Is AIG Travel Insurance Canada Good? Review 2024

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Nishadh updated on 19 October 2023

No matter how well you plan your travel, you never know when unexpected events can disrupt your plans and incur significant costs. This is where travel insurance becomes a valuable asset.

Travel insurance offers a safety net, providing coverage for a range of travel-related losses, including medical emergencies, trip cancellations, flight delays, lost baggage, and more.

Choosing the right travel insurance can be overwhelming with numerous options and paperwork. Don't worry, we've got you covered! Today, we've reviewed AIG travel insurance, exploring coverage options, prices, and more. Find out if it's the right fit for you!

AIG Travel Insurance: 6 Key takeaways

  1. AIG Travel Guard Travel Insurance offers multiple flexible plans.
  2. AIG provides coverage for closed attractions, runway delays, missed connections, and more.
  3. Optional bundles are available for adventure travel, pets, and destination weddings.
  4. Seniors can benefit from high emergency medical coverage limits.
  5. AIG Travel Guard covers COVID-19-related situations.
  6. Use our comparator to see how AIG fares with other providers and also get free quotes.

Our 2024 review of AIG travel insurance

AIG offers AIG Travel Guard® Travel Insurance with four comprehensive plans for Canadian travelers. It features coverage beyond standard options, including closed attractions and missed connections. Unique optional bundles for adventure travel and destination weddings are available, unlike other travel insurance companies.

Plans include All-Inclusive, Trip Cancellation and interruption, Emergency Medical, and Annual All-Inclusive for frequent travelers. Seniors above 60 can get up to $10,000,000 in emergency medical coverage.

AIG also provides pet insurance and emergency veterinary services during travel, but costs may be higher due to extensive coverage. So, it's important to choose based on your specific needs and budget.

Before deciding if AIG is the choice for you, you must compare travel insurance plans from other providers. You could use our comparator below to compare multiple plans and get travel insurance quotes from Canada's best companies in seconds.

Compare the best travel insurance plans on the market!

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Let's take a quick look at what's good and what isn't.

Pros of AIG travel insurance

  • Multiple coverage options
  • Security evacuation coverage
  • Last-minute coverage
  • Adventure travel coverage
  • Pet insurance
  • Waiver of Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Cons of AIG travel insurance

  • Higher price than average
  • Info on the website is difficult to navigate

Good to know

Are TATA AIG Travel Insurance and AIG the same? TATA AIG Travel Insurance and AIG Travel Insurance are offered by two separate entities. TATA AIG (a joint venture between Tata Group and AIG) operates in India and offers insurance, including TATA AIG travel insurance, general insurance, health insurance, and more, catering to the Indian market. For example, the Tata AIG Travel Insurance Schengen visa is different from the AIG Travel Insurance Schengen visa. While the former is targeted at the Indian clientele, the latter is for those in the international regions.

What does AIG travel insurance cover?

AIG offers a variety of travel insurance plans with different coverage options to cater to different travelers' needs. While details may vary depending on the plan, here are common coverages typically offered by four major AIG Travel Guard plans.

AIG travel insurance plansCoverageBenefitsOptional
AIG Trip Cancellation & Interruption Package
Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Trip Delay, Lost/Damaged/Stolen Luggage, 24/7 Emergency Travel AssistancePre-paid expenses, re-booking, itinerary adjustments, luggage protectionGolf Protector, Cruise and Tour Protector, Rental Car Collision Damage Protection, Ski Protector, Business Protector, Expanded Benefits Upgrade
AIG All Inclusive Package
Emergency Medical, Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation, Emergency Dental, Trip Cancellation, Bag Trak™, Lost/Damaged Baggage, Trip Interruption & Delay, 24/7 Emergency Travel AssistanceEmergency medical, evacuation, dental, trip cancellation, luggage protection, and assistance, waiver for pre-existing conditionsOptional Expanded Benefits Upgrade
AIG Emergency Medical Travel Insurance
Emergency Medical, Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation, Trip Cancellation, LiveTravel™, Lost/Damaged LuggageMedical emergencies, evacuation, repatriation of remains, trip cancellation/interruption, lost/damaged luggage*Based on coverage needs
AIG Annual All Inclusive Package
Emergency Medical, Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Trip Delay, Baggage Loss/DelayMultiple trips throughout the year with emergency medical, trip protection, optional upgradesUpgrade coverage to full value of trip cost, extend trip length with top-up for additional days
AIG travel insurance plans

Under the Annual All Inclusive Package, there is also the Annual Emergency Medical Plan that offers comprehensive medical coverage, with up to $10,000,000 coverage for those over age 55 and unlimited coverage for those under age 55. You can select your trip duration from options including 9-day, 16-day, 30-day, and 60-day plans.

