Is Canada Life Health Insurance Worth It? 2024 Review

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Alexandre Desoutter updated on 19 October 2023

Did you know that over 30% of medical costs in Canada are not covered by your provincial healthcare? Most families end up paying this out of the pocket leaving them with a huge financial burden. That's why it's essential to have a good private health insurance.

But is a Canada Life health insurance policy the right way to protect you and your family against accidents and illnesses? In this review we will lay out the pros and cons of owning a Canada Life Health Insurance policy, what it covers, add-ons, and how to apply for it.

You can also use our comparator tool to get free quotes from the best health insurances in Canada to help you decide the best option for you.

8 Key takeaways on Canada Life Health Insurance

  1. Canada Life offers guaranteed acceptance health insurance policies.
  2. Comprehensive coverage options for accidents and illnesses.
  3. Convenient and quick online quote and application process.
  4. Optional add-ons to personalize your health plan.
  5. No medical questionnaire required for certain policies.
  6. Dental, vision, prescription drug coverage available.
  7. Travel medical insurance as an optional add-on.
  8. Compare with other insurances and get quotes with HelloSafe comparator.

Our Canada Life health insurance review: The best guaranteed policies

Founded in 1847, Canada Life is the country's first home-grown insurer and today has more than 12 million clients. Canada Life offers a variety of levels of health insurance, all with differing levels of coverage which are designed to suit your needs, including prescription drugs, dental care, vision care and more.

They have comprehensive optional add-ons for you to further personalize your health plan. They also offer a ten-day look-and-see period. You can cancel your policy with no penalty during the first ten days.

Canada Life health insurance is a choice for you if you do not have health benefits through your employer, you are losing your group coverage, or if you would like additional benefits not offered by your employer’s or province’s health and drug coverage like the Ontario Health Insurance Plan or the MSP in BC.

Note that you must have provincial or territorial health and drug coverage to apply for personal health insurance.


  • Multiple plans that offer guaranteed acceptance
  • Quick and easy online quote and application
  • Comprehensive optional coverage add-ons


  • Travel medical insurance is not automatically included in their plans (it is an optional add-on)
  • Some Canada Life health insurance reviews have noted long callback times

Before signing up for a plan with Canada Life, compare rates and coverage offerings from the best health and dental plans using our comparison tool:

Compare The Best Health Insurance Plans in Seconds


How much is Canada Life health insurance?

A Canada Life health insurance policy including dental for a 40-year-old single, non-smoker woman in Ontario can start as low as about $40 to a couple of hundred if applying as a family or for higher levels of coverage. Your premium will be based on your individual circumstances. Canada Life will weigh a number of factors to determine your premium.

  • age
  • gender
  • optional extras
  • the number of lives on your plan (individual, family, etc.)
  • smoker status
  • lifestyle

To make sure you are getting the best plan for the best price, you must first establish what you want from your health insurance policy. Take a look at the table below to see some of the variables affecting pricing.

Non-smoker, Ontario*SelectSelect Elite
30-year-old man
$78 / month$128 / month
50-year-old man
$109 / month$200 / month
30-year-old woman
$78 / month$128 / month
50-year-old woman
$109 / month$200 / month
Canada Life health insurance cost

*this assumes that the purchaser is covered by the Ontario provincial health plan (OHIP)

How much does a policy with Canada Life health insurance cost?

In order to give you an example of how much Canada Life health insurance costs we have provided figures for a 27-year-old living in Ontario, with a few different coverage options, in the table below.

Canada Life Ontario$42/month$78/month$115/month
no, there is an evaluation process
Prescription Drugs
70% coverage up to $50090% coverage up to $1,000
Routine Dental
70% coverage up to $350
90% up to $300100% up to $30090% up to $300
Ambulance Services
Hospital Accommodation
100% coverage for a private room up to $225 100% coverage for a private room up to $225
Canada Life and health insurance association

Good to know

The price of health insurance varies greatly between insurers. Your health history, age, the coverage options offered, your province, and more affect pricing. Use our comparison tool to get personalized health insurance quotes, all anonymously.

What does Canada Life health insurance cover?

Canada Life health insurance plans offer different levels of coverage depending on the health insurance package you buy. To help you get a sense of what is and isn't covered we have laid out the three packages in the table below for you.

CoverageCoreCore PlusElite
Prescriptions (per person per year)
70% coverage up to $50080% coverage up to $10,00090% coverage on first $10,000
In-home Nursing
100% coverage up to $2,500 100% coverage up to $5,000100% coverage up to $7,500
Eye Exams
100% up to $75100% up to $75100% up to $75
Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses
and Laser Eye Surgery
100% up to $150100% up to $200100% up to $250
Health and life insurance Canada

Good to know

For those approaching 65, Canada Life retirement health insurance might be an interesting option.

You could have a look at this pdf that give you details on policy coverage, eligibility, add-ons, and more:

What types of health insurance does Canada Life offer?

