Is TD Life Insurance Worth It? Review (2024)

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Patrik Shore updated on 11 September 2023

TD Life Insurance is offered by one of Canada’s largest financial services groups. While the TD Bank Group is a leader in banking, investment services, insurance, credit cards, and more, TD life Insurance is a fairly young product.

However, could it be the right fit for you? Does it have everything you're looking for? To find out, read our complete review on TD life insurance, including its pros, cons, coverage, pricing, and further.

You can also receive free quotes from multiple providers and compare coverages through our comparator tool to determine if TD is your optimal choice.

TD Life Insurance: 5 key takeaways

  1. TD Life Insurance offers coverage for Canadians seeking financial security with a 10% discount for existing customers.
  2. There is substantial coverage up to $10,000,000, but premiums are higher for those over 35.
  3. Term life options offer guaranteed premiums and coverage without medical exams.
  4. TD's website provides a life insurance calculator and mobile app for policy management.
  5. Compare policies from other providers and get free quotes using HelloSafe comparator.

Our TD life insurance review: Comprehensive coverage from a reputed brand

TD Insurance is part of TD Bank Group which is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has over 90,000 employees worldwide. The company offers TD life and health insurance solutions (and td life and critical illness insurance), as well as other policies, exclusively to Canadian residents and retail customers.

Often referred to as TD Bank life insurance due to the association, it is a favoured policy for millions of Canadians. Unlike many other providers in Canada, TD life insurance (also including td mortgage life insurance) plans are fully underwritten by TD Life Insurance Company.

It is a good solution for those looking to provide comprehensive financial security for their loved ones, especially for current customers who can receive 10% off the life insurance premiums.

Its affiliation with TD Bank Group lends credibility, and the availability of no-medical-exam policies and discounts make the insurance plans quite an impressive option. However, it might not be ideal for everyone.

While it offers a variety of coverage options, it might not provide the same breadth as other insurers. Those over 35 might face higher premiums, and the limited range of riders and products could be limiting for those seeking specialised coverage.

Pros of TD life insurance Canada

  • Up to 10% discount for TD customers
  • Coverage up to $10,000,000
  • No-medical exam policies available
  • Guaranteed Acceptance Life insurance up to $25,000
  • Offered by reputed TD Bank Group

Cons of TD life insurance Canada

  • More expensive than other providers for ages 35+
  • Limited life insurance product range
  • Few riders for the term life products
  • Life cover ends at 80 for standard-term life insurance
  • TD life insurance reviews say customer service is not the best

Good to know

Should a medical examination be necessary, the company will coordinate a visit by a nurse at your convenience, with no cost incurred on your part.

It's best practice to compare multiple providers and weigh the options before deciding if TD is the right choice for you. You could compare td life insurance quotes with others by getting personalized quotes from various providers using our free comparator tool below.

Compare the best life insurance companies

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How much does TD life insurance cost? 

The costs of plans vary essentially depending on the type of coverage you want and certain personal variables. For example, your age, smoking and health status, residence and gender all play a part in determining your life insurance premiums.

Fortunately, the company has costs and quotes available for customers through their website. The table below shows a range of monthly premiums for healthy, non-smoking female and male customers for a 20-year TD term life insurance policy with $250,000 coverage. The premiums also take into consideration the 10% discount available for existing TD customers.

AgeFemale (Premium per month)Male (Premium per month)
Life insurance td prices for 20-year term policy with $250,000 coverage

How to get a TD life insurance quote?

If you are certain the plans from this company are the right fit for you, quotes are readily available through their website and online quoting tool. All you have to do is navigate to the life insurance solutions and link through to their pricing page. Once there, you enter your personal information and requested coverage amount to get a live quote.

Sometimes, however, you won’t be able to finalise your TD life insurance quotes using the online system. This may be due to how you answered some medical questions in the application stage. In those instances, the best way to get accurate policy or plan quotes tailored to suit your unique needs is by contacting a licensed company advisor. 

How to contact TD life insurance?

The customer service can be reached directly via the td life insurance contact methods below, or a call can be requested from an authorised advisor through their website.

TD Life Insurance Contact MethodContact Details
Phone number
1-877-397-4188, Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 10:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Address in Quebec
2990, Pierre-PeladeauSuite/Unit – 200 Laval, Quebec H7T 0B1
Mailing Address
TD Insurance TD Life Insurance Company P.O. Box 1 TD Centre Toronto, Ontario M5K 1A2
TD life insurance contact information

It is worth noting that TD Bank Life Insurance has a 4/5 star rating on Google and they are one of the few providers that have left their Google reviews (td life insurance reviews) visible to the public. However, several of the one-star reviews indicate that the TD life insurance phone number is hard to get a hold of.

What does TD life insurance cover?

It covers Canadians who are looking to protect their families and loved ones from the potential financial burden of their passing. It does so and very effectively by covering all causes of death from natural to accidental, as well as homicide and suicide after two years of continuous coverage.

TD Canada life insurance is the perfect way to provide financial security when planning for family protection, business continuation or in specific situations. Financial security within these three categories can often be broken down into the following.

