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Alexandre Desoutter updated on 18 July 2023

Visiting another country or province without travel insurance can be a costly mistake. Did you know that an overnight stay in a hospital in the United States can be over $14,000 CAD? Some countries might even refuse to help you if you are unable to prepay for treatment.

Travel insurance is therefore a necessity when you are away from home. It guarantees your ability to get and pay for health care, if and when you need it. Beyond medical emergencies, travel insurance also helps with flight issues, lost luggage, and more.

One of the popular providers you could consider is Allianz travel insurance. In this review, we find out everything about Allianz travel insurance, from the price, coverage, pros and cons, and also comparison with competitors and quick quotes.

Our 2024 review of Allianz travel insurance

Allianz Global Assistance is one of Canada's largest insurance providers. A strong international presence gives Allianz a unique global advantage in helping travellers overcome language barriers and get quality medical services wherever they are.

Continue below for Allianz Global Assistance Canada pros and cons:

Why Allianz could be right for you:

  • Access a variety of plans depending on your budget and travel plan.
  • Free coverage for dependent children under 17 years
  • Enjoy extensive coverage for long trips
  • Easy access to customer service for assistance

Why Allianz may not be right for you:

  • Lower coverage limits than some competitors.
  • Adventure and extreme sport activities not included.

Before choosing Allianz, compare options and quotes. A little shopping around can help you to save money and find a coverage that really fits your needs:

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What does Allianz travel insurance cover?

Allianz travel insurance Canada offers multiple coverage plans to cater to any trip plans. The coverage per travel package is extensive to cover medical interventions, car rental protection and travel interruptions. Here are some of the major travel packages Allianz offers:

One-Trip Prime

This popular plan offered by Allianz global assistance travel insurance offers coverage for trip cancellation of up to $100,000, trip interruption coverage of up to $150,000, emergency medical coverage of $50,000 and emergency medical transportation coverage of $500,000, and baggage loss, damage or theft coverage of up to $1,000.

This plan is popular for its coverage perks, 24/7 hotline assistance, and personalised travel recommendations. The Allianz one-trip plan is spread across a variety of option such as the One-Trip Basic, One-Trip Premier, One-Trip Cancellation Plus, and One-Trip Emergency Medical.

All-Trips Executive

This plan caters for multi-trips across a fiscal year, and is designed to make business trips stress free. It offers epidemic coverage, trip cancellation and interruption benefit of up to $10,000, emergency medical coverage of up to $50,000, travel accident coverage reaches up to $50,000.

The Allianz travel health insurance coverage for emergency medical transportation is up to $250,000, baggage protection and delay benefits reaches up to $1,000 respectively, and there’s a special coverage for business equipment reaching up to $1,000.

The All-Trips package is fitting for business travelers and also features, Basic, Prime and Premier Packages which are suited to different budgets.

Rental Car Damage Protector

This special plan makes renting a car easier, and comes with a ton of coverage for collision damage – reaching up to $75,000. Other coverage perks include trip interruption coverage of up to $1,000, baggage protection of up to $1,000, and 24/7 assistance.

For more information on Allianz Global Assistance, download the PDF below:

Allianz offers domestic travel coverage for persons travelling within Canada. This covers for medical interventions and also loss, theft or damage of personal belonging.

Allianz global assistance travel insurance also guarantees afforable insurance for visitors to Canada. Persons on the super visa, international students and temporary workers entering into Canada are covered.

Students studying or living in Canada can purchase coverage under the Allianz travel insurance plan for visitors and students. This covers basic medical interventions and travel interruption benefits.

Plan nameOne-Trip Prime All-Trips Executive Rental Car Damage Protector
Emergency Medical
up to $50,000 medical coverageup to $50,000 medical coverage
up to $1,000up to $1,000up to $1,000
up to $100,000up to $10,000
up to $150,000up to $10,000up to $1,000
Comparison of allianz global assistance plans

Good to know

Apart from traditional travel insurance, there is also credit card travel insurance that is offered on your credit card. They have differences in terms of the specific coverage limits, exclusions, and any other restrictions/additions. Regular insurances, for example Manulife Travel Insurance, offer comprehensive healthcare coverage, emergency evacuations and higher limits. They are ideal for those seeking extensive coverage while traveling. In contrast, credit card travel insurance provides additional benefits such as lost luggage protection, delayed trip coverage, but with lower limits.

Does Allianz cover Covid-19-related travelling issues?

