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Alexandre Desoutter updated on 29 November 2022

Innovation and ease of access have come to be expected across the board in the world of insurance and home insurance is no exception. A relatively new company, APOLLO Insurance Solutions has been making waves by putting all of its business online and aggregating the offers of over 6,000 brokers in order to help its customers find the best deal possible. If you are interested in being able to find a quote in minutes and run all your insurance needs online without having to visit an office or spend hours on the phone then Apollo may be the right insurance provider for you.

In this review, we take you through how Apollo works, what it offers and how much its coverage costs.

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APOLLO: the basics

  • Launched in 2019 by Jeff McGann
  • Based in Vancouver
  • Online-based insurer
  • 6,000+ brokers

Our APOLLO insurance review

APOLLO aims to bring the same online streamlining and ease of use that bank apps have brought to chequing accounts. Rather than having to go to a physical office for an appointment or make long calls, APOLLO lets you get a quote and purchase coverage quickly and online from the comfort of your own home. APOLLO maintains relationships with over 6,000 brokers in Canada to help you get a good deal.

Older customers however may prefer the face-to-face contact that traditional insurance providers offer. Additionally, Apollo insurance reviews show that Apollo does not pay back any of your premiums in the event of you cancelling a policy.


  • Easy, quick online service
  • A detailed quote questionnaire means a highly personalized quote
  • Extensive coverage at competitive prices
  • Enhanced and premium packages provide more protection


  • No physical locations
  • No reimbursement for cancellations
  • No add-ons

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What does APOLLO's home insurance cover?

Home insurance is a type of insurance that can be further divided into homeowner insurance, condo insurance and tenant insurance. Each of these types of policy shares certain coverages but each is adapted to a specific kind of home.

If your home is damaged then APOLLO will fund the cost of the repairs. If you need to live somewhere else while your home is repaired then APOLLO will also cover those expenses if you are a homeowner. APOLLO's condo insurance will cover any repair work that needs to be done on common areas, for example, if the basement of your building has a burst pipe then Apollo's condo insurance will pay your share of the repairs. Every kind of home insurance includes personal liability, this will pay to cover the costs if a person is injured on your property, for example, if they fall on your path or are struck by a tree branch.

Below we have laid out the coverage offered by APOLLO's home insurance so you can verify which types of home insurance get which types of coverage.

CoverageAPOLLO insurance homeownerAPOLLO insurance condoAPOLLO insurance tenant
Falling Tree
Glass Breakage
Burst Pipes
Additional living expenses
Unit improvements
Loss assessment
Common areas
Apollo insurance solutions ltd

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Does APOLLO have enhanced home insurance?

Enhanced home insurance is a more comprehensive package that offers you additional protection. You can purchase Enhanced Homeowner Insurance or Enhanced Condo insurance both of which raise the limits of liability compensation available and offer additional coverages. For example, if you live by a body of water then Overland Water Damage protection might be a priority for you. If there you live in an area with a high burglary rate then Mysterious Disappearance could be a great choice.

APOLLO also has a premium package. Let's take a look at what APOLLO enhanced and premium home insurance offers.

CoverageAPOLLO Enhanced Home InsuranceAPOLLO Premium Home Insurance
Higher Limits
Accidental Damage
Mysterious Disappearance
Sewer Back-up
Overland Water Damage
APOLLO insurance company

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What does APOLLO's home insurance not cover?

Insurance companies reduce the risk to themselves by having exclusions in every contract. An exclusion is a specific threat that is not covered by your policy. Before you sign any kind of insurance contract, you should carefully and thoroughly read through the contract to make sure you have seen and understand all the exclusions listed. This will help you avoid any surprises later on.

Find the exclusions listed in APOLLO's home insurance contracts below:

  • Normal degradation of a property
  • Wet rot, dry rot or fungi
  • Pests and vermin
  • Damage that occurs after a property has been vacant for 1 month
  • Damage due to the purchaser's criminal activity
  • Terrorism and war
  • Nuclear incidents
  • Damage done during refurbishment

What does home insurance from APOLLO cost?

Every home insurance quote is specific to the individual property and the profile of the policyholder, such as the size of your home and if you have a previous history of making claims. These questions vary depending on whether you are buying homeowners, condo or tenant insurance.

