Aurora Shares: Price, Dividends and Performance

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Alexandre Desoutter updated on 6 March 2023

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While Aurora Cannabis stock has lost a lot of value since its IPO, analysts are looking at an interesting recovery in this stock, making it an attractive stock for long-term growth strategies.

How much can you make with Aurora stock?

Get up-to-date and precise information on Aurora stock with its current price, dividend yield, analysis and our opinion.

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This page is for information purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Remember that investing can be risky.

Want to buy shares in Aurora: Our key take-aways

Stock exchange: TSX

  • Stock Index: S&P/TSX 60
  • Dividend 2021: $0
  • Dividend forecast 2022: $0
  • 1 year performance: -68.52%

Should I buy Aurora stock?

The Aurora Cannabis share is currently little followed by investors because of its lack of dividend and its loss of value during the last years but remains a growth share to be seriously considered.

Indeed and considering its current low price and the numerous investments made by this company, it would be a pity not to take advantage of a possible capital gain on the long-term that this stock could offer.

If the company manages to expand its activities internationally, it could generate profits and see its share price rise on the stock market.

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How can I buy shares in Aurora ?

To buy Aurora on the stock market:

  1. Find an online broker offering stock investments.
  2. Open your trading account by filling out a simple form.
  3. Deposit funds into your account.
  4. Search for the stock
  5. Place a buy order to add Aurora to your stock portfolio.

To invest in Aurora, you can go through a traditional investment firm, an online brokerage or speak with a financial advisor.

How much are Aurora shares?

See price chart below to follow Aurora stock price in real time.

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Why Aurora shares could go up:

When we look at the macro and microeconomic situation of the company Aurora Cannabis, several elements currently seem to support a rise in the price of this value with the following points:

  • An increase in the revenue of the medical branch: the medical branch of the Aurora Cannabis group is currently and since 2021 experiencing significant growth internationally. The group continues to develop this high margin market.
  • Largest regulated market: Canada, where Aurora Cannabis operates, is also the second country in the world after Uruguay to have fully legalized cannabis and is currently the largest federally regulated market in the world.
  • A recovery in the recreational cannabis sector: on the other hand, the recreational cannabis segment is on the verge of recovery thanks to an acceleration of new store openings as well as a strong increase in consumer demand.
  • More flexible banking regulations in the U.S.: The U.S. House of Representatives approved the SAFE Banking Act, which now allows banks to work with cannabis businesses without risking penalties.
  • A significant increase in the global market: the global cannabis market is still growing at an estimated rate of 20% per year for the medical cannabis segment alone. By 2026, this market is expected to be worth over $57 billion.

Why Aurora shares could go down:

If Aurora Cannabis is currently benefiting from good elements that are favourable to the rise of its share, some elements are more moderate and indicate more of a decline in this value including:

  • Disappointing results in 2021: the fiscal year 2021 has been rather disappointing for analysts and investors who follow this stock with results below expectations and a significant decline in sales over the four quarters.
  • Negative EBITDA: the EBITDA group's operating result is still in losses for this last fiscal year and the group still cannot generate a margin.
  • Negative analysts' expectations: analysts' opinions regarding the cannabis market are also relatively negative at the moment, notably due to strong pressure on prices.
  • No dividend: of course, the absence of dividend paid to the shareholders of the group is another weak point of this action which can slow down the operations to the purchase.
  • Increasing competition: Aurora Cannabis is facing increasing and aggressive competition from other Canadian and international companies, which reduces the chances of gaining market share.
  • A significant drop in share price: Finally, Aurora Cannabis shares have had a difficult few months recently with a loss of over 90% of their value since 2019.

Can I buy Aurora stock online?

Yes! You can buy Aurora shares online. For many buyers this is the best way to do it. Here's why:

  • The commissions are lower
  • You can choose your own investments
  • You benefit from analysis and decision support tools
  • You can invest in stocks directly or through derivatives like ETFs.

How can I sell my Aurora shares?

In order to sell Aurora Cannabis stock, you must first hold it in your stock portfolio. If not, you must have a margin account to be able to short the stock.

It is also possible to speculate on the decline of this stock without having to buy it by using derivatives such as options or CFDs.

What investment vehicles in Canada can hold Aurora stock?

Aurora shares can be placed in several different savings vehicles including"

  • RRSPs: these registered retirement savings plans offer funds that are accessible at the time of retirement and offer an income tax deferral.
  • TFSAs: tax-free savings accounts is an incredibly popular short-and long-term tax-free investment vehicle.
  • Margin accounts: This account offers leverage and allows you to borrow against the value of the securities you hold to make other investments. It allows you to sell short.
  • Cash accounts: This account allows you to trade stocks on North American markets only.

Online brokers in the market allow you to place buy orders on Aurora Cannabis Canadian stock in a very simple way. This makes it easy to add this stock to your investments.

If you prefer a more diversified strategy, you can also choose to invest in a range of stocks including Aurora stock through an ETF or a mutual fund.

Aurora share price history over 10 years:

Time periodGrowthHighLow
1 week
1 month
3 months
6 months
1 year
3 years
Aurora 10-year performance

Aurora dividends and payment dates

In 2021, the Aurora Cannabis Group did not pay a dividend to its shareholders.