Alliance Global Assistance offers a Covid-19 Insurance an Assistance plan for emergency medical costs and quarantine expenses. Call 1-844-310-1578 to add this coverage to your existing plan.

StandardAllianz travel packages do not offer emergency medical benefits to those who contract Covid-19 at their destination if a Level 3 or 4 travel advisory is in place on the effective date of their policy.

Good to know

Does Allianz travel insurance cover pre existing conditions? Yes, it does provide coverage, however, it depends on certain criteria and varies from one policy to another. To qualify for the pre-existing medical condition benefit (which may not be available on all plans), it is necessary to purchase your travel insurance within 14 days of making your initial trip deposit.

How does Allianz travel insurance work?

When you purchase insurance plans, such as Allianz Global Assistance's OneTrip Prime Plan, it covers your financial losses by reimbursing you after filing a claim.

Reimbursement can be received via direct deposit, debit card, or check. In some cases, travel insurance may provide upfront payment for emergency medical treatment or offer fixed payments for covered travel or baggage delays, without requiring receipts.

How much does Allianz travel insurance cost?

The price and coverage with Allianz depends on:

  • Your age.
  • Your desired coverage and otpions.
  • Your deductible.
  • Your waiting period.
  • Your destination(s).
  • The lenght of your trip.

Expert advice

Therefore it will be important to get an individual quote customised for your unique needs so you can make the best of Allianz international travel insurance. Please note that the coverage offered and price might slightly differ for regions based on exchange rates as well. For example, allianz travel insurance schengen might be different from allianz travel insurance uk.

Before settling on Allianz, we advise you shop around! You can quickly and anonymously compare prices from leading travel insurance companies using our free comparison tool below:

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How can I buy travel insurance with Allianz?

You can purchase the plans online, through the TravelSmart App, or by phone at 1-866-884-3556 or 1-844-310-1578.

Canadian residents seeking travel insurance with Allianz will be asked a few questions to assess their needs, such as the number of trips planned, desired coverage types (emergency medical, cancellation, or both), trip dates, and traveler information.

If satisfied with the policy details and pricing, you will provide personal information and details for payment. After the purchase, you will receive a travel insurance package containing your policy, confirmation of coverage, and policy wallet card.

For details on Allianz travel insurance USA, Allianz travel insurance Australia or NZ, you could call the customer care number and you will be directed to the respective country offices.

Is Bajaj allianz travel insurance the same as Allianz?

No, they are two separate entities that offer travel insurance products. The former is a joint venture between Bajaj Finserv Limited and Allianz SE, whereas the latter is a division of Allianz Global Assistance. Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance primarily operates in India and provides coverage for Indian residents traveling domestically or internationally. Allianz Travel Insurance operates globally and offers coverage to residents of various countries, including the United States, Canada, Europe, and more.

It is worth noting that there is also BMO Allianz Travel Insurance refers to the products offered by BMO Financial Group in partnership with Allianz Global Assistance. If you have a BMO account, you could check with the customer care on the insurance options offered.

Also exists Cibc Allianz travel insurance through another collaboration. The purchasing procedures for these may vary so it's advisable to check with the respective groups for more information.

How do I file Allianz travel Insurance claim?

You can file your claim directly online or via the Allianz TravelSmart App. Use the toll-free number 1-866-884-3556 to call for assistance about filing your claim. You could download the Allianz claim form pdf and fill out the necessary details.

Look for the details under the "File a claim" section on the website using you Allianz travel insurance login.

Expert advice

It will be necessary to submit supporting documents like medical bills, receipts and proof of cancellation or flight delays based on the type of claim you are filing. Once you file the claim, you can keep track of your claim status for further updates on the reimbursement process.

How do I contact Allianz travel insurance?

You can reach the Allianz Assistance team 24/7 through the TravelSmart app or by phone, no matter where you are in the world.

  • For calls from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, dial the following phone number: 1-800-654-1908.
  • If you are located elsewhere, you can make a call to 1-804-281-5700.

How do I cancel Allianz travel insurance?

You can cancel travel insurance within a specific period called the Review Period. With Allianz Global Assistance, the review period is typically 15 days, during which you can request a refund if you haven't departed for your trip or filed a claim.

It's recommended to contact Allianz Global Assistance, if you have any uncertainties about your policy or need assistance in choosing the right plan. You can reach them 24/7 at 1-866-884-3556.

However, canceling travel insurance might put you at risk of incurring high expenses given unexpected circumstances. So if you would like to buy Allianz or compare other travel insurances, use our comparator and also get quick quotes.

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