The two types of health insurance offered are Guaranteed Health Insurance and Selected Health Insurance. These have different coverages, different levels of coverage and different premiums.

Guaranteed Health Insurance is available to everyone, it does not require a medical questionnaire or an examination and can be purchased at any age. It will typically cost more in premiums and offer less in coverage.

Selected Health Insurance requires you to give your medical history and possibly to have a medical examination. It will typically offer slightly lower premiums for more coverage.

This is because Canada Life is better able to calculate the level of risk you represent to them. If you are rejected for a Selected Health Insurance policy you will still be able to get Guaranteed Health Insurance.

Can I get Canada Life health and dental insurance?

Yes, Canada Life offers an insurance package called Freedom To Choose. This is a mix-and-match policy which you can put together yourself, allowing you to choose between various medical and dental coverages.

More than 20,000 Canada Life customers have switched to the Freedom To Choose package as it offers a wide variety of add-ons while allowing you to ditch coverages you don't need. Freedom To Choose is a guaranteed package, which means that there is no medical exam and the application process takes just 15 minutes.

What extras does Canada Life private health insurance offer?

Canada Life dental insurance is part of some of Canada Life's healthcare packages but in order to be fully protected you will need to purchase it as an extra. Core and Core Plus levels of coverage both cover a dental accident (if you break a tooth) and cover part of the cost of routine dental checks.

However, only the Elite package covers major restorative dental care. If you are concerned about having regular, complex problems with your teeth then you can look into buying extra protection.

That being said most provincial healthcare programs like OHIP, AHCIP, MSP in BC, offer very limited dental care and dental procedures and treatments can be quite expensive. So it's important to have a good dental plan.

Other extras that you can purchase and add to your policy include:

  • Emergency travel medical coverage
  • Accidental death, dismemberment and specific loss benefit
  • Hospital cash benefit
  • Major dental services and supplies benefit

You could compare the coverages and what add-ons other popular health insurances in Canada offer and even get quotes based on your unique needs using our comparator below. All you need to do is enter some basic details and voila you will get quotes in no time.

Compare The Best Health Insurance Plans and Rates on the market!

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How to get Canada Life health insurance?

You can request a Canada Life personal health insurance quote by working with an insurance broker or requesting a quote through Canada Life's website. Alternatively, you can speak to a representative directly by calling them at 1-833-750-2788 between Monday to Friday 8 am-6 pm ET.

Canada Life health insurance login

canada life health login.

Go to the website and hit Sign In. You can then use your Canada Life login email and password in order to access your online profile where you can manage your data, see any upcoming payments and keep track of appointments.

Canada Life health insurance app

Consult+ virtual health care is an app that you can use to access medical advice 24/7, whether from your home or on the move. As well as being convenient it offers various services to help you save time and get advice quickly. These include:

  • Allergy advice
  • Access to therapeutic services
  • Get prescriptions written and sent directly to a pharmacy
  • Ask general health questions
  • Get lab work referrals

Canada Life health insurance customer service

You can call the Canada Life health insurance phone number at 1-800-565-4066. They are available Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm ET.

How to file a Canada Life health insurance claim?

To initiate a claim, you have to fill and submit a Canada life health insurance claim form. You may be asked to provide supporting documents like receipts and bills related to the claims you are making.

The claim procedures and processing varies based on how you procured or purchased the policy: with an advisor, employer or through group benefits. The forms also vary based on the type of claim, whether it is for medical expenses or drugs or dental expenses or something else.

Here is the Canada Life Claim Form for medical, vision care and prescription drug expenses. You would require itemised receipts for a few sections mentioned here.

You can submit claims online using your Canada Life Health Insurance Login. You could also call the customer care 1-800-565-4066 to help guide you with the process.

How to cancel health insurance Canada Life?

Call Canada Life at 1-800-565-4066 to inquire about cancelling your plan. Alternatively, you can make an appointment through the Canada Life website to speak to a representative in person. You can cancel your policy with no penalty during the first ten days.

Can I get Canada Life travel health insurance?

Generally,Canada Life offers travel insurance as an optional add-on to their health insurance plans or as a separate policy.

You can either purchase a travel add-on to you health insurance package or buy Canada Life travel medical insurance as a separate policy. If you are a resident of another country who wants to buy health insurance in Canada, you can buy Canada Life's Welcome Plan, which is for new or returning Canadians.

Travel insurance is vital in Canada as provincial health coverage decreases outside your home province, leading to potential uncontrollable expenses for medical issues or accidents.

When traveling abroad, lack of access to healthcare without insurance can be a significant concern, especially in countries like the USA where upfront payment for medical treatment is common. Having travel insurance offers essential protection and peace of mind during your trips.

Now that you know what you what Canada Life offers, you could see how it fares in comparison to other health insurances in Canada. Use our comparator below to get quick quotes, pricing info, coverage, and add-ons from the best providers in the market.

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