The best motorcycle insurance quotes in Canada

InsuranceMonthly priceReviewQuote
Aviva — Wikipédia$19.60Large company with a presence in Canada that offers customized insurance for all drivers. Multi-vehicle discounts available, competitive prices, efficient online service.In agency
Une couverture d'assurance sur mesure | Intact Prestige$20.15Very interesting quality/price ratio. Possibility of obtaining a basic motorcycle insurance coverage as well as optional add-onsIn agency
RBC Insurance - Videos | Facebook$23.72RBC is Canada's most trusted insurance provider, you can count on 24/7 claims service.In agency
Allstate Logo : histoire, signification de l'emblème$25.00Allstate helps protect you and your motorcycle, whether you use it on a daily basis or you store it during winter. In agency
Riders Plus Insurance | LinkedIn$26.00Riders plus is a top rated brokerage in Ontario with competitive ratesIn agency

You're ready to have your motorcycle, but you don’t know how Canadian motorcycle insurance works or which is the cheapest motorcycle insurance to choose? 

We break down the types of motorcycle insurance needed according to the requirements of where you live and we’ll help you outweigh the benefits. 

Remember motorcycle insurance does not only offer your bike protection but you as well from fatal accidents or injuries.

How does motorcycle insurance in Canada work?

In Canada, Motorcycle insurance is mandatory by law. A typical insurance policy includes:

  • Third-party liability: This covers you in case the insured (you or the person driving the bike) causes damage to a third party’s property or a person's well-being. The minimum coverage is around $200 000 but it is recommended to have 1 to 2 million dollars in liability protection
  • Accident benefits: In case of hospitalizations or any other medical expenses due to an accident with your motorized vehicle, the costs can be covered, this also includes those costs related in case of death.

IMPORTANT: in case of injury or disability, the insurance can cover loss of income. 

  • Uninsured automobile coverage: Also commonly known as protection from a hit-and-run scenario caused by the third party, this covers you if the vehicle that caused the accident or injuries does not have insurance.

Ontario Motorcycle Insurance also includes Direct Compensation, which means the damages to your motorcycle are also covered if you are not at fault, which is a great relief that covers you from hit-and-runs as well!

IMPORTANT: The speed of the motorcycle can determine the type of driver’s licence required.

Is motorcycle insurance mandatory?

Yes, in Canada motorcycle insurance is mandatory.

In Alberta, any motor vehicle with two or three wheels is considered a motor vehicle and therefore is subject to the same insurance laws as cars. All motor vehicles in Alberta must be insured with a public liability insurance policy as outlined in the Alberta Insurance Act. If the motor vehicle is not insured, it is illegal to drive it.

In Canada, all motorcyclists are obligated to hold a standard insurance policy that includes the 3 elements mentioned previously.

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

Since motorcycle insurance in Canada is mandatory, let’s deep dive into what this shall include:

As mentioned above, third-party liability insurance and accident benefits are covered. But in Alberta, there is also a family protection enforcement that will cover the passenger for the time of the liability in the case that there is an accident with another vehicle that has no insurance, or coverage of up to $200 000. 

If fuller coverage is needed, you may want to include options such as collision and comprehensive insurance also known as loss or damage coverage that will cover expenses related to theft, vandalism, hail damage, fire and other nature-related causes such as an accident with an animal. Another option that might be handy, is roadside assistance.

How much is motorcycle insurance?

The insurance rate is determined according to different factors:

  • Age and gender: Age is not just a number when it comes to motorcycle insurance. Both women, as well as older riders, are considered more responsible by insurance companies and thus have a different tariff than young men. People under the age of 25 are usually considered to have more high-risk motorcycle insurance. 

In British Colombia, the fatality rate for rivers under 25 years of age is 15 times higher than for drivers over 25 years of age.

