Is Sun Life health insurance right for you?

Canada’s universal care, while excellent, is not comprehensive. Emergency and preventive care are largely covered, but knowing what is not covered is critical to planning for the worst. 

Around 30% of health expenditures in Canada are privately financed by supplemental insurance (group or individual) or by patients themselves out-of-pocket. This includes dental and vision care and access to prescription medications. 

Are you considering a personal health insurance plan with Sun Life?

You are in the right spot. This guide details Sun Life's health and dental insurance plans including price, coverage, reviews and more. 

Who is Sun Life?

Sun Life Financial Inc. is an industry leader that offers customized health programs among other services to millions of individuals and companies across Canada and the world. The company began in Canada over 150 years ago and has been helping generations of clients ever since. 

Our review of Sun Life health insurance:

Sun Life offers three plans, all with differing levels of coverage which allows you to find a plan that is tailored to your specific health needs. 

They have a comprehensive online portal and an app that allows you hands-on access to your claims and benefits information even while on the go. 

Sun Life personal health insurance is a choice for you if you do not have health benefits through your employer, you are losing your group coverage, or if you would like additional benefits not offered by your employer’s or province’s health and drug coverage. Note that you must have provincial or territorial health and drug coverage to apply for personal health insurance.  

Why Sun Life may be right for you: 

  • Submit claim online or via app
  • Quick and easy online quote
  • Option of having semi-private hospital room with all plans
  • Reimbursement for paramedical services 

Why Sun Life may not be right for you:

  • Emergency travel medical, vision not included in Basic plan
  • Each family member must have the same plan

Before signing up for a health insurance plan with Sun Life, compare rates and coverage offerings from the best health and dental plans using our comparison tool. Shop the best plans in seconds without giving up personal details.

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Canada's best health insurance plans

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What does Sun Life cover?

Sun Life personal health insurance covers medical costs including:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental care
  • Supplemental health care
  • Paramedical expense
Prescription Drugs60% reimbursement 70% reimbursement 80% reimbursement 
Dental Coverage (a 3 month to 2-year waiting period applies depending on the plan)60% reimbursement 70% reimbursement80% reimbursement
Health Care 60% reimbursement100% reimbursement100% reimbursement
Paramedical Expenses 60% reimbursement100% reimbursement100% reimbursement
Vision (1-year waiting period applies)No coverage 100% reimbursement100% reimbursement 
Semi-Private Hospital Room OptionalOptionalOptional 
Emergency Travel Medical No coverageFor the first 60 days of a trip with a $1 million lifetime maximum on emergency travel medical claimsFor the first 60 days of a trip with a $1 million lifetime maximum on emergency travel medical claims
Sun Life health insurance coverage

To learn more, consult Sun Life’s brochures below:

Sun Life Personal Health Insurance


Sun Life Health Coverage Choice


Does Sun Life offer dental insurance?

While Canada’s public system covers lots of healthcare needs, access to dental care is not included. Dental care is important to one’s overall health. Since it can be a major expense, too many people skip preventive treatment. That is a mistake, as regular preventive care helps prevent gum disease, which is linked to conditions like heart disease, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Additionally, it can help you to detect other medical complications early. 

A supplemental insurance plan can help, here is what Sun Life offers. 

When you sign up for a health insurance plan with Sun Life, you choose between one of three plans and you can get partial or full coverage for all types of dental procedures. It is important to know the difference in the dental coverage you can choose between each plan. 

The Basic plan will cover preventative treatment such as: 

  • dental exams and diagnosis
  • tests, x-rays
  • lab exams
  • fillings
  • scaling
  • extractions

With the Standard plan, you will get more of your preventive dental-care expenses reimbursed than the Basic plan.

Whereas if you opt for dental with the Enhanced plan, it will cover preventative treatment, restorative treatment, and orthodontics (braces).

Dental Care 60% coverage for preventive dental care  70% coverage for preventive dental care 80% for preventive dental care costs
50% coverage for major restorative dental care
60% coverage for orthodontic services
Sun Life dental coverage

How much do Sun Life’s plans cost?

A comprehensive Sun Life health insurance policy including dental for a 40-year-old single, non-smoker woman in Ontario would cost $124.94 per month.

Everyone’s quote will be different. Sun Life will weigh a number of factors to determine your premium such as: 

  • age
  • gender
  • adding a medication or dental benefit 
  • the number of lives on your plan (individual, family, etc.)
  • smoker status

To make sure you are getting the best plan for the best price, you must first establish what you want from your health insurance policy. 

The price of health insurance varies greatly between insurers. Your health history, age, the coverage options offered, your province, and more affect pricing. Use our comparison tool to get personalized health insurance quotes, all anonymously. 

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How can I get a Sun Life health insurance quote?

You can get a Sun Life personal health insurance quote by working with an insurance broker, requesting a quote through Sun Life's website, calling 1-877-SUN-LIFE or through our website by using our insurance comparison tool.

How can I connect to my client space?

You can register to create your my Sun Life account with Sun Life which will give you access to your personal portal where you can submit or track a claim, find more information about your coverage and eligibility, and also check balances. 

Good to know

Sun Life also offers a Sun Life mobile app available for Android and iPhones for submitting claims and checking coverage.

How can I make a claim with Sun Life?

Sun Life offers a variety of ways to submit.

Submit your claims:

  • online
  • via their app
  • by phone
  • directly through your pharmacist or dentist
  • or by paper

You can begin your claim with Sun Life by accessing the client space here: Submit a claim

You may also call 1-877-SUN-LIFE to initiate your claim.

How can I cancel my Sun Life health insurance plan?

If you need to cancel your Sun Life health insurance plan, send your request in writing to:

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada

P.O. Box 2001, Stn Waterloo

Waterloo, ON N2J 0A3

How can I contact Sun Life?

You can contact Sun Life at 1-877-SUN-LIFE. They are available Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 9:00 pm ET. 

You can also contact them by email at: [email protected]

Sun Life vs Manulife health insurance:

Sun Life and Manulife are both among Canada's largest health insurers. Both offer wide-ranging plans from basic to comprehensive coverage that can include dental insurance, vision insurance prescriptions and ambulance services.

Good to know

To compare personal health insurance plans, see our review of Manulife health insurance.

Can I get travel medical insurance with Sun Life?

You will have to check your specific plan to know if travel insurance is included. Travel insurance is particularly important in Canada because provincial health insurance plans cover less once you are out of your home province. This can mean unpleasant surprises when you see your bill. Travel abroad and you may not have any access to health care services at all without a plan or paying up-front.

Good to know

Travelling without proper health coverage can be an expensive mistake. Read HelloSafe's complete guide to travel insurance to learn more.

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on 2022-06-11

we are starting a small business and would like to offer a health package to the staff. The management team would get a premium package while the floor staff would get an intermediate or basic package. How do I go about getting a quote? about 6-8 management and about 15 floor staff

James rodriguez James rodriguez
on 2022-06-13

Hi Malcolm,
You can directly contact the insurance provider of your choice to get a qote.
If haven't taken a decision yet, you can check our group insurance comparator to find the best plan for your employees.

Have nice day,
The HelloSafe team