Is RBC travel insurance the best in 2024?

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Alexandre Desoutter updated on 18 July 2023

Visiting another country or province without travel insurance can be a costly mistake. Indeed, did you know that an overnight stay in a hospital in the United States can exceed $14,000 CAD? Some countries might even refuse to help you if you are unable to prepay for treatment.

Travel insurance is a necessity when you are away from home. It guarantees your ability to access and pay for health care, if and when you need it. Beyond medical emergencies, travel insurance can also help with flight issues, lost luggage, and more.

While you're looking at options, have you considered RBC travel insurance? What does RBC cover? For what price? What are its pros and cons? Read our review on RBC travel insurance, get a quote, and see how the competitors fare.

Our 2024 review of RBC travel insurance

The Royal Bank of Canada, often abbreviated to RBC, is a global financial institution and one of the largest banks in Canada. Buying RBC Travel insurance means getting coverage from a trusted brand. A variety of plans means that you can buy the right amount of coverage for your trip and medical needs.

Continue below for RBC travel insurance pros and cons:

Why RBC could be right for you:

  • Unlimited medical benefits
  • Easy, online application
  • Enjoy coverage for your items as well – they are covered against theft, loss, damage and delay.
  • 24/7 global telephone assistance.

Why RBC may not be right for you:

  • Unlimited emergency medical coverage is limited to just $20,000 if you do not have a valid government health insurance plan
  • RBC's Emergency Medical Insurance Coverage is only for Canadian residents only.
  • Less generous Covid-19 coverage that many competitors

Before choosing RBC, compare options and quotes. A little shopping around can help you to save money and find a coverage that really fits your needs:

Compare the best travel insurance plans on the market!

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What does RBC travel insurance cover?

RBC offers a wide range of plans covering emergency medical intervention, trip cancellation and coverage on personal items and accidents during your trip and journey. Here are the types of plans available with RBC:

RBC's packagesDetail
Deluxe package
With this plan, travelers who are looking for extensive coverage for trips outside Canada are covered. There is unlimited access to emergency medical intervention, trip cancellation and interruption protection, baggage protection and no need for filing a medical question. Payment plans are flexible.
TravelCare Package
This plan is uniquely designed for seniors. It offers deluxe benefits such as unlimited access to emergency medical intervention, trip protection, baggage protection, and travel protection for those above age of 65 (multi-trip) or 75 (single trip).
Travel Within Canada
This plan is open to persons of all ages who are travelling strictly within Canada. The pricing plans are flexible, there is access to unlimited emergency medical intervention, trip and baggage protection.
RBC travel insurance coverage

For more information, download the PDF below:

The Travel within Canada package covers unlimited emergency medical interventions for all domestic travels in Canada. It also features extensive benefits on trip cancellation, interruptions and flight accidents.

RBC offers Visitors to Canada Insurance. This covers both emergency and general medical interventions. Personal items are also covered from theft, loss or damage.

Students coming into Canada can also take advantage of the RBC travel insurance package for students. It is extensive and caters for general and emergency medical interventions. The rbc travel medical insurance is quite comprehensive providing coverage up to $5 million and on par with other popular insurances like Manulife travel insurance.

Plan nameDeluxe Package Travel Care Package Travel Within Canada
Emergency Medical
up to $5 millionup to $5 millionup to $2 million
Insurance plans offered by RBC

What does RBC Avion travel insurance cover?

Apart from traditional travel insurance, there is also RBC credit card travel insurance available for cardholders.

RBC avion travel insurance can be accessed through the RBC Avion Visa Infinite Privilege card that comes at an annual fee of $399.

In the event of medical emergencies, the RBC Avion provides emergency medical coverage of up to $5 Million for a period of 31 days. For trip cancellations, the insurance offers protection of up to $2,500 per insured person, allowing you to recover non-refundable expenses.

Additionally, if your trip gets interrupted for covered reasons, such as illness or a family emergency, the insurance provides coverage of up to $5,000 per insured person to compensate for the costs incurred.

In the event of flight delays, the RBC Avion offers coverage of up to $1,000 to assist with additional expenses and inconvenience. For lost or stolen baggage, there is a coverage of up to $2,500.

Moreover, in the unfortunate event of hotel burglary, the insurance provides coverage of up to $3,000, offering financial protection for your belongings. The travel accident coverage provides up to $500,000 in coverage. It also covers rental car loss or damage.

Pros of rbc avion

  • Faster security clearance at prime Canadian airports
  • Extensive medical coverage
  • Rental car coverage

Cons of rbc avion

  • High income requirement of personal or household $200,000
  • High annual fee

For assistance, you can contact: 1-800-533-2778 toll-free from the US & Canada or 905-816-2581 collect from anywhere in the world.

What is RBC westjet mastercard travel insurance coverage?