The group has never historically paid its shareholders since its introduction on the stock exchange and this, for several reasons:

  • First of all, the absence of profits of the group and the losses recorded during the last years do not allow him to pay a dividend.
  • The group also prefers to reinvest the money it earns in order to foster its future growth, especially in research and development in the therapeutic cannabis segment.

The Aurora Cannabis Group has not announced a next dividend payment in 2022 or for the following years for the moment but it is of course possible that its distribution policy evolves with time according to its future results.

What is the dividend yield for Aurora over the last 10 years?

The yield on Aurora shares is obtained by dividing the annual dividend by the annual average price.

A stock's yield provides key information about a company's dividend policy and its evolution over time and performance.

Good to know

Annual gross shareholder return = Total dividend for the year ÷ average share price for the same year

Good to know

The 10-year average return = Sum of annual returns ÷ 10

What analysts are saying about Aurora stock:

A critical analysis of Aurora stock:

The current fundamental analysis of Aurora Cannabis stock is rather mixed for a medium to long-term investment with the following indicators:

  • Significant upside potential: the price differential between the current price and the average analyst target is significant, suggesting a potentially significant upside for this stock.
  • Upwardly revised opinions: the opinions of analysts covering the stock have been revised upward several times in recent months.
  • Low profitability: Aurora Cannabis' profitability before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization is low with fragile margins.
  • Strong valuation: the current value of the company corresponds to 3.98 times the turnover of the current year, which shows a significant valuation.
  • Lowered revenue expectations: Over the past year, Aurora Cannabis' revenue expectations have been revised downward several times.
  • Diverging opinions: the opinions and the consensus of the analysts are currently evolving in a scattered way, which reflects a low visibility of the activities or a bad communication of the group.
  • Publications below expectations: finally, and historically, the group has often published below market expectations.

A technical analysis of Aurora stock:

The technical analysis of the Aurora Cannabis share price shows short-term buy signals but longer term sell signals with the following chart indicators:

  • The RSI is currently at 33.431, which sends a strong buy signal on this stock.
  • The same is true of the short and medium-term stochastics which are sending a sell signal while the long-term stochastic is sending an oversold signal.
  • The MACD is moving negatively at -13.944, which is also sending a strong sell signal.
  • Finally, the simple and exponential moving averages over all time frames are sending sell signals.
  • The next support levels for Aurora Cannabis stock are currently at 4.136 and 3.453 and the next resistance levels are located at 5.856 and 6.893.

Who is Aurora?

Aurora Cannabis Group Inc. is a Canadian medical and recreational cannabis company.

The company is engaged in the production, distribution and sale of cannabis and cannabis products to both the Canadian and international markets. The company's revenue are divided between the different segments as follows:

  • Sales in Canada for 86.1%.
  • Sales in the European Union for 12.2%.
  • Sales in the rest of the world for 1.7%.

Le portefeuille d'Aurora Cannabis intègre plusieurs marques dont Aurora, Aurora Drift, San Rafael '71, Daily Special, MedReleaf, CanniMed, Whistler, Reliva et KG7 CBD.

La société produit la majeure partie de ses produits dans des installations au Canada et se concentre actuellement sur le marcgé mondial du cannabis médical, le marché du cannabis récréatif et le marché du CBD dérivé du chanvre.

Sa production annuelle de cannabis avoisinne les 150 000 kg. Le groupe Aurora Cannabis détient et exploite également plusieurs filiales dont 1769474 Alberta Ltd, 2105657 Alberta Inc, Aurora Cannabis Enterprises Inc, Aurora Deutschland, Aurora Nordic Cannabis et Reliva. Il emploie actuellement 1 761 personnes.

Who are Aurora’s competitors?

If the medical and recreational cannabis sector remains relatively small in terms of players at present, Aurora Cannabis still faces some major opponents, the most important of which are:

  • Canopy Growth Corporation: this Canadian company is specialized in the production and sale of cannabis on the medical market in Canada. It also offers recreational cannabis.
  • Tilray Brands Inc: a U.S.-based global pharmaceutical, cannabis and consumer packaged goods company. Although based in the US, the company also has operations in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America. It merged in 2020 with Aphria.
  • Cronos Group: Cronos Group specializes in cannabinoids and focuses primarily on the research, technology and development of cannabis products.

Who are Aurora’s partners?

Since its introduction on the stock market, Aurora Cannabis has had the opportunity to set up various partnerships with other companies and organizations.

  • UFC: the group has notably signed a partnership with the American martial arts organization UFC with the aim of allowing the testing of CBD products on athletes in order to relieve their pain.
  • Ethypharm: another partnership has been set up with Ethypharm as both companies have been selected by the ANSM to offer medical cannabis in the first French experiment in the distribution of medical cannabis.
  • PAX Labs Inc: this company specializing in technology for the cannabis market has partnered with Aurora, Aphria and other cannabis companies to become a brand partner.
  • PSP Investments: The pension fund manager recently purchased over 2.6 million shares of Aurora Cannabis Group.

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