The plans are further diversified like Gold Emergency Medical Plan - Single Trip, Gold Medical Plan - Annual Option - 60 Days, and more based on individual needs.

Does AIG travel insurance cover COVID?

AIG offers travel insurance coverage for COVID-19-related situations. If you contract COVID-19 before your trip, with AIG COVID travel insurance, trip Cancellation coverage may apply with a confirmed diagnosis and proof of illness from a doctor.

During your trip, if you become ill with COVID-19, you could be covered for Medical Expenses, Trip Interruption, Trip Delay, and Emergency Medical Evacuation benefits with a confirmed diagnosis and proof of illness.

Trip Interruption covers unused prepaid expenses and additional transportation costs. Trip Delay covers expenses for hotel, meals, and certain transportation due to required quarantine.

Medical Expenses and Emergency Medical Evacuation cover COVID-19 treatment and medical transport, respectively.

What does AIG travel insurance not cover?

AIG travel insurance typically does not cover certain circumstances or events. It may vary depending on the specific policy and terms. Some common exclusions may include:

  • Self-inflicted injuries or illegal activities: Injuries or incidents resulting from self-harm or participation in illegal activities are typically not covered.
  • Known events or circumstances: If a trip is booked or taken with knowledge of an event or circumstance that may cause a claim (e.g., severe weather warning, civil unrest), it may be excluded from coverage.

It's important to carefully review the policy documents and terms and conditions to understand the specific exclusions that apply to the chosen policy.

The specific coverage details and costs may vary depending on the selected plan and individual circumstances. Please review the policy documents and consult with customer care for accurate information.

You can now compare AIG's coverage with some of Canada's best travel insurance plans and get quick quotes using our comparator.

Compare the best travel insurance plans on the market!

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How does AIG travel insurance work?

AIG travel insurance provides coverage for various risks and unexpected events that may occur during your travels. Here's a general look at how it works:

  1. Selecting a Plan: You can choose a plan based on your specific needs, such as medical coverage, trip cancellation/interruption, baggage protection, and more.
  2. Policy Purchase: You can purchase the policy directly from AIG or through a licensed agent. The policy will outline the coverage details, terms, and conditions.
  3. Trip Details: You will need to provide information about your trip, including the destination, travel dates, trip cost, and the number of travelers.
  4. Premium Payment: You will be required to pay the premium for the selected policy. The premium depends on factors like the duration of the trip, coverage limits, and the age of the travelers.
  5. Coverage Period: Begins on the policy's effective date, usually the day after the premium is paid. It ends on the expiration date or when the trip is completed, depending on the policy terms.

How to claim AIG travel insurance?

To file a claim for Emergency Medical and Dental Benefits, contact AIG travel insurance customer care at 866-878-0192 or 416-646-3723 before seeking medical treatment.

Failure to make the call may result in being responsible for 30% of eligible expenses, except in cases where a medical condition prevents immediate contact. Receipts for all incurred expenses, including subsistence allowance, must be provided.

For Trip Cancellation, Interruption, and Delay Benefits, notify Travel Guard immediately and provide proof of non-refundable payments, documentation for medical-related cancellations, unused tickets, receipts, police reports, and invoices from travel service providers.

You must fill an AIG travel insurance claim form that you will find on the AIG Travel Guard claim portal. To claim Rental Car Collision Damage Protection Benefits, submit your car rental invoice, rental agreement with damages record, and police and rental car agency reports.

Claims should be sent to Travel Guard's Claims Department at 120 Bremner Boulevard, Suite 2200, Toronto, ON M5J 0A8.

How to get a refund for AIG travel insurance?

If you would like to apply for a refund, you have to fill out the refund form or voucher form on the AIG Travel Guard website. The confirmation may take up to fifteen business days due to the high volume of requests.

If your policy was purchased within the last fifteen days, you can apply for a refund based on the policy details.

