Is Sun Life Travel Insurance the best in 2024? Review

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Sunny Yadav updated on 16 August 2023

Finding good travel insurance that offers comprehensive coverage is a daunting task. They always lack one thing or the other. But have you thought about Sun Life travel insurance and what it covers? 

Among the host of options available in the market, Sun Life travel insurance could indeed be an option to consider. But is it the right fit for you?

To help you with that, we bring you this review of Sun Life travel insurance, its coverage, pros and cons, claims process, and everything you need to know. You can also compare its coverage with different providers and get free quotes so you can pick a plan that suits you best.

Sun Life Travel Insurance: 5 Key Takeaways

  1. Sun Life's travel insurance provides a wide range of coverage options.
  2. It covers medical treatment expenses for injuries or illnesses that occur during your trip.
  3. Coverage includes hospitalisation, surgery, doctor visits, ambulance services, and medical evacuation.
  4. Buying travel insurance from Sun Life is relatively easy, with a straightforward process.
  5. Sun Life has policies for individuals, families, and even groups, making it convenient for travellers of all kinds.
  6. The cost can vary based on several factors, such as destination, trip duration, age, and more.
  7. Compare plans and get free quotes using HelloSafe comparator.

Our review of Sun Life travel insurance Canada

Sun Life is a reputable Canadian insurance company that offers various insurance products, including travel insurance. It typically covers various aspects, including emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage loss, and travel accident insurance.

Sun Life travel insurance is best suited for Canadian travelers seeking comprehensive coverage during their trips abroad. It's ideal for those who value peace of mind, especially in high-cost medical destinations, as it offers substantial emergency medical coverage.

Families, individuals, and group travelers will appreciate its diverse coverage options and straightforward purchasing process. Sun Life's inclusive coverage and valuable add-ons make it an attractive choice for travelers looking for protection against various travel-related risks.

However, individuals with pre-existing medical conditions or those seeking coverage for high-risk activities might need to explore alternatives due to limitations. Travel insurance for seniors could be expensive given higher premiums with increasing age.


  • Includes a wide range of coverage options, protecting travellers from various potential risks, unexpected events
  • Offers substantial coverage for emergency medical expenses
  • Has a straightforward process to purchase travel insurance, and it is often available for individuals, families, and even group travel


  • Has more exclusions and limitations compared to other providers
  • Travel insurance may not cover pre-existing medical conditions or may have limited coverage for such conditions
  • Claim process can be tedious, and travellers may need to provide extensive documentation

What does Sun Life travel insurance cover?

Sun Life travel insurance coverage can vary from policy to policy, but here are some common components of travel insurance coverage:

  • Emergency medical expenses: This coverage typically includes medical treatment expenses for injuries or illnesses that occur while travelling abroad. It may cover hospitalization, surgery, doctor visits, ambulance services, and medical evacuation.
  • Trip cancellation and interruption: If your trip gets cancelled or interrupted due to covered reasons, this coverage can reimburse you for non-refundable expenses like flights, accommodation, and tour reservations.
  • Baggage loss and delay: If your baggage is lost, stolen, or delayed during your trip, this coverage can provide compensation to replace essential items and clothing.
  • Travel accident insurance: In the unfortunate event of an accident resulting in death or disability while travelling, this coverage may provide financial benefits to the insured or their beneficiaries.
  • Travel delay: If your trip is delayed due to reasons beyond your control, such as flight cancellations or severe weather, travel delay coverage may reimburse you for additional expenses incurred during the delay, such as accommodation and meals.
  • Trip disruption: This coverage may provide compensation for additional expenses if your trip is disrupted due to unexpected events, such as natural disasters, strikes, or civil unrest.
  • Personal liability: Travel insurance might offer coverage for legal expenses and compensation in case you accidentally cause injury or property damage to others during your trip.
  • 24/7 assistance services: Travel insurance policies often include access to emergency assistance services, such as medical advice, language translation, and travel-related information.
  • COVID-19 coverage: Certain policies cover COVID-19 travel insurance coverage, but services vary based on policies.

