Is CARP travel insurance the best in 2024?

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Alexandre Desoutter updated on 4 July 2023

Visiting another country or province without travel insurance can be a costly mistake. Indeed, did you know that an overnight stay in a hospital in the United States can exceed $14,000 CAD? Some countries might even refuse to help you if you are unable to prepay for treatment.

It is not fun to think about, but travel insurance is a necessity when you are away from home. It guarantees your ability to get and pay for health care, if and when you need it. Beyond medical emergencies, travel insurance can also help with flight issues and lost luggage, amongst other things.

That being said, what to think about CARP travel insurance in Canana? What coverage is CARP providing? For what price? What are its pros and cons? Read our review on CARP's medical travel insurance, get a quote, and see how the competitors fare.

Our 2024 review of CARP travel insurance

The Canadian Association of Retired Persons, or CARP, offers travel insurance plans and medical coverage for retirees and CARP members.

See below CARP's travel insurance pros and cons:

Why CARP could be right for you:

Plans curated for seniors travellers in mind
Easy to use website for online applications and inquiries
Travel insurance plans are designed to suit budgets of different sizes

Why CARP may not be right for you:

Special discounts are only available to CARP members.

Before choosing CARP travel insurance, compare options and quotes. A little shopping around can help you to save money and find a coverage that really fits your needs:

Compare the best travel insurance plans on the market!

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What does CARP travel insurance cover?

CARP offers an array of travel insurance packages. Depending on the travel insurance package you choose, there are fringe benefits attached. General coverage on emergency medical intervention, baggage and trip protection are readily available. For every plan, CARP offers COVID-19 protection especially for In-Canada travels – travels to places with Level 3 or 4 Advisory are disallowed.

Here are CARP's main offers:

Single Trip Emergency Medical

CARP offers emergency medical coverage for trips lasting up to 212 days. This comes with additional premium savings strictly for CARP members. It covers all emergency medical interventions during travel. Coverage reaches up to $10 million.

Multi-Trip Emergency Medical

For trips revolving around a full year, CARP offers medical coverage for trips lasting up to 60 days. Coverage reaches up to $10 million. There are special discounts are given to CARP members.

In-Canada Medical

For travel within Canada, CARP offers coverage that saves up to 50% off the usual Single and Multi-Trip packages.

Non-underwritten Plans

Non-underwritten plans are available for applicants over 60for single out-of-province trips up to 15 days.

For more information on CARP travel insurance, download the PDF below:

CARP recommends and offers coverage for internal travel in Canada.

Plan nameSingle Trip Emergency Medical Multi-Trip Emergency Medical In-Canada Medical Non-underwritten Plans
Emergency Medical
up to $10 million up to $10 million
up to $10 million (addon Covid-19 coverage available)up to $10 million (addon Covid-19 coverage available)
Comparison of CARP travel insurance

Good to know

Most credit cards offer some king of travel coverage. It rarely is as covering as a travel plan purchased with a private insurance company.

How much does a travel insurance with CARP cost?

The cost of travel insurance coverage with CARP depends on several variables:

  • Your age.
  • Your desired coverage and otpions.
  • Your deductible.
  • Your waiting period.
  • Your destination(s).
  • The lenght of your trip.

Therefore, we advise you to get a customized quote for an accurate rates for CARP travel insurance.

Before settling on CARP travel insurance, check out other travel insurance plans, coverages and prices using our free comparison tool below:

Compare the best travel insurance plans on the market!

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How to purchase a travel insurance plan with CARP?

CARP travel insurance packages can be bought via their website or through a call to 1-877-566-1417.

How to file a travel insurance claim with CARP?

CARP travel insurance offers a direct claim channel on their website where you can easily file your claim. You can also file by phone at 1-877-566-1417.

Does CARP cover Covid-19-related travelling issues?

Vacccinated policyholders are eligible for up to $10 million in emergency medical care while abroad. ($1 million for unvaccinated policyholders). This is for countries not under a Level 3 or 4 travel advisory.

Additionally, a Covid-19 Coverage Addon is availabe which offers financial coverage if you need Covid-19 related medical assistance while on your trip, quarantine expenses and expenses to return home if required to quarentine/self-isolate.

How can I contact CARP travel insurance?

Contact CARP via their website or by phone at 1-877-566-1417.


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