[Mapped] Canada among the world's 10 most expensive countries for mobile data

In Canada, we frequently complain about the high cost of mobile data plans. But how true is that? We sought to find out the answer, by comparing the price of mobile data in Canada with other countries around the world. It appears that Canada, along with the United States, is among the 10 countries where the median price for 1 Gb of mobile data is the highest in the world.

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This data is collected by Cable.co.uk from June to September 2023, based on the analysis of a representative sample of 5,000 cellular packages from 233 countries and territories around the world.

Canada is the 10th most expensive country for mobile data in the world

The analysis of mobile data prices around the world shows huge disparities between countries and territories. With an average price per GB of $7.36 in September 2023, Canada appears to be the 10th most expensive country in the world for mobile data.

France and Italy among the world's 10 cheapest countries for mobile data

Among the countries where mobile data is the cheapest in the world, Israel occupies an enviable first place, with an median mobile data price of $0.03 per 1 GB recorded over the year 2022. Italy ($0.12) and France ($0.28) also feature in the top 10 - two markets characterized by an opening up to competition that seems to have driven down market prices. This makes the median price for 1 Gb mobile data is 26 times cheaper in France than in Canada, and 61 times cheaper in Italy than in Canada!

With Sasktel on the market, Saskatchewan has the cheapest mobile data of Canada

While it seems clear that Canadians pay a lot for their mobile data compared to many other countries, there are also differences within the country itself. The latest available data from the Government of Canada shows that:

Source: Government of Canada

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What kind of package are we talking about exactly? The Government of Canada report from which the above figures were taken defines it as follows: "this is essentially the cost of purchasing 1 GB of stand-alone data on a mobile wireless smartphone plan". There is no data published for the missing provinces.


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The map at the top of this page was created based on data shared by the Cable.co.uk that was collected between June and September 2023. This data was compiled from a sample of over 5,000 mobile plans analyzed by the site worldwide. The figures for the price of a mobile plan in Canadian provinces are taken from the Canadian government's "Canadian and International Wireline, Wireless and Internet Price Comparisons" report from 2022 - which is the most recent one as of now.

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