If you'd like to compare travel insurance plans from other providers and see how Sun Life fares, you could use our comparator below. It lets you compare coverage, pricing, and also get free quotes from the best travel insurances in Canada.

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What does Sun Life insurance travel insurance not cover?

Exclusions are specific situations or circumstances in which insurance coverage will not apply. It's essential to review the actual policy documents for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding exclusions. Here are some typical travel insurance exclusions:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • High-risk activities, such as extreme sports or hazardous activities like skydiving, mountaineering, or scuba diving beyond a certain depth
  • Travel to high-risk countries.
  • Intentional acts or reckless behaviour
  • Mental or emotional disorders
  • Losses or injuries that occur while you are under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs
  • Any losses or injuries resulting from engaging in illegal activities, including breaking local laws or regulations
  • Theft or loss of personal belongings left unattended in a public place
  • Coverage for losses or injuries related to war, acts of terrorism, or civil unrest

What does Sun Life travel insurance cost?

The cost of Sun Life travel insurance, or any insurance policy, can vary based on several factors, including:

  • Destination: The location you are travelling to can influence the cost of travel insurance. Some countries may have higher medical expenses, leading to higher premiums.
  • Trip duration: The length of your trip will affect the cost of the insurance. Longer trips may have higher premiums compared to shorter ones.
  • Coverage limits: The level of coverage you choose for medical expenses, trip cancellation, baggage loss, and other benefits will impact the cost.
  • Your age: The age of the individuals being insured can also affect the premium. Typically, older travellers may have higher premiums.
  • Number of travellers: If you are purchasing insurance for a group of travellers, the cost may differ based on the number of people covered.
  • Optional add-ons: Some travel insurance policies offer additional coverage options for specific activities or benefits, which can increase the overall cost.

To give a rough idea of what to expect, here’s a sample quote for a 30-year-old traveller from Ontario to France, for your reference: 

Coverage typeTrip durationAge of travelerNumber of travelersPremium (CAD)
Basic Plan
7 days30 years1$50
Standard Plan
14 days40 years2$100
Comprehensive Plan
21 days28 years1$120
Family Plan
10 days35 years3$150
Sun Life travel insurance quote

Before you purchase a policy, we recommend comparing costs of other travel insurance policies. You could easily do that by using our comparator below and get quick and free personalised quotes based on your unique needs.

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Why should you consider Sun Life travel insurance?

Here are the top reasons why you may want to consider Sun Life travel insurance:

  • International travel: If you're planning to travel abroad, especially to countries with high medical costs, having travel insurance can protect you from unexpected medical expenses.
  • Peace of mind: Travel insurance provides peace of mind, knowing that you have financial support in case of emergencies, trip disruptions, or unforeseen events.
  • Valuable add-ons: Sun Life's travel insurance may offer additional benefits like trip cancellation coverage, baggage loss protection, and travel accident insurance, enhancing your overall travel experience.
  • Inclusive coverage: Sun Life's travel insurance might offer comprehensive coverage for a variety of travel-related risks, helping you travel with confidence.

How to contact Sun Life?

There are a couple of ways to approach and contact Sun Life travel insurance customer service agents.

  • Download the Sun Life app. 
  • Call 1-800-361-6212.

A representative will get in touch with you to clear any doubts you may have regarding policies, cancelation or claims. There might be slight delays in response due to high volume of requests.

How to file a Sun Life travel insurance claim?

To initiate a Sun Life travel insurance claim, first, log in to your personal Sun Life account. Once logged in, navigate to the 'Benefits' section, where you should find an option labeled "Submit a claim."

If this option is available, you can proceed to submit your claim digitally following the specific claim type you require, like paramedical or vision coverage. Just follow the provided steps to complete the online claim submission process.

However, if you do not see the "Submit a claim" option, it indicates that online submission isn't possible for your case. In this situation, return to the previous screen from the claims tab and select the alternative option: "I want to submit a paper claim."

For any queries related to online claim submission, you can reach out to your plan administrator or contact them directly at 1-800-361-6212, Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET. Alternatively, you can also send us a secure message by logging in to your Sun Life account.


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