Is TD Dental Insurance worth it? Review 2024

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Sunny Yadav updated on 30 October 2023

Looking for a dental insurance plan that caters to all your needs? TD dental insurance might be a good option to consider.

TD Dental Insurance, offered in collaboration with Green Shield Canada (GSC), provides comprehensive and diverse health and dental coverage options. No matter what your budget is, TD lets you tailor your coverage to your unique health needs. But is it the best for you?

In this review, we take you through the various plans, pros, cons, and costs of TD health and dental insurance. You can also use our free comparator to compare Canada's best health and dental insurance plans and get free quotes so you can find a plan that truly fits you.

TD Dental Insurance: 7 Key Takeaways

  1. TD dental insurance is offered in collaboration with Green Shield Canada (GSC).
  2. It offers a range of health and dental plans to suit various needs and budgets.
  3. The plans cover a wide spectrum of dental services, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  4. TD Insurance has garnered generally positive reviews from customers.
  5. The company does not offer standalone dental plans.
  6. TD-GSC Health Assist ZONE plans provide guaranteed acceptance for certain options.
  7. Applying is convenient, with online and phone application options available.

Our 2024 review of TD dental insurance

TD Insurance offers a variety of dental insurance coverage options in Canada, provided by Green Shield Canada (GSC). These plans are a combination of health and dental coverage.

Its standout features include comprehensive coverage for a wide spectrum of dental services and the convenience of online and phone application options. Best suited for self-employed individuals, small business owners, and those without group benefit plans, TD Dental Insurance offers tailored options for various budgets.

However, it's not ideal for those seeking standalone dental plans, and some procedures like cosmetic dentistry have limited coverage.

To make an informed choice, explore other options and compare rates with our free comparator, ensuring you find a plan that perfectly fits your dental needs and financial considerations. Compare multiple plans and get free quotes in no time right here.

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Here are some of the pros and cons of TD dental insurance:


  • Easy application process
  • Good customer service
  • Reputed company


  • Waiting periods for some services, such as major dental services
  • Limited coverage for some procedures, such as cosmetic dentistry
  • No standalone dental plans

What are the types of TD dental insurance?

There are two types of TD dental insurance offered in collaboration with Green Shield Canada. These are not standalone dental plans but rather health insurance plans that include dental coverage.

GSC Health Assist ZONE plans

These plans offer a suitable solution for individuals without health or dental insurance, as well as business owners, the self-employed, freelancers, and contract or part-time workers.

They encompass eight distinct options, each tailored to provide varying benefits and levels of coverage. Some ZONE plans extend guaranteed acceptance, provided GSC receives the initial premium payment:

Guaranteed Acceptance Plans (Acceptance is ensured upon receipt of the initial premium payment):

  • ZONE 1
  • ZONE 2
  • ZONE 3
  • ZONE Fundamental

Plans Requiring Medical Underwriting:

  • ZONE 4
  • ZONE 5
  • ZONE 6
  • ZONE 7

These plans include an array of benefits such as prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, extended health coverage, and emergency medical travel coverage.

For comprehensive details, refer to this ZONE brochure – all the information you need is there for your reference. Take a moment to explore it.

GSC Health Assist LINK plans

If you find yourself losing your employee benefits due to retirement or a career transition, GSC Health Assist LINK plans could be the perfect fit for your needs. These plans offer supplemental health coverage for the next phase of your life.

There are four distinct LINK plans, each offering different levels of coverage, benefits and pricing:

  • LINK 1
  • LINK 2
  • LINK 3
  • LINK 4

These plans include a wide array of benefits, such as prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, extended health coverage, preferred hospital accommodations, and emergency medical travel coverage. 

Notably, all LINK plans are designed to cover pre-existing medical conditions which might be particularly helpful when it comes to dental care for seniors without insurance currently.

For comprehensive information, refer to the PDF below. Take a moment to review it and get all the details you need.

What is the cost of TD dental insurance? 

The cost of TD-GSC Health Assist ZONE and LINK plans varies depending on the plan that you choose, your age, and where you live.

Here are the monthly rates for ZONE 1 plans for BC residents:

Age RangeSingleCoupleFamily
TD dental insurance cost: ZONE plans

To explore the rates for other plans and locations, download this TD Insurance brochure:

For LINK 1 plans, BC residents can expect to pay:

Age RangeSingleCoupleFamily
TD dental insurance cost: LINK plans

For more information, download this rate brochure:

Getting personalized quotes and comparing the competition is essential. You can use our comparator below to get personalized quotes for the best health and dental insurance options in Canada in a few seconds.

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What does TD dental insurance cover? 

Here are the coverage options for GSC Health Assist ZONE plans (basic dental services):

ZONE PlanCoverage
ZONE Fundamental
Year 1: 80%
Year 2+: 90%
TD dental insurance coverage: ZONE plans

To know about other coverage details for ZONE plans, such as major services, recall frequency, and more, download this brochure:

Here are the details about the maximum limits of LINK plans:

LINK PlanYear 1 MaximumYear 2 MaximumYear 3+ Maximum
TD dental insurance coverage: LINK plans

To know about other coverage details of LINK plans, such as major services, recall frequency, and more, download this brochure:

Who is eligible for TD dental insurance?

For GSC Health Assist LINK plans, you can confidently apply if you meet these three essential eligibility criteria:

  • You fall within the age range of 18 to 79.
  • You are a Canadian resident with valid provincial health insurance like OHIP (Note: Quebec residents should also have RAMQ).
  • You submit your application within 90 days of the termination of your group health coverage.

The third condition isn’t mandatory for ZONE plans — the first two are.

The unique aspect of LINK plans is that they require no medical inquiries or health examinations when you apply. Moreover, they are designed to offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, and your acceptance is guaranteed, contingent on GSC receiving the initial premium payment.

Now, how does GSC Health Assist LINK work?

  1. To ensure your eligibility, GSC must receive your LINK application along with the initial payment within 90 days of the conclusion of your group health benefit coverage.
  2. Upon GSC's receipt of your initial payment, your acceptance is guaranteed.
  3. Once your application is approved, your LINK coverage remains in place for life, regardless of your age or any changes in your health, as long as your payments are consistently made.

If you think you are eligible for TD dental insurance and think it's the right choice for you, we recommend you compare other plans before buying a TD policy. You can use our comparator below to compare the best health and dental plans and get personalized quotes in seconds right here.

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How to contact TD dental insurance? 

There are two ways to contact and apply for TD dental insurance (GSC Health Assist ZONE and LINK plans):


You can apply for a ZONE/LