British Columbia: The Wedding Industry Has Lost 158 millions $ in 2020 Due To Covid-19

James Rodriguez James Rodriguez  updated on 2022-03-04

158,411,550 $ the estimated financial loss deplored by the wedding industry in B.C. due to the lockdown and sanitary restrictions taken across the Pacific province. Indeed, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many fiancés have cancelled or postponed their wedding originally planned for 2020.

B.C.'s wedding industry severely hit in 2020 : the annual turnover falls by 22.55%

The wedding industry lost a lot of its turnover during the year 2020 in comparison with 2019, due to the impossibility to organise wedding celebrations with government restrictions taken to stop the pandemic.

Indeed, with an estimated turnover of about 702.9 million $ in BC in 2019, the wedding industry revenues have fallen to 544.3 millions $ in 2020, representing a 22.55% fall in one year.

MonthLoss of turnover in 2020Growth rate compared to 2019
Jan.- 1,178,000$- 0.45%
Feb.+ 11,514,950$+ 40.90%
Mar.- 3,003,900$- 8.68%
Apr.- 21,292,350$- 49.76%
May- 27,712,450$- 44.39%
Jun.- 43,409,300$- 49.18%
Jul.- 34,957,150$- 35.35%
Aug.- 22,794,300$- 19.04%
Sep.- 17,522,750$- 19.94%
Oct.+ 8,363,800$+ 17.03%
Nov.- 3,828,500$- 11.99%
Dec. - 3,710,700$- 11.26%
Total- 158,411,550$- 22.55%
Turnover made by the wedding industry in B.C. during the year 2020 and its change rate comparing to 2019 (source : estimates)

The table above shows that:

  • Before the strike of the pandemic, the numbers for February 2020 were rather encouraging for the wedding industry, with a global turnover increasing by 40.90% in comparison with the same month in 2019, meaning a 39,669,150$ net gain in turnover for this only month.
  • However, the opposite occurs, starting in April 2020, with a strong decrease of the wedding industry's turnover with the spike of the pandemic. Indeed, April is the month which registers the biggest decrease: the turnover declined by 49.76% in comparison with 2019.
  • June also registers a big decline, with BC's wedding industry's turnover passing from 88,261,650 $ in 2019 to 44,852,350 $ in 2020. (-43.4 millions $)

A falling number of weddings celebrated in BC in 2020

The turnover lost by the wedding industry is highly related to the fact that a lot of celebrations couldn't take place in 2020. Indeed, either the union was cancelled or postponed to 2021 (or even 2022). But still, a fair amount of weddings could be organized, as show the numbers below, showing the number of weddings celebrated in 2019 and 2020 each month:

Number of weddings per month in 2019 and 2020 in B.C. (Source: B.C.'s government)

We can observe that :

  • February 2020 registered 1,347 weddings, i.e. 391 more than the same month in 2019, meaning the beginning of the year 2020 was promising.
  • With the arrival of Covid-19 in March, the number of weddings starts to decline a little. The decline turns dramatic in April, where the number of marriages passes from 1,453 in 2019 to 730 in 2020 (-49,8 %).
  • The decrease continues in May, June and July, in huge proportions, which explains the losses suffered by the industry during this very hard period.

A 2021 perspective : -33,4 % weddings celebrated in January-February compared to 2020

The situation is starting to become a little better in 2021 for the wedding industry, as the pandemic seems to be slowing down across North America and the vaccination steps up. However, it is likely that the industry's annual revenue will not fully get back to the pre-Covid numbers this year.

Number of weddings in January of 2020 and 2021 in B.C.' main cities (Source: B.C. government)

The above graph and the below table give us interesting trends regarding weddings celebrated in January-February 2021 in comparison with January-February 2020 - which were the last "normal" months we knew before Covid-19 appeared. Of course, those 2 months are not those when most weddings traditionally take place, but still what we observe is representative of what could be 2021 for the wedding industry in BC :

  • All across BC, there were 33,38% less weddings celebrated in January-February 2021 than in January-February 2020 - meaning 744 weddings celebrations less in total.
  • In Vancouver, the trend is almost equal over the same period of time, with 33,61% less weddings celebrated (- 160 weddings).
  • Only a couple of cities in BC saw their number of weddings celebrated during the 2 first months of the year 2021 increase in comparison with one year ago : Maple Ridge (+ 4,17%), Vernon and Campbell River (+12,5% each)
  • In the city of Prince Rupert, no wedding has been celebrated so far in 2021.
CitiesWeddings celebrated (Jan-Feb 2020)Weddings celebrated (Jan-Feb 2021)Yearly change rate
BC Global22291485-33,38%
Victoria13161- 53.44%
North Vancouver3938-2,56%
Maple Ridge24254,17%
Prince George3122-29,03%
New Westminster3921-46,15%
West Vancouver2018-10,00%
Pitt Meadows2517-32,00%
Port Coquitlam2011-45,00%
Campbell River8912,50%
Fort St John156-60,00%
Prince Rupert90-100,00%
Wedding celebration number change between Jan-Feb 2020 and Jan-Feb 2021 (source : BC government)

The annual turnover of BC’s wedding industry could reach 900 million $ in 2022!

2022 is likely to be the year of all records for the wedding industry in British Columbia, considering that a great majority of celebrations postponed in 2020 and 2021 will take place that year. The wedding industry revenues in BC could therefore reach unprecedented levels in 2022, with an annual revenue that could go beyond 900 million $.

Year 201920202021 2022
Number of marriages celebrated in B.C.23,86618,48721,43331,645
Change year after year- 5,379+ 2,946+ 10,212
Number of marriages in B.C., data of 2019 and 2020 from Government of B.C., estimates for 2021 and 2022


Antoine Fruchard, CEO at

"The wedding industry, like many other sectors, has been strongly affected by the Covid-19 crisis. It is normal that couples wish to postpone their wedding because the current conditions aren't optimal to celebrate what should be the most beautiful day of their lives. If many hopes had been placed on 2021, both on the side of the bride and groom and companies, it's clear that these hopes have been disappointed, despite an expected slight increase in the number of marriages celebrated this year. Nevertheless, 2022 should arrive as a liberation for thousands of waiting fiancés. In fact, the wedding industry could make record profits that year. That's all we wish to the couples and wedding companies!"

Our methodology

To establish this study , we based our information on data published by the official website of the government of British Columbia. The data collected is from 2019, 2020 and 2021 which are the most recent years.

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