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Almost 20 million pets call Canada their home, and Quebecers count almost 4 million cats and dogs as their family members. While most other Canadian provinces tend to favour Labrador Retrievers, the most popular dog breed in Quebec is the German Shepherd. As for cats, Quebec is home to its very own breed, the Foldex.

As a pet owner, you are responsible for your pet’s care and well-being, but if your pet got injured or sick, would you be able to pay the thousands of dollars it may cost to treat them without considerable strain? Is your pet protected?

This guide will introduce you to the different elements of pet insurance in Quebec, what is covered, how much it costs and why you need it.

How does pet insurance work in Quebec?

Like in the rest of Canada, Quebec pet insurance helps pet owners by paying for a significant portion of unexpected veterinary costs for their animals. The comparison tool above can help you choose the best pet insurance in Quebec for you and your companion, so you can rest assured knowing that you are empowered to act on your pet’s needs when the time comes.

Once you’ve chosen the pet health insurance that suits your pet, the insurance provider will calculate a premium (based on several factors such as the type of animal, age and breed) that you will pay each month.

Watch out!

Most pet insurance policies include a waiting period after the purchase, so make sure to wait until the end of this period (if you can) for any veterinary treatment.

Normally, you will have to pay for any veterinary expenses yourself and then the insurance kicks in with a reimbursement. Rates of reimbursement are typically between 80% and 100%. For example, Desjardins offers 80% of expenses covered and a 10% discount if you insure 3 or more pets with them.

Some insurers do offer to pay the vet directly but keep in mind that in these cases, you will have to look for a vet that partners with your insurance provider. If your preferred vet clinic or animal hospital is a part of their network, then it might be worth considering for your policy.

Occasionally, providers also offer a 24-hour helpline that you can call for advice or help to find a vet.

Expert advice

To make sure you’re covered, remember to request and keep all the receipts and documentation from the vet or hospital as insurance providers almost always ask you for all the paperwork associated with your claim.

How much does pet insurance in Quebec cost?

Pet insurance in Quebec can cost a variety of monthly premiums depending on several factors such as your animal species, their age, what is vered, your reimbursement rate, the deductible and the annual payout limit.
Below, you can see how much pet insurance for a dog costs for Quebec’s most beloved breed, the German Shepherd, using Fetch pet insurance as an example.

AgeMax annual payoutMax annual deductibleReimbursement rateMonthly premium
<11 months
<11 months
5 years
5 years
How much is dog insurance in Quebec?

Good to know

Some cities in Quebec have deemed certain dog breeds aggressive, and the German Shepherd is often on that list. In such a case, you’ll usually need a special permit and additional rules may apply when walking your dog.

If it’s a cat you’re looking to insure, here is an example of pet insurance for a cat in Quebec, using Trupanion pet insurance and the most common breed in La Belle Province, the Domestic Shorthair, as an example:

AgeDeductible per conditionReimbursement rateMonthly premium
<11 months
<11 months
5 years
5 years
How much is cat insurance in Quebec?

Good to know

Many pet insurance providers offer an annual deductible, but Trupanion’s deductible is per condition, meaning you only pay the deductible for every new condition diagnosed.

Most insurers provide coverage nationally, so the price of pet insurance in Quebec should be similar to that of pet insurance in British Columbia, for example. Sometimes, there are differences between rural, suburban and rural areas because pet ownership in different places comes with different risks. Cat insurance is, however, typically less expensive than insurance for dogs. It pays to compare insurers to get the best pet insurance in Quebec at the best price.

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What does pet insurance cover in Quebec?

Pet health insurance in Quebec covers a variety of accidents, sickness and longer-term conditions for your pet, whether it’s a cat, dog, bird, reptile or other. The availability of the treatments and the amount reimbursed will depend on your policy’s coverage.

Accident and illness coverage

If your pet has an accident or becomes unwell, most insurance policies will cover the costs of:

  • X-rays
  • Short stays for monitoring
  • Emergency diagnosis
  • Prescriptions
  • Any surgery they may need
  • MRI and other scans
  • Chemotherapy

Preventative care coverage

Preventative medicine is always more effective (and cheaper in most pets’ lifetimes) than reactive medicine. However, only the best pet insurance in Quebec will cover these kinds of treatments, including:

  • Annual examinations
  • Vaccines
  • Flea treatments
  • Urinalysis and fecal analysis
  • Parasitic treatment

Pet insurance does not typically cover routine trips to the vet, but some insurers offer wellness add-ons or separate policies that cover common, recurring tests and procedures.

Watch out!

Pet insurance providers almost never cover pre-existing conditions, which means it’s better to get insurance when your pet is young!

Is pet insurance more expensive in Quebec?

No. Pet insurance is private, which means it doesn’t change from province to province. All pet insurance companies offer coverage to anyone living anywhere in Canada, and often even include the U.S. Therefore, pet insurance in Quebec will be no more expensive than BC pet insurance or Nova Scotia pet insurance — though the pets themselves may differ significantly!

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Is pet insurance worth it in Quebec?

The simple answer is yes, pet insurance is almost always worth it. If you have a young, healthy animal who will only need to see the vet for routine visits, then you might be well able to pay for these by putting aside some money from your paycheck.

