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Did you know that over 2 million Canadians own a recreational vehicle? More and more people are choosing to spend their holidays taking their families into the countryside and enjoying the freedom and calm of a holiday without the trouble of airports and hotel bookings. But whether you are going to Niagra Falls or heading to the hot springs of Liard Park you will want to make sure that you are ready for any emergency.

In this guide, we will take you through the different types of RV insurance, how much they cost and how much protection you really need.

What offers the best RV insurance in Canada?

It isn’t easy to choose the best RV insurance because everyone’s situation is different. How long you plan to be on the road, where you stay and your vehicle all play a role in determining insurance rates and your best coverage options.

With that in mind, here is a list of Canada's most popular RV insurance options to get you started:

TD RV Insurance

TD Insurance is a part of TD bank, one of Canada's largest financial institutions. TD offers a basic package of RV insurance and extra add-ons for those who want more comprehensive protection. If you insure both your home and your RV with TD you can qualify for the Multi-Line discount. This is a premium discount which applies to the basic and the comprehensive insurance packages.

Wayfarer RV Insurance

Wayfarer is an insurance broker that specializes in motorhomes and recreational vehicles. It is underwritten by Aviva. Wayfarer offers a wide range of specialized coverage, thanks to its narrow focus on recreational vehicles. For example, they offer Fifth Wheel Insurance, which is tailored to protect large, high-value trailer motorhomes that are towed by a truck.

Wayfarer currently has over 100,000 clients. Its offer of specialized hands-on knowledge combined with the security of a big national underwriter is an attractive proposition. Additionally, Wayfarer offers a wealth of advice and discussion related to RVs and motorhomes on its website.

RBC Motorhome Insurance

RBC offers insurance for motorhomes and for trailers. They offer specialized insurance packages for Class A, Class B and Class C type RVs. Other highlights of RBC's insurance include annual deductible reductions for no-claims drivers, discounts on anti-theft devices and emergency funds to help you to get home from your vacation if your RV breaks down.

As part of the wider Royal Bank of Canada corporation, RBC Motorhome Insurance has the security of a stable and well-established underwriter. If you already have vehicle or home insurance from RBC you may be able to add-on protection for your motorhome at a discount. RBC also offers 24/7 customer service so you can get in contact whenever an emergency might arise.

Allstate RV Insurance

Established in 1931, Allstate is one of the older vehicle insurance companies operating in Canada today. Allstate offers a basic insurance protection package along with add-ons such as Comprehensive Cover. There are discounts available for experienced drivers as well as no-claims bonuses.

Allstate does not offer specific packages for different types of RV. The insurance they offer is more general. The discounts might suit you if you only intend to use your RV for short periods, or could be an economical solution if you are renting an RV. If you own a high-end or specialized RV then you might wan to seek another solution.

Aviva RV Insurance

Aviva's RV insurance offers three plans with varying degrees of coverage to suit your needs and budget. Its basic coverage is comprehensive: emergency expenses while on vacation, personal effects in the RV, freezer contents, lock replacement, etc. Each plan comes with optional coverages for an individually tailored insurance package.

Aviva's online (or 24/7 telephone) claims reporting service is well-reviewed and the insurer's network of experts is extensive. This means that your claims can be handled quickly and efficiently, and you can get a quick refund. In addition, Aviva offers you discounts on multiple insurance products.

CAA’s RV Insurance

With its Stress Relief Policy®, CAA offers a complete basic RV insurance package (liability, collision, lost or stolen keys, hit-and-run or total loss, etc.) as well as numerous options (accident forgiveness, replacement value, etc.), all while promising you an average savings of $306 compared to the competition. In addition, you will not have to pay any deductible in case of a total loss of the RV or hit and run, but also in case of replacement or recoding of your keys.

Beneva RV Insurance

Beneva's RV insurance covers your vehicle but not only that, but their packages also include liability coverage as well as free coverage if you drive a rented or borrowed vehicle. In addition, roadside assistance is included for most recreational vehicles. Beneva also offers you discounts by bundling several insurance products. For example, save an average of $520 by bundling auto, home and RV insurance. Finally, Beneva offers 24/7 assistance in case of emergency as well as an ergonomic online client space to manage your contract.

What is RV insurance?

You must ensure a recreation vehicle or trailer like any other vehicle. An RV is any kind of movable temporary accommodation, divided into self-propelled motorhomes, park models and towable RVs that are attached to another vehicle.

Motorhomes are divided into three classes A, B and C.

Class A: heavy-duty, coach-sized vehicles sleeping 2-4 people,

Class B: also known as a camper van. These contain living and cooking facilities but usually in very compact forms.

Class C: medium-sized motorhome, usually with an over-cab sleeping area.

Park models are stationary RVs which are usually placed in a holiday location and spend the year round there. There are two classes: the 8-foot wide and the 10 to 16-foot wide. 

Towables or trailers are independent RVs, without a motor or a means of self-propulsion. They are usually transported by attaching them to the back of your car or truck.

Good to know

RV insurance can either be purchased as a separate policy or can be added to car insurance or home insurance.

Do I need RV insurance?

Yes, RVs need insurance like any vehicle in Canada. However, different types of RVs need different types of insurance.

Mandatory RV insurance offers the same basic protections as car insurance. You must have Collusion or Upset insurance. This basic package covers any damage caused to your RV by an accident or a collision

Depending on how often you use your RV and where you drive it you may want to consider additional protection. If you are making a day trip out of Vancouver a basic level of protection might be suitable. If you are a thrill-seeker headed to Baffin Island you might want to beef up your coverage!

How much does RV insurance cost?

In general RV insurance will cost much less than car insurance. Some providers offer coverage for as little as a couple of hundred dollars a year at the low end. Large, expensive models of RV can need insurance policies that run into three figures.

Much like car insurance, your RV insurance will be calculated depending on a few variables. These include

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Make of RV
  • Years of experience driving an RV
  • Where you live
  • Credit score
  • How often you use the RV
  • What you use the RV for

As an estimated guide we have laid out some ballpark figures for you in the table below, based on the classifications of RV.

Type of RVEstimated insurance cost
Class A$1,000 - $5,000
Class B$500 - $1,000
Class C$800 - $3,000
Towed trailer$500 - $1,000
RV insurance average cost

What are the different types of RV insurance?

Depending on how you use your RV you might be interested in different types of RV insurance. For example, if you are buying RV insurance in Ontario for a week by Niagra Falls, you can probably get away with a basic package of insurance. If you are buying RV insurance in Alberta because you are intending to live year-round in Fort McMurray then you will need Full-Time RV Insurance.

CoverageWhat it protects
Collision This coverage is used to fix or replace your RV if you are involved in an accident or a collision. This can also cover internal contents like televisions, kitchen equipment of furniture.
Comprehensive This coverage protects from all damage not caused by an accident or collision. This could include hail, fire, burglary, criminal damage or flooding.
 RV trailer insuranceThis type of insurance is for towable RVs that attach and detach from your car or truck
Third-Party LiabilityThis protects you when an accident is your fault and you have crashed your RV causing damage.
Full-time RV insuranceThis type of motorhome insurance applies when you use your RV as your primary residence. It assumes that you live full-time in your RV
Seasonal RV insuranceThis type of coverage assumes that you only use your RV in the summer months during the holiday season.
Temporary RV InsuranceThis is the type of coverage you would buy for a specific period of time, for example, to cover only the holiday that you are using the RV for.
Insurance motorhome types
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