Scotiabank Travel Insurance: Is It Your Best Choice?

Visiting another country or province without travel insurance can be a costly mistake. If you need emergency medical attention while away you need a plan to pay for it.

Did you know that an overnight stay in a hospital in the United States can exceed $14,000 CAD? What about the fact that some countries might even refuse service to you if you are unable to prepay for treatment?

It is not fun to think about, but travel insurance is a necessity when you are away from home. It guarantees your ability to get and pay for health care, if and when you need it. Beyond that, it can help make you whole should something go wrong with your flight or you lose a bag. 

This page answers your questions about Scotiabank travel insurance. Read our review, get Scotiabank travel insurance quotes and see how the competitors fare. 

Our review of Scotiabank travel insurance:

Scotiabank is a Canadian multinational banking and financial services company and one of Canada's largest banks. Scotiabank offers a wide variety of travel insurance packages.

Continue below for Scotiabank travel insurance pros and cons:

Why Scotiabank could be right for you:

50% discount for travellers remaining in Canada
Easy to use online application
Range of single trip and multi-trip plans
Up to $10 million coverage for medical emergencies

Why Scotiabank may not be right for you:

Must be a Scotiabank customer. Non-members can shop similar coverage from Scotia Life Financial.
Travel within Canada plans available to Quebec residents

Compare quotes and options before choosing travel insurance with Scotiabank. A little shopping around can help you to save money and find the coverage that fits your needs.

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What does Scotiabank travel insurance cover?

The Scotiabank travel insurance plan is known for its extensive coverage of up to $10 million in emergency medical insurance for travelling Canadians. It provides insurance coverage that fits based on your budget and travel type. They also offer coverage in case of stolen, damaged or lost belongings. Here are the major deals with Scotiabank:

Traveling Canadians

With this plan, traveling Canadians have up to $10 million for emergency medical insurance. This plan also offers coverage for trip cancellation and interruptions. In addition, there is also baggage protection coverage against loss, damage or theft – this is maxed out at $1,000 for Single Trips, and $3,000 for Multi-Trips.

Student Plan

Students are well provided for with $2 million coverage for emergency medical insurance. Both Canadian and international students studying in Canada are covered by this student plan.

For more information on Scotiabank travel insurance see:

Scotiabank offers both out-of-province and domestic coverage for travellers. They provide additional medical coverage for domestic or internal travels as well.

Scotiabank offers standard coverage for visitors to Canada. This coverage caters for medical expenses, emergencies and interruptions.

Scotiabank offers up to $2 million in emergency medical insurance for students studying abroad or within Canada. It offers the perfect coverage for international students.

Plan nameTraveling CanadiansStudent Plan
Emergency Medicalup to $10 millionup to $2 million
Baggageup to $3,000
Comparison of Scotiabank travel insurance

Good to know

For more information about how travel insurance and to learn about other top insurer read HelloSafe's guide to travel insurance.

How much does a policy with Scotiabank cost?

The price of travel insurance coverage with Scotiabank depends on your age, desired coverage and the destination and the length of your trip. Therefore it will be important to get an individual quote customized for your unique needs. 

Before settling on Scotiabank travel insurance shop around! You can quickly and anonymously compare prices from leading travel insurance companies using our tool:

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How do I purchase a plan with Scotiabank?

Call 1-800-472-6842 to purchase any of the Scotiabank travel insurance packages.

How can I reach Scotiabank by telephone?

Scotiabank Insurance's customer service can be contacted via their website or by calling the toll-free number: 1-800-472-6842

How do I file a claim with Scotiabank?

With Scotiabank travel insurance, you can file directly on the website or call the toll-free number: 1-800-472-6842.

Download the file claim form below:

Does Scotiabank travel insurance cover Covid-19?

Scotiabank offers coverage for COVID-19 related emergencies. There are benefits payable as a result of COVID-19 related interruptions to travel plans.


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