$1.1 billion saved by the home insurance industry in Canada over 2020

$ 1,103,216,162

...is the estimated amount that is to be saved by the home insurance industry over 2020 in Canada, because of the Covid-related restrictions taken across the country almost all year long.






An overall decrease of 10.26 % in home insurance claims across Canada in 2020

As the threat of a second epidemic wave materializes across Canada, 2020 already is a year marked by major changes in the domestic habits of Canucks. In fact, due to Covid-19, a large number of households have had to spend a lot of time at home, either being on telework, temporarily laid off, or quite simply because of the restrictive measures taken by the authorities - especially in the spring and now again in November in some parts of the country.

Thus, as the figures show, this context has greatly affected the number of home insurance claims made by Canadians:

overall drop in home insurance claims

...across Canada during the whole 2020 year

$ 94.9m
saved by home insurance providers

...is the only city of Toronto

the decrease in thefts and burglaries

...reported into claims received by home insurance providers in Canada

Water, fire and theft damages decreasing, domestic accidents increasing

With many Canadians forced to stay home during long months, domestic incidents decreased in a significant proportion since the beginning of 2020. Indeed, whilst being at home - working, on furlough or looking after kids unable to go to school - people avoided much home damages to happen - whether being theft, fire or water damage and other classic domestic damage that often usually occur when the house is empty. This is what say the numbers:

The below graph shows on which extent home insurance claims have dropped:

The savings made by the home insurance industry per province

With regard to the distribution of savings made by home insurers in Canada, it is not surprising to see that the most populous provinces are also those where the amount of the savings made over personal goods and civil liability claims is the highest:

The Northernmost provinces less impacted

As shows the table below, the Northernmost provinces of Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut has been less impacted by the Covid-related restrictions, with lower savings made there by the home insurance industry. Indeed, in those 3 provinces, the home insurance claims decreased is estimated to be inferior to 4 %, which is relatively low in comparison with the rest of Canada:

ProvincesHome insurance decrease rate (2019-2020)Estimated savings to bemade on home insurance payouts over 2020
10.67%$439 117 920
10.52%$262 854 698
10.48%$130 420 372
British Columbia
10.32%$146 744 538
9.03%$35 354 112
New Brunswick
8.60%$19 702 841
8.40%$28 189 325
Newfoundland and Labrador
8.23%$13 101 238
Nova Scotia
8.20%$23 196 390
Prince Edward Island
7.80%$3 439 769
Northwest Territories
3.50%$451 752
Yukon Territory
3.20%$344 192
2.78%$299 017
Savings to be made on home insurance payouts in 2020 by province (HelloSafe estimates)

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Antoine Fruchard, CEO & expert at Hellosafe.ca

« While many Canadians found themselves spending the majority of their time at home in 2020, domestic claims have significantly decreased. However, Canada home insurers have not yet initiated a response to this situation, which also exists for auto and health insurance products. However, it seems to me that the policyholders could be entitled to expect a reduction on their premiums, if only in the face of the economic difficulties which await Canada in the months to come. In addition, the changes induced by Covid-19 have brought major trends - such as teleworking for example, which risk lastingly transforming the relationship of people to their housing. Here too, insurance companies are expected to change and adapt their policies, in a fast-changing world.»

Our methodology

This study was built upon public (in particular from the IBC) and private sources. In addition, several of our insurance partners were able to provide us with anonymous statistics over the period studied. Under the term 'home insurance', we analyze here the ongoing trends in personal property and civil liability insurance. At this stage, these figures are still estimates, pending final results after the end of 2020. For more information on our editorial line, please click here.

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