  • Location: prices may vary according to your providence but also on whether you live in an urban or rural area, as well as the safety (theft statistics) of the zone transited is to be kept in mind. Is it exposed to possible theft?
  • Commute: also known as territory of operation, about the location factor in regards to where the motorcycle will be used and how many miles per week will be consumed.
  • Use of the vehicle: if it’s for recreational use or everyday use. 
  • Driving experience: As mentioned above, older riders are considered more responsible, but motorcycle insurance will also be determined according to your driving record and previous accident claims. The rates of motorcycle insurance will not be the same for a person with several driving violations as for a person with a clean driving record. In the case of a very discouraging record, insurers may be not willing to offer you a policy. 
  • Type of motorcycle/motorbike: The year and model are essential in determining the price of motorcycle insurance, specifically regarding the horsepower and performance of a bike. A sports motorbike will not have the same rate as a standard motorcycle.

We recommend trying motorcycle insurance quotes online.

How much is motorcycle insurance for a new rider?

Inexperience and age are two of the biggest risk factors for insurance companies, so until a hefty driving record is obtained, prices will not decrease. 

We recommend taking a certified motorcycle training course to be seen as less of a risk.

What is seasonal motorcycle insurance?

Getting insurance just for the sunny months may seem like a good idea but most policies are annual policies. But don’t worry motorcycles are seasonally rated, which means that there is a fixed fee on the motorcycle insurance in the sunny months. This means that in Canada, insurance premiums are applied mainly during the sunny months from April to September. 

If you choose to cancel the policy for the winter months, insurance companies will offer higher rates when you choose a new one.

How to get cheap motorcycle insurance?

To have cheaper motorcycle insurance, compare the insurance companies above. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose your motorcycle wisely: choose your bike according to your needs and means, expensive bikes have a pricier insurance rate, due to their high horsepower. 
  • Keep a clean record: avoid speeding or any other road violations that can quickly increment expenses in general. By keeping a steady or clean record, insurance companies will not consider you as a high risk, this is especially important if you are under the age of 25 and would like to lower your insurance rate once you turn 25.
  • Avoid leaving your motorcycle outside where it can be exposed to theft and opt for using a parking garage.
  • Bundle your car insurance with your motorcycle insurance, many insurance companies offer this benefit for their clients and it's cheaper in the long run. If you have more than one motorcycle, be sure to bundle the insurance.
  • Ask for motorcycle insurance quotes: compare fees and benefits from insurance companies
  • If you are part of a motorcycle club, check and see if they have any discounts on insurance companies.
  • A rider-training course is suggested, especially in Ontario since some insurance companies require it to offer you a policy, this course may cost between $250-$500* which is a good way to lower your overall annual fee
  • Pay the motorcycle premium on time and in one shot! - Good news for those in British Columbia, since May 2021 the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) launched: Enhanced Care Coverage, which means that drivers will save 20% on annual premiums and vetter guarantees will be offered to British Columbians. 

Remember, motorcycle insurance is expensive but it protects not only the motorcycle but also yourself, your passenger and other third parties in case of an accident. Also, the fine for not having insurance can go from $5000 to $25 000.

Who has the best motorcycle insurance?

The best type of insurance depends on your specific needs, your age and the province you live in! We recommend checking out the following online motorcycle insurance quotes:

What types of motorcycles can be covered by motorcycle insurance?

  • Standard motorcycles
  • Motor Scooters
  • Moped
  • Motor-assisted bicycles
  • Trikes/tricycles, such as Can-Am Spyder, Harley Davidson Tri Glide or Freewheeler
  • Vintage motorcycles
  • Maxi/touring scooters with engines ranging from 250 ccs up to 839 cc

Sport motorcycles used for competition may not be insured by all insurance companies.

Can I bundle car and motorcycle insurance?

Yes, bundling car and motorcycle insurance means you can have a discounted price or special offers according to your needs. 

We recommend choosing:

If you are in Ontario, check out this bundle for home, car and motorcycle, which can lead to saving up to 40%.

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