If you are not eligible for a refund, you may qualify for a travel insurance premium voucher of the full policy value if you meet the criteria mentioned as per policy documents.

How to extend AIG travel insurance?

In the event of unforeseen circumstances related to a covered event, such as illness, injury, flight delays, or covered transportation issues, you can extend your trip for an additional 7 days at no extra cost. Requests for extensions beyond this period may be subject to applicable premium charges.

You must communicate with an agent at this AIG Travel Guard phone number 866-648-8422 to inform of any extension requests.

How to cancel AIG travel insurance?

If you'd like to cancel your insurance, you must contact 800-469-1793. Based on the policy details, your premium will be refunded within 15 days of your request being acknowledged and confirmed.

You premium will not be refunded if you have travelled or made a claim before you asked to cancel the policy. You may be charged a cancelation fee if your request comes after a certain period that is beyond what is mentioned in your policy.

How much is AIG travel insurance?

The cost of AIG travel insurance plans can vary depending on several factors, including the type of plan, coverage options, trip duration, age of the traveler, destination, and other variables.

Here is the premium and coverage for a 30-year-old from Ontario for a 3-week vacation.

AIG travel insurance UK
All InclusiveEmergency Medical Insurance (Age 0-59): Unlimited, (Age 60+): $10,000,000, Emergency Dental for Injury or Sickness, Emergency Professional Services, Return of Dependent Children, Return to Trip Destination, Pet Insurance and emergency vet services, Emergency Evacuation, Return of Remains, Subsistence Allowance, Flight Accident, Travel Accident, trip cancellation, interruption, baggage cover$574.19
AIG travel insurance Vietnam
All InclusiveSame as UK $574.19
AIG travel insurance Hong Kong
All InclusiveSame as UK$574.19
AIG travel insurance Singapore
All InclusiveSame as UK $574.19
AIG travel insurance Emirates
All InclusiveSame as UK$574.19
AIG travel insurance UK
Gold Emergency Medical Plan - Single TripEmergency Medical Expense (Ages 55+) Up to $10,000,000
(Ages 0-59) Unlimited, Emergency Evacuation up to $300,000, Return of Vehicle
Return of Dependent Children, Emergency Dental
AIG travel insurance UK
Silver Deluxe Trip Cancellation/InterruptionTravel Accident up to $50,000, Baggage Delay up to $400, Baggage and Personal Effects up to $750, Trip Cancellation: 100% of trip cost up to $20,000$214.92
AIG Travel Insurance cost

Good to know

Travel Guard provides family rates for families under the age of 55, allowing you to save on premiums. For instance, if a family of 5, including 2 parents and 3 dependent children under 21, opts for the emergency medical plan, the premium will be determined based on the two oldest travelers.

It must be noted that travelers over 55 years old will need to complete a medical questionnaire, which could impact eligibility and pricing of the insurance product.

Is there an AIG travel insurance promo code?

There is no current promo code. However, check the official website of AIG Travel Insurance as they occasionally offer promo codes or discounts directly there. Sign up for newsletters or email alerts to receive notifications about any ongoing promotions, special offers, or exclusive promo codes.

Travel insurance AIG vs Allianz: Which is best?

Let's see a comparison between AIG Travel Guard and Allianz Travel Insurance to see how they fare against each other.

Here's the key information in a table comparing Allianz and AIG Travel Guard:

CriteriaAllianzAIG Travel Guard
Plan Options
Three plansMany flexible plans
Trip Cancellation Coverage
Cancel For Any Reason Coverage
Optional upgrade available
Medical & Evacuation Coverage
Varies by planVaries by plan
Hurricane & Weather Coverage
Baggage & Delay Coverage
Varies by planVaries by plan
Travel health insurance for pets
Slightly lowerSlightly higher
AIG Travel Insurance VS Allianz

How to contact AIG travel insurance?

For assistance with your queries or to get a quote, you can call the AIG travel insurance phone number 866-648-8422. The service hours are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m-9 p.m. and on Saturdays and holidays from 9 a.m-5 p.m.

You could also write to or drop by at their address: AIG Toronto, 120 Bremner Blvd., Suite 2200, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 0A8

Alternatively, for email communication, you can fill out the contact form on the AIG Travel Guard website in the Contact Travel Guard section.


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