Family protection

  • Mortgage and rent payments
  • Final expenses such as funeral costs
  • Survivor’s income
  • Higher education and tuition fees

Business continuation

  • Buy and sell agreements
  • Business continuance
  • Collateral insurance

Special needs

  • Surviving critical illness
  • Retirement income
  • Charitable donations

What types of life insurance does TD offer?

The company offers a limited yet good range of insurance products including both temporary and permanent life insurance solutions. TD provides coverage ranging from $50,000 to $10,000,000. These include straightforward 10-year term life and 20-year term life insurance, as well as a hybrid term and whole life insurance product called Term 100 Lifetime Coverage.

All policies are also available at discounted rates if you fulfil either of the criteria below.

Save 10% if:

  • You are a TD customer, or
  • Complete your application online

Save 5% if:

  • You or your spouse are alumni of an eligible Canadian post-secondary institution, or
  • Member of an eligible professional association

TD Term Life Insurance

TD term life insurance comes in two product options: A 10-Year Term and 20-Year Term Life. Both policies are simple temporary-term life insurance plans that are great for those wanting to save money on premiums but still provide good financial security for any dependents.

Both policies come with a range of benefits including the ability to get covered without a medical exam. You can get TD term life insurance quotes using their online tool.

TD Term Life insurance's key features include:

  • Guaranteed premiums
  • Guaranteed renewal
  • Convertible to Term 100 plan before age 69
  • 10-Year or 20-Year term policies
  • No medical exam under age 50 when if healthy and death benefit <$1,000,000
  • 5% or 10% discount available for TD customers
  • Coverage available up to $10,000,000
  • Coverage ends at 80

Here is a sample 10-year term policy with the full description of its features and exclusions.

TD Whole Life Insurance

TD whole life insurance is offered through their permanent Term 100 Lifetime Coverage and Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance policies. These policies are designed for those wanting lifetime coverage for a fixed rate without any specific investment add-ons.

By being a simple whole-of-life Term 100 cover, these products are significantly cheaper than other permanent life insurance options but with most of the same benefits. In order to be eligible for the 100-Year Term plan, you have to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada and aged 18-70. The Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance plan is only available for Canadian residents aged 50-75.

Main features of the TD 100-Year Term Life policy includes:

  • Guaranteed premiums
  • Lifelong coverage
  • Premiums cease at age 100
  • Coverage available up to $10,000,000
  • 5% or 10% discount available for TD customers

Key policy details for the Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance policy:

  • Guaranteed premiums
  • Guaranteed acceptance for those aged 50-75
  • No medical exam required
  • Lifelong coverage
  • Premiums cease at age 100
  • Death benefits available between $5,000-$25,000

Here is a sample policy with the full description of its features and exclusions.

Good to know

It is important to note that there is no "TD Canada trust life insurance", but you may find several online mentions of this team that essentially mean the life insurance offered by TD.

We recommend that you compare the coverage of policies from other life insurance providers to decide what's best for you. You could simply use our comparator below to compare coverage, prices, and get free quotes from the best life insurances in Canada.

Compare the best life insurance companies

Get 20+ quotes in seconds

How to use TD life insurance calculator?

It is not always easy to know how much life insurance you need in order to provide financial security for your family in the event of your passing. That is why HelloSafe has built a life insurance calculator which will tell you exactly how much coverage you need in order to best protect your dependents.

TD Insurance also has a dedicated calculator which can be found on its website. Similar to HelloSafe, the TD calculator uses several variables and financial indicators to give you an estimated coverage that you would need in order to secure the financial future of your dependents.

How does TD life insurance login work?

TD Insurance has a dedicated membership login that can be accessed through its website or mobile app. It is only available for insurance policyholders and the membership portal allows you to manage your TD insurance policies by viewing and updating billing, changing policyholder details and accessing your insurance documents.

The life insurance td bank membership portal is called MyInsurance and policyholders can register an account in just a few minutes by providing their personal information, telephone number and email.

You can call the td life insurance number mentioned earlier if you have any login issues. The td life insurance customer service may have some delays in its response due to a high volume of requests.

td life insurance login
Login details

How to get the mobile app?

The company also has a dedicated mobile app for all their customers called TD Insurance. It is a fully comprehensive application that allows policyholders to manage every aspect of their insurance policies from claims to billing and simply get access to documents. The app is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play.

After installing the app, you'll need to log in using your official account login credentials. If you don't have an account, you may need to register through the app.

td life insurance app.
td insurance life insurance app

How to file a claim with TD Life Insurance?

To initiate your claim, you can simply call 1-877-397-4187. A dedicated team is available to assist you during the following hours: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

Upon reaching out to initiate a claim, you will receive a comprehensive claim form. Alternatively, you have the option to access and download specific claim forms tailored to your needs using your login. These forms include Claim - Life Insurance, Claim - Universal Life Insurance, Claim – GALI Compassionate Advance, and Claim - Term Living Benefit.

Once the necessary claim form is obtained, the original completed form, along with the requisite supporting documentation, should be forwarded to the designated address: TD Life Insurance Company - Claims Department 101 McNabb St Markham, ON L3R 4H8 Canada

It is recommended to retain copies of all forms and supporting documents for future reference.

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