What is the Best Dental Insurance in Quebec 2023?

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Recent studies show that over 95% of Canadians have had at least one tooth cavity. Let's be honest, when was the last time that you saw your dentist? The cost of dental visits can be a major factor in putting people off from seeing a dental professional regularly.

The solution to this is to find the right dental insurance coverage plan to keep your expenses down and make sure that you get a level of dental care to avoid any future problems.

What is RAMQ?

RAMQ stands for Régie de l'assurance Maladie du Québec and is a program that can help Quebecois cover medical and dental costs. You must have been a resident in Quebec for at least one year to be eligible.

RAMQ will cover certain oral surgeries so long as they are performed at a hospital. It will also cover many basic services for children aged 10 or under.

What does RAMQ cover for dental?

  • surgery for tumours or cysts
  • abscess drainage
  • fractures
  • treatment of cuts
  • bone infections
  • jaw surgery
  • surgery for salivary glands

What does RAMQ cover for children under the age of 10?

  • routine and emergency visits
  • x-rays
  • anesthetic
  • fillings
  • extractions
  • root canals
  • tooth crowns
  • all the services that are also covered for adults

What does RAMQ not cover for children under the age of 10?

  • hygienist appointments
  • descaling
  • fluoride
  • orthodontics

Who is not eligible to be covered by RAMQ?

Persons residing in Quebec who are not eligible for the RAMQ plan are:

  • people who already have dental insurance
  • people who have been resident in Quebec for less than one year

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Does Social Assistance cover dental care in Quebec?

Certain services may be available for recipients of last-resort financial assistance and their families, determined on a case-by-case basis. The available services differ depending on how long you have qualified for financial assistance.

Services available for those receiving assistance for under 12 months

  • cavity infections
  • hemorrhages
  • abscess management
  • tooth extraction
  • jaw fractures
  • re-implanting a tooth
  • treating cuts

Services available for those receiving assistance for over 12 months

  • Routine annual exam
  • x-rays
  • anesthetic
  • scaling (16+)
  • tooth extractions and root canals
  • tooth crowns

Services available for those receiving assistance for over 24 months

  • dentures
  • Re-coating
  • denture replacement and repair

If you wish to apply to be reimbursed for the dental care you have already paid for, you can fill out the form below and send it to:

Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec, CP 6600, G1K 7T3

Is private dental insurance worth it in Quebec?

Whether you are covered by the RAMQ or not, some dental care will still have to be paid for. For Quebec residents who do not receive social assistance, the cost of dental care can quickly spiral. The installation of a crown or a dental implant can easily cost several thousand dollars.

Watch out!

The average cost of dental care can vary greatly from one region to another. For example, routine cleaning can cost $65 in Trois-Rivières versus nearly $200 in Montreal.

The table below gives an indicative price list of the main dental treatments in Quebec:

ProcedureAverage price
Root canal
Removal of a tooth or root
Gum exam
Reimplanting a tooth
Dental treatment costs Quebec

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How do you purchase private dental insurance in Quebec?

Buying private dental insurance is a simple process. Just browse for the best dental insurance with our online tool above. It's 100% online, free and anonymous.

You'll be able to determine which private dental insurance plan best suits your needs by balancing your specific dental needs with your budget. You will receive a personalized dental insurance quote within hours that is tailored to you.

Dental insurance typically covers the majority of your dental bills, including orthodontic costs.

Good to know

Does your health insurance provider offer a dental package? Check out our health insurance guide.

Who offers the best dental insurance in Quebec?

Our comparison tool will allow you to rapidly compare the best private dental insurance in Quebec.

To learn more, you can also consult our guides below:

How much does dental insurance cost in Quebec?

The price of private dental insurance in Quebec varies, of course, depending on the treatments offered, the maximum amount reimbursed and the age of the insured. You can find dental insurance starting at as little as $15.

For example, Blue Cross offers insurance products that include dental care that start as low as $47.26 per month with the Blue Flex offer.

Can I buy dental insurance on its own?

Insurers rarely offer dental coverage on their own. Typically, you will have several options to choose from:

  • An all-in-one service, usually including drug and dental coverage as well as eye care coverage
  • Dental and ocular coverage
  • A medicine-only service that does not include dental care.

Manulife offers an insurance policy that includes dental care that is not covered in other plans. This plan also covers other expenses such as alternative medicine and eye exams. However, it will not cover medication.

Blue Cross offers a dental option to be added to its basic health insurance plan.

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Can you buy dental insurance for children?

Yes, if you are looking for dental insurance for children, simply select "Family" when you use our comparison tool. Our tool will show you the best family health insurance prices that cover you and your children.

Input the number of children you have and their ages and you will receive a quote for family and dependents' dental insurance that is specific to your needs.

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Betty A.

Hi I am desperately needing dental work done like a crown replacement and repairing cavities in my mouth , and I currently don’t have coverage where I work at for the last 10 years
I am 55 years old , and I want a dental plan that is budget friendly per month with full cost . I am looking for the best dental insurance coverage

James James Our expert

Hi Betty, thank you for reaching out to us. We understand your concerns, so here is link to some of the best health insurance plans available in Canada, many of which provide dental care coverage. All you need to do is fill in details including your name, DOB, and what you're in need of. It should take you just about 2 minutes and once you're done an expert should be able to get back to you with a quote that's best suited for your requirements. We hope you are able to access the care you need soon. All the best to you!