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Did you know that the cost of medical care has risen dramatically in the past couple of years? Fortunately, healthcare remains financially accessible in Canada thanks to its public healthcare system. The country organizes healthcare at a provincial level with the province you reside in providing your coverage

If you are a resident of Saskatchewan, you are eligible for many basic medically necessary services. You may be unfamiliar with how the provincial healthcare plan works or how you can go about applying for benefits.

This page will go over what the Saskatchewan Health plan covers, eligibility, how to apply, your health card and why you may also want private health insurance coverage.

What is Saskatchewan Health?

Saskatchewan Health is overseen by the Ministry of Health. It provides basic health services to residents of Saskatchewan. Most services are delivered through the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Saskatchewan Health uses partnerships at local, regional, provincial and national levels to provide health services to Saskatchewan residents. Saskatchewan Health has comprehensive tools and online portals to allow residents to have real-time access to physicians, health services and personal health records. The Saskatchewan Health Authority is governed by the Saskatchewan Health Authority Board of Directors.

While Saskatchewan Health provides access to critical health care like surgeries and diagnostic testing, we recommend having a private health insurance policy too. That will ensure that you are covered for medical conditions big or small.

What does Saskatchewan Health cover?

Saskatchewan Health pays for many medically necessary services for Saskatchewan residents. Examples of covered services are:

  • Medically necessary inpatient and outpatient services
  • Physiotherapy or occupational therapy
  • Mammograms for women aged 50 to 69
  • Immunization services
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STI) treatment
  • HIV testing
  • Services for treating alcohol and drug abuse problems
  • Mental health services

Saskatchewan Health also offers partial coverage for services such as:

  • Dome dental services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Medical supplies and appliances
  • Some vision services
  • Podiatry services

Services that are partially covered are eligible to have Saskatchewan Health pay a portion of the bill. You will also be responsible for paying the rest of your own pocket.

While Saskatchewan Health does fully cover a variety of services, there are still many services that are not fully covered or not covered at all. We recommend having a supplemental private health insurance plan to make sure you do not get stuck with a hefty bill for medical treatment.

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What is not covered by Saskatchewan Health?

Unfortunately, Saskatchewan Health doesn't cover every healthcare need. Notable examples of treatments that are not covered include:

  • Chiropractic services
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Routine Dental services
  • Ambulance services
  • Elective procedures
  • Routine annual exams
  • Hearing tests and hearing aids for adults
  • Massage therapy
  • Mental health services (professionals in private practice)
  • Eyeglass lenses and frames
  • Physiotherapy and occupational therapy

Private health insurance can help you to guarantee full access to a variety of healthcare treatments and providers.

Am I eligible for Saskatchewan Health?

If you live in Saskatchewan for five months or more per year, then you are eligible for Saskatchewan health benefits.

Your coverage will begin on the first day of the third month following the date your residency is established in Saskatchewan.

How do I get my Saskatchewan Health card?

Once you have determined that you are eligible for Saskatchewan Health, you will need to submit an application in order to receive your health card.

You may apply by completing the application form below or applying online.

You will also need to submit supporting documentation proving your legal right to be in Canada and proof that you reside in Saskatchewan. Some examples of supporting documentation are:

Type of ProofAccepted Documentation
Legal Entitlement to be in Canada
  • Birth Certificate from a Canadian province or territory
  • Canadian Passport
  • First Nations/Inuit/Metis Card (both sides)
  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship or Certificate of Naturalization
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
Proof of Residency
  • Signed mortgage, rental, or lease agreement
  • Utility bill (home telephone, cable TV, satellite TV, water, gas, or energy) – Cell phone bills are not accepted
  • Insurance policy (home, tenant, or auto)
  • Saskatchewan driver’s licence
  • Saskatchewan motor vehicle registration
  • Employer record (pay stubs or letter from employer on company letterhead–both sides if applicable)
  • Income tax assessment
Saskatchewan health application supporting documentation

Once your application and supporting documentation are received, processing time may take up to six weeks.

How does eHealth Saskatchewan work?

The province of Saskatchewan provides a comprehensive online portal for residents to have access to their health records.

eHealth Saskatchewan allows residents to find providers, access health records and make updates to their health cards such as births, marriages and deaths.

The platform also provides resources such as telehealth services and access to forms patients may need.

What are Supplementary Health Benefits?

Saskatchewan Health offers assistance accessing non-insured health services to some Saskatchewan residents. These include those enrolled in Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability, Saskatchewan Income Support, residents of special care facilities eligible for the Senior's Income Plan and others. Eligible residents will be contacted by the Ministry of Health.

Supplementary Health Benefits largely relate to prescription drug coverage. We have broken down the plans.

All Plans
If you are under 18, you will receive benefit prescriptions for free. This option covers insulin, oral medication for diabetes, and birth control pills.
Plan One
If you are an adult, you pay no more than $2 for each benefit prescription.
Plan Two
If you are on Plan One and you need several different drugs on a long-term basis, you may be eligible to get your prescriptions for free. You, your physician, or your pharmacist may contact the Ministry of Health to request this coverage.
Plan Three
Designed for people receiving the Seniors' Income Plan and residing in special-care homes. Seniors living in approved homes and group homes may also be eligible. You will receive benefit prescriptions for free. In addition to the benefits in Plan Two, you may receive, certain additional prescribed drugs for free.
Saskatchewan Supplementary Health Benefits Plans

How can I contact Saskatchewan Health?

If you need to contact the Saskatchewan Health Authority, you can do so by locating the office closest to your community.

For general inquiries, you can contact the authority by mail to:

Saskatoon City Hospital

701 Queen Street

Saskatoon, SK S7K 0M7

By phone at:

Phone: 1-306-655-0080

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