What is the Best Pet Insurance in Ontario for 2023?

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How much does pet insurance cost in Ontario?

The cost of pet insurance in Ontario will vary based on the animal you are insuring, their age and how comprehensive a cover you are interested in.

Basic pet insurance in Ontario generally starts at around $39 per month for a dog and $29 per month for a cat. More comprehensive insurance, that is insurance with higher reimbursement rates and higher coverage levels, may cost as much as $150 per month.

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What is OVMA pet insurance?

Ontario Veterinary Medical Association is an Ontario-based insurance provider that focuses exclusively on pet insurance for dogs and cats. Although it is based in Ontario and therefore can cater to the specific needs of Ontarians, all Canadians can purchase OVMA insurance wherever they live.

Is pet insurance worth it in Ontario?

You may have read that rather than rather buying pet insurance it is a better idea to put money aside and save. It is true that if you have a young, healthy animal who will only need to see the vet for routine visits then it is possible you could pay for these by putting aside some money from your paycheck.

However, if you have an older animal or one that has health problems then you are unlikely to be able to save the amounts need to pay for long-term care. Let's take some examples:

Chris, 27, from Toronto, has an Australian Shepherd puppy called Buttons. Chris is currently making good money in his job as a graphic designer and Buttons is from a healthy breed, is young and unlikely to have any problems. If Chris can put aside $50 a month he will probably be able to cover the routine costs like:

Basic proceduresCost
Vet visits
Dental treatment
Parasite treatment
Basic dog health costs

Let's take another example for contrast. Marjory, 45, lives in Durham. She has a pug, Blueberry, which she loves very much but is getting on a bit at 12. Let's look at some of the costs that Marjory might have to pay as she looks after Blueberry:

Longer proceduresCost
Arthritis treatment
Cancer treatment
Ligament repair
up to $5,000 per knee
10c -50c / pill
Cost of dog health treatments

As we can see, the costs that Marjory is facing are far more onerous than those likely to affect Chris. Marjory would be wise to take out insurance for Blueberry that will allow her to pay for as many treatments as her canine companion will need.

Is pet insurance more expensive in Ontario?

No. Pet insurance is always private and therefore does not change from province to province. All pet insurance companies offer coverage to anyone living anywhere in Canada. Therefore pet insurance in Ontario will be no more expensive than Edmonton pet insurance or Nova Scotia pet insurance - though the pets themselves might be quite different!

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Which is the best pet insurance in Ontario?

To get the best possible insurance you must decide to balance your budget against the needs of your pet. The cheapest pet insurance in Ontario might not be the one that best suits your pet's needs.

Some of the most popular pet insurance providers in Ontario are:


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