[Halloween map] - 100 places in Canada where you might freak out on October 31st


As Halloween is approaching, spooky activities and places to visit is a must. We thought we might give you a little overview of scary places in Canada, which could give you some ideas on what to do for Halloween.

Our top 3 places to spend a gloomy 2021 Halloween

Canada apparently likes creepy names, although some of them refer to very nice places. Among the 100 places that we have shown on the map above, here is our selection of the 3 places that should particularly inspire you to celebrate Halloween!

Deadman's Bay

Newfoundland and Labrador

Phantom Beach


Destruction Bay


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What are the most famous haunted places in Canada?

Canada is home to several places which are considered as being haunted. Here are a few of them:

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta

Built by the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1888, this beautiful hotel is rumoured to be one of the most haunted places in the country.

The Old Spaghetti Factory, Vancouver

A restaurant that is said to be haunted by the spirit of a tram conductor.

Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto

The spirit of a woman who worked in this building when it housed the Bank of Montreal is said to still haunt this place.

What is there to do in Ontario for Halloween?

We thought we might give you a hand with deciding what to do on Halloween in Ontario, especially in the GTA. Here is a list of things we thought could be fun to do:

  • Go to a haunted corn maze such as Fear Farm. Who has never dreamed of bumping into a zombie right in the middle of a maze?
  • Watch a scary movie in movie theatres. A classic.
  • Go to a Halloween party. Another classic, but going to a party is always fun.
  • See the famous Legends of Horror night at Casa Loma. We can't think of a more appropriate place to celebrate Halloween.

What is there to do in Quebec for Halloween?

When it comes to Quebec, we had some other activities in mind. We were thinking of trying new things this year:

  • Pick a pumpkin. This is not something new actually, but it is a must-do.
  • Enjoy a Halloween concert in a candle-lit church. Spooky atmosphere guaranteed, especially if the church looks kind of creepy.
  • Roller skate at the Halloween Roller Disco in Montreal. Combining roller skating and Halloween, such a good idea isn't it?
  • Visit the Village d'Antan which turns into a haunted village. Why go to a Halloween-themed party when you can visit a whole Halloween-themed village?

What is there to do in BC for Halloween?

And as we wouldn't want our west coast fellow Canadians to feel left out, here are some ideas on how to spend a special Halloween night, particularly in the Vancouver area:

  • Go for a cemetery tour. This never gets old.
  • Go to a Halloween-themed boat party. An upgrade from your classic Halloween party as you have a Halloween party as well as a boat tour on the same night.
  • Carve a pumpkin. An unusual activity for Halloween we would say.
  • Watch fireworks. Because fireworks make any celebration better.

Of course, a lot of these Halloween activities can be found in other provinces and territories in Canada.

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