[Survey] 58.2% of Canadians already trust AI to invest their money

Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the investment industry. Thanks to its advanced data analysis and decision-making skills, AI is now very popular with investors. But what do Quebecers think? In a survey conducted on our site during June 2023, we questioned 1,157 people on this topic.


Of respondents say they are very confident or confident in AI-based technologies as an investment support tool.


Of respondents have low confidence or not at all confidence in AI-based technologies as an investment support tool.

73% of people under 25 trust AI as an investment tool

Age plays a crucial role in the confidence placed in AI as an investment support tool. Through our survey, we examined the relationship between age groups and the level of trust in AI. When asked "How confident are you in AI-based technologies as an investment tool?", we find that :

Source: HelloSafe Canada survey (2023)

Expert advice

Alexandre Desoutter, editor-in-chief for HelloSafe Canada:
"An emerging trend among Canadians is their growing confidence in artificial intelligence as an investment tool. Driven by a culture of innovation and openness to new technologies, more and more Quebecers see AI as a reliable partner in managing their money, demonstrating their belief in the potential benefits it can offer to optimise their investments. However, the contribution of AI as an investment tool remains to be fully proven. The next few years will probably bring more clarity on this subject".

For 30.6% of respondents, the main benefit of AI lies in optimizing performance

The use of artificial intelligence as an investment tool is becoming increasingly popular. Its adoption is opening up new opportunities for investors. With this in mind, we asked our respondents the following question: "What benefits do you see in the use of AI in investment?". We note that:

Source: HelloSafe Canada survey (2023)

37.2% of our respondents say they are concerned about the security of their data

The increasing integration of artificial intelligence as an investment tool is raising questions about the risks that may result. "What concerns do you associate with AI-based investment advice?" this is the question we asked in this survey. The responses collected reveal that:

Source: HelloSafe Canada survey (2023)

For 42% of Canadians, AI can be useful for investing in real estate

Artificial intelligence has transformed the investment landscape, opening up new opportunities and changing the way financial decisions are made. We therefore wanted to know which investment products could be managed by AI. From the responses we received, it appears that :

Source: HelloSafe Canada survey (2023)

Good to know

In this section, only the responses of people who expressed a preference for receiving investment advice from an artificial intelligence were taken into account.


In addition to its expert editorial line around insurance and financial products, HelloSafe explores broader topics relating to global consumption in Canada and around the world. The aim is to decipher certain complex subjects for consumers and to provide everyone with the latest information. It is within this framework that HelloSafe regularly carries out studies on trends relating to current personal finance in Canada.

The results presented in this study come from a survey conducted on the hellosafe.ca website during the month of June 2023, aimed at assessing the general feeling towards the use of artificial intelligence as an investment tool among the Canadian population. A representative sample of 1,157 Canadians of all ages was selected, representing the country's geographic and demographic diversity. The survey was published in a targeted manner on specialised investment pages to ensure the relevance and authenticity of the responses obtained.

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