[Barometer] Car thefts have boomed by 83,3% in 5 years in Quebec

The indicators are red in terms of car theft in Quebec. In this new barometer we decipher the statistics related to this type of crime which weighs more and more heavily in the reimbursements of car insurers and impacts the increase in premiums.

Montréal & Laval

  • 8,139 vehicles were stolen in Quebec in 2021, an increase of 83.8% compared to 2016 (4,440 thefts recorded)
  • This represents more than 22 car thefts every day in Quebec
  • In total, stolen cars cost insurers $241.3 million in Quebec in 2021, or 3 times more than 5 years ago
  • Montreal (0.52% of vehicles stolen), Laval (0.35%) and Lanaudière (0.2%) are the most affected administrative regions
  • The average cost of theft-related claims has multiplied by 2.2 in 10 years, rising from $13,600 in 2011 to $29,644 in 2021.

With 8,139 stolen vehicles, car thefts are at the highest point since 2011 in Quebec

While between 2011 and 2016, the number of car thefts in Quebec had fallen by almost half, the trend has unfortunately reversed over the past five years. This is indeed what the figures published by the Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA) du Québec indicate:

Car thefts cost insurers $241.2 million in Quebec in 2021, or +62.5% in one year

As a logical consequence of the increase in the number of car thefts in Quebec, the cost represented by this type of crime for insurers has exploded in recent years. We thus observe on the graph below that:

Good to know

The dramatic increase in car theft costs for insurers in Quebec is also the result of the explosion in the average cost of car theft claims, which rose from $13,600 in 2011 to $29,644 in 2021 (or an increase of 118% in 10 years) - which is due to the higher vehicle prices.

Montreal, Montérégie and Laval, the most affected by car theft in Quebec

As a press release published by Equité Association recently pointed out, Montreal is the main port of exit for stolen vehicles in Quebec. Therefore, it is not surprising to see the metropolis and its urban region weigh heavily in car-related crime. We thus notice that:

Expert advice

Bryan Gast, Vice President of Investigative Services of Équité Association
"Auto theft is a complex national problem that costs Canadians millions of dollars each year ", says Bryan Gast, VP , Investigative Services of Équité Association, a not-for-profit organization supporting Canadian property and casualty insurers in the fight against insurance fraud.
"Canada has become a source nation for the theft and exportation of high-value vehicles."

Vehicles across the country are being stolen in greater volume for export internationally by organized crime networks. The proceeds of this illegal activity are being used to fund organized crime and terrorism, both domestically and internationally," says Gast. In Quebec, SUVs occupy six of the 10 spots on Équité's Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles list.

RegionPercentage of stolen vehiclesTotal number of stolen vehicles
Montreal Urban Community
0,52%3 764
0,13%1 281
National Capital
Central Quebec
Northern Quebec
Number and frequency of stolen cars by region in Quebec in 2021
Source: GAA


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There are various statistics available on car thefts in Quebec, mainly from insurance companies or public authorities (police in particular). The differences between these two sources can be significant. This study is based on figures published by Goupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA) of Quebec which represents almost all of the players in the sector in our province. Thus, the used figures are based on thefts that have been declared to insurance companies.

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