Overflow from lakes: this will be of interest to those in lakeside properties. It is important to note that Aviva does not cover saltwater flooding or man-made flooding, such as overflow caused by a deliberate government breaching of a dam.
  • Service line coverage: This covers your property's supply lines. For example water supply pipes, telecommunication cables and your electricity. Depending on your living situation these service lines may be your sole responsibility, a collective one with your neighbours or under the care of your local authority. It is worth checking who needs to pay to fix service lines before buying insurance for them.

What does Aviva building's insurance not cover?

Even Aviva's comprehensive building insurance has exclusions that cannot be covered even with add-ons. We have collected these exclusions into a list below so that you can quickly check if any exclusions would affect your home.

  • Wet or dry rot
  • Fraud when selling a home
  • Degradation of buildings over time
  • Storm damage to fences, hedges or gates
  • Damage that happens when the house is unoccupied for longer than agreed in the policy
  • Subsidence, heaves or landslips
  • Claims against faulty construction work
  • Claims against bad design
  • Theft (unless there is deception or violence)
  • Sea or river erosion
  • Frost damage (except for damage to water pipes)
  • Damage to stables or livestock housing

What does Aviva content's insurance not cover?

Even Aviva's comprehensive contents insurance has exclusions that cannot be covered even with add-ons. We have collected these exclusions into a list below so that you can quickly check if any exclusions would affect your possessions.

  • Theft or damage by paying guest
  • Theft or damage by the policyholder
  • Theft from garages of outbuildings (unless force or violence is used)
  • Anything covered by another insurance policy
  • Theft or vandalism if unoccupied for more than is agreed in the policy
  • Theft of unlocked bikes from gardens
  • Theft from communal areas of condos
  • Damage by river or sea erosion
  • Water damage due to inadequate grout or sealant

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Can you bundle Aviva's home and car insurance?

Yes and bundling your Aviva home and auto insurance can entitle you to interesting discounts. There are other advantages such as increased liability coverage up to $1 million and having a single deductible apply across the coverages to both home and car.

If you want to explore what savings you could make you can contact a broker via Aviva's website. First click on the Home Insurance button on the top of the page then scroll down to find the Contact A Broker button. Speaking to a broker can help you find an insurance bundle that suits your particular situation.

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How to purchase Aviva home insurance?

You can get a quote and purchase Aviva home insurance using their website. Once you have accessed the Canadian section of the website click on Home Insurance on the top menu. If you scroll to the bottom of the Home Insurance summary page you will find two buttons, Request A Quote and Find A Broker.

If you click Request A Quote you will be taken to a form which invites you to enter information about yourself, where you live and your home. Filling these out will enable Aviva to give you an online quote immediately. If you are happy with this quote you can begin the process of purchasing your policy.

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How to make a home insurance claim with Aviva?

if you have purchased your insurance policy directly from Aviva, you can make a claim either by phone or via their website. Phone lines are open 24/7 and you can contact Aviva at 1-866-692-8482.

If you wish to make a claim online go to the Aviva website and scroll to the bottom of the homepage. On the bottom left you should see a button marked Make A Claim. If you click this button the website will take you to a claims page where you can input your information into a submission form. To make a claim you will need to have your policy number to hand.

Watch out!

It is worth remembering that during and directly after severe weather events Aviva's phone lines will be busy than normal and that claims processing may take longer than usual.

How to cancel Aviva home insurance?

There are three ways to cancel your policy with Aviva. The quickest way is by calling your insurance representative at 1-800-387-4518. The second option is to fill out a cancellation form on the Contact Us section of the Aviva website.

You can also use the Aviva website to find the physical location of your nearest broker. If you prefer to have a meeting in person you should book an appointment and make sure you bring all the relevant documentation with you.

Can you transfer Aviva's home insurance policy?

If you have moved to a new property and wish to stay with your current insurer, contact them directly. You may even get a loyalty discount for staying with the same provider. Your rates will almost certainly change as the new property will have a different risk profile and value.

Home insurance plans are not transferable from a former owner to the new one. The new owner will need to contact an insurer about their new house, condo or rental.


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