Homeowners Insurance

apollo home insurance form

When getting an Apollo homeowners insurance quote, first you must confirm that your home is not under construction, temporary accommodation or a farm. You will then be asked the following questions.

  1. Is the building a primary address or a rental property?
  2. How many owners are there?
  3. What is your history of home insurance and claims?
  4. What year was it built?
  5. How large is the building?
  6. How many levels does it have?
  7. Does it have a garage?
  8. Do you rent any of the rooms to tenants?
  9. What are the walls made of?
  10. What type of wiring does it have?
  11. What type of plumbing does it have?
  12. What type of roof does it have?
  13. What type of heating does it have?
  14. Does it have a swimming pool?
  15. What is the reconstruction cost?

Condo Insurance

First, you will need to confirm that you own the condo unit you want to insure and that you want to live in it. Then you will be asked the following questions.

  1. What type of building is your unit located in?
  2. How long have you owned it?
  3. How old is the building?
  4. Is the building located within 300 metres of a floodplain?
  5. Has it ever been flooded?
  6. Do you operate a business from your home?

Tenant Insurance

If you are buying insurance for a place you rent then the coverage will be more focused on threats to the contents of your home. This is because your landlord's insurance will cover the building itself. Therefore there is a shorter list of questions.

  1. How old is the building?
  2. Is the building located within 300 metres of a floodplain?
  3. Has it ever been flooded?
  4. Any claims in the last 5 years?

To help give you an idea of costs, we have provided the premiums for 5 different packages of APOLLO tenant's insurance, worked out for a Toronto townhouse.

Personal Contents
Additional Living Expenses
$5,000 (included)$5,000 (included)$5,000 (included)$5,000 (included)$5,000 (included)
Off Premises Contents
$5,000 (included)$5,000 (included)$5,000 (included)$5,000 (included)$5,000 (included)
Personal Liability
$1 million$1 million$1 million$2 million$2 million
Jewellery, watches, gems
Bicycles and e-bikes
Computer Coverage
Portable Electronic Devices
Card Or Comic Book Collections
Coin Collections
Fine Art
Stamp Collections
Food Spoilage
APOLLO insurance Toronto

Want to compare these premiums with those of leading competitors? Access our free comparison tool now.

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Can you bundle APOLLO home and auto insurance?

Multi-line discounts, otherwise known as bundling, can help you to reduce monthly premiums and enhance upper limits on payouts. APOLLO however does not currently offer car insurance. Apollo is a relatively new insurance provider and currently only offers homeowner insurance, condo insurance, tenant insurance and business insurance.

Other insurance providers do offer discounts of up to 20% if you combine auto and home insurance policies into one. As well as saving you money this also reduces the amount of paperwork and admin you have to keep up with. If you are interested in seeing which providers offer bundled home and car insurance, take a look at our home insurance comparison tool..

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How to buy APOLLO home insurance?

There are two ways to buy APOLLO home insurance. You can call and speak directly to a broker on the APOLLO insurance contact number: 1-604-318-5587. You are also able to get a quote online through their website or by using their app. APOLLO works with a large number of brokers in order to find the right deal for you.

  1. Open the website or the app
  2. On the top bar menu, click Personal Insurance
  3. Select from between Renter’s Insurance, Student Tenant’s Insurance, Homeowner’s Insurance and Condo and Townhouse Insurance
  4. When you have selected you will arrive at the first page of a quote form
  5. Enter your personal information and address
  6. Answer the questions about your property, these will depend on the type of home you are insuring

How to make APOLLO insurance claims?

To submit a claim with APOLLO, go to their website, use your APOLLO insurance login and select "Make A Claim". This will take you to a claims submissions form. Here you can enter your name address and policy number and give a short explanation of the damage that has occurred and the claim you would like to make. There is an option to attach files. You should include a police report if you have one.

Once submitted, APOLLO will pass your claim on to the relevant broker and remain involved throughout the process.

Watch out!

It is worth remembering that during and directly after severe weather events APOLLO will be busy than normal and that claims processing may take longer than usual.

How to cancel APOLLO home insurance?

You can cancel a policy held with APOLLO home insurance at any time. You can do this either via their website or by calling the directly at 1-604-318-5587.

It is worth noting that APOLLO retains 100% of your premium, unlike other home insurance providers. To compare other cancellation policies, take a look at our comparison tool.

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