The RBC westjet Mastercard travel insurance provides $500,000 accident coverage when you're traveling. It also includes a hotel/motel burglary coverage of $2,500 per incident.

It also includes emergency purchases insurances to cover you during unexpected incidents by up to $500. Flight Delay Insurance of $250 per day per covered person is also included.

There is also emergency medical insurance coverage for the first 15 consecutive days of your trip if you are under 65. For those above the age of 65, the coverage is for 3 days. Check with your provider for the complete information on the coverage.

What does RBC preferred visa travel insurance cover?

Apart from the aforementioned options, there is also the RBC preferred visa travel insurance specifically for Preferred Visa cardholders.

There is Emergency Medical insurance coverage that includes hospital, doctor fee, prescription drugs, and more. The insurance also covers trip cancelations and trip interruptions.

It is to be noting that pre-existing medical conditions that are not stable are not covered. However, it's best to review the complete document or speak to RBC customer care to get the complete and up-to-date information.

Good to know

There is also RBC world elite mastercard travel insurance and RBC visa gold travel insurance provided for cardholders. Both these insurances should cover emergency medical insurance, trip cancellation and interruptions, accident insurance, and flight delays, among other essential coverage. Please contact RBC customer care for more information.

Does RBC travel insurance cover covid?

RBC travel insurance covid coverage is available under its travel insurance plans. It provides emergency medical coverage for medical expenses related to COVID-19, as long as there are no travel-ban advisories issued by the Canadian government on the day you depart on your trip.

Regarding trip cancellation or interruption benefits related to COVID-19, RBC Insurance will not pay unless certain conditions are met. These conditions include:

  • If you get sick with COVID-19, preventing you from traveling as planned.
  • If your spouse and/or children become sick with COVID-19, preventing you from traveling as planned.

In these situations, RBC Insurance may provide coverage for trip cancellation or interruption expenses. However, it's important to carefully review the specific terms and conditions of your policy, as they may contain additional requirements or limitations for coverage related to COVID-19.

How much does RBC travel insurance cost?

The price of travel insurance coverage depends on:

  • Your age.
  • Your desired coverage and otpions.
  • Your deductible.
  • Your waiting period.
  • Your destination(s).
  • The lenght of your trip.

Expert advice

Therefore it will be important to get an individual quote customized for your unique needs.

How to buy RBC travel insurance?

RBC packages are available through their website or by calling RBC travel insurance contact at 1-800-565-3129 or 1-866-317-3122. You could also fill in your details on the RBC website and an advisor will get in touch with you with quotes based on your unique needs.

Before settling on RBC, we advise you shop around! You can quickly and anonymously compare prices from leading travel insurance companies using our free comparison tool below:

Compare the best travel insurance plans on the market!

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Is there RBC travel insurance for seniors?

Yes, RBC travel insurance for seniors provides affordable plans for mature travellers, offering coverage for essential medical expenses, lost baggage, trip cancellation, and more.

RBC medical travel insurance for seniors services include 24-hour worldwide emergency medical and travelling assistance with multilingual professionals available round the clock. They offer unlimited coverage for eligible medical expenses not covered by government health insurance and provide coverage for stable pre-existing conditions.

RBC ensures safe transportation to the nearest medical facility and even covers the cost for a companion to travel to your bedside. They facilitate direct payment of medical bills whenever possible and have packages tailored to all age groups, including seniors.

Good to know

They may require you to answer some health-related questions for individuals aged 65 and above to make sure you get the most appropriate coverage.

How to file RBC travel insurance claim?

Claims can be filed directly on their website. You will have to fill up a claim form, like the one attached below, to initiate the process. You will have to provide supporting documents like proofs from your physician in case of medical claims.

In case of travel interruptions or delays, you must provide documents of your reservations and flight details and cancelations if any.

You can also file your claim by calling the following phone numbers:

  • For medical or travel emergencies
    • 1-800-387-2487 (Toll-free from Canada and USA)
    • 905-816-2561 (Collect from anywhere)
  • For RBC trip cancellation, call the following phone number:
    • 1-800-263-8944

How can I contact RBC travel insurance?

For any queries, you can reach the RBC's customer care at the following phone numbers:

  • 1-800-387-2487 (Canada and USA)
  • +1-905-816-2561 (Worldwide)

How to cancel RBC travel insurance?

In case you want to cancel your policy, you can contact the RBC travel insurance phone number 1-800-565-3129 and follow the instructions.

If you cancel the insurance within 10 days of purchase of the policy and have no initiated any claim and haven't left for your trip, you are eligible for a full refund. If more than 10 days has passed, contact the RBC customer care for further details.

You can also refer to the "insurance premium" section of you insurance document to find details on cancellation and charges.

Now that you know everything you need to in order to decide if RBC is the right fit for you, you can use our comparator to compare other insurances and also get quotes to make the best decision.

Compare the best travel insurance plans on the market!

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