However, many animals run into health problems at least once in their lifetime, and the vet bills in these cases can grow quickly. Pet insurance becomes even more worthwhile if you have an older animal or one that is prone to health problems. In that case, you are unlikely to be able to save enough to pay for long-term care without suffering financial stress yourself.

Not having adequate protection can mean having to pay hefty, unexpected fees (that are difficult for any budget) or, in a worst-case scenario, not being able to pay for treatment for your pet at all.

Although the cost of treatments differs slightly from animal to animal, let’s have a look at some typical costs associated with healthcare for dogs, as an example:

Veterinary services for an adult dogCost
Routine visit
Parasite prevention
Dental x-rays
Teeth cleaning
Tests and screening
Is insurance for pets worth it in Canada?

As you can see, the cost of routine visits and normal, preventative care is not negligible. If you imagine a situation, perhaps with an older pet, where routine care needs to be more frequent and health can suddenly deteriorate and cause other problems, you can see the need for more comprehensive insurance.

Meanwhile, a younger dog, from a relatively healthy breed might only need accident insurance to cover them if they are injured. Either way, it is better to have insurance you don't use than not to have insurance and need it!

Good to know

Pet insurance policies rarely cover pre-existing conditions, so it’s best to get insured before your pet runs into health problems.

What is the OMVQ?

The Ordre des Médecins Vétérinaires du Québec (OMQV) regulates the professional practice of Québec’s 2,600 veterinarians, be it in clinics or hospitals. Although they don’t offer insurance themselves, they provide plenty of information on adopting, owning and caring for animals in Quebec. Additionally, you can also contact them when selecting your vet as registration with the OMQV is mandatory for vets in Quebec.

Is there CAA Pet Insurance in Quebec?

If you are a member of CAA-Quebec then you might be eligible for the CAA pet insurance discount in Quebec. It may seem odd, but Quebec’s affiliate of the Canadian Automobile Association also offers pet insurance, though they focus primarily on car insurance and assistance.

If you’re already a CAA-Quebec member, it may be worth having a look. Keep in mind that it is always useful to compare policies to choose the best pet health insurance in Quebec for your four-legged family member.

Where to adopt a pet in Quebec?

Several institutions in Quebec have shelters where you can easily adopt an animal. The Companion Animal Adoption Centres of Quebec (caacQ) groups adoption centres under one cruelty-free banner. These adoption centres do not impose a time limit for adoption on their residents and offer sterilization, and often even vaccination, as a part of their adoption process.

In addition, almost every city in Quebec has an SPCA centre that you can adopt from. All you have to do is visit one of their shelters and bring all household members with you, including children, roommates and other dogs, to make sure it’s a match.

As a dog or cat owner, most cities in Quebec have certain rules you must abide by. These usually include:

  • Having a valid pet license that can be renewed annually
  • Ensuring your dogs or cats wear their tags
  • Making sure your pets are neutered/spayed and microchipped
  • Maintaining them on a leash in public spaces (except dog parks)
  • Picking up your pet’s droppings and dispose of them appropriately
  • When using dog parks, make sure your pet’s vaccines are up to date.

Expert advice

Puppies should not visit dog parks until their vaccination is complete, which is usually when they are 4 months old at the earliest. It is also important to treat them against parasites.

The rules for other pets, such as birds, rodents, rabbits or reptiles, are largely unregulated, but the owner or caretaker is always responsible for their animal’s actions.

What should I consider when choosing pet insurance in Quebec?

Pet owners in Quebec have many options when it comes to pet insurance to protect their animal family members and prevent an unpleasant financial shock.

Here are the main factors to consider when choosing the best pet insurance for you:

  • Animal: Not all animals carry the same risks, so pet insurance differs from animal to animal. Larger animals tend to be more expensive to insure than smaller animals.
  • Age: Generally, the younger the animal, the cheaper the premium and overall insurance will be. Also, an older animal is more likely to develop a health condition, and insurers do not cover pre-existing conditions.
  • Breed: Some breeds are more expensive to insure than others. For example, dog insurance for Great Danes costs significantly more than cat insurance for an American Shorthair.
  • Gender: Male animals are more expensive to insure than female animals. Also, spayed females have the lowest premiums in cats and dogs.
  • Deductible: The higher the deductible, the cheaper the premium. However, keep in mind that your insurance will only reimburse your vet expenses after you’ve paid the deductible from your own pocket.
  • Location: Where you live with your pet will influence how much you pay. Certain regions and environments carry more outdoor risks than others.
  • Add-ons: You can purchase additional coverage such as wellness plans or preventive medicine, though these will increase the cost of your policy.

Which is the best pet insurance in Quebec?

The best pet insurance in Quebec will be different from pet to pet and owner to owner. Pet insurance is about fulfilling the needs and well-being of your pet at a price that is reasonable and affordable to you. The cheapest pet insurance in Quebec might not be the one that best suits your pet's needs, which might not suit your wallet either, in the long run.

Always remember to read a policy carefully before you purchase it, so you know exactly what is and isn’t covered in the case of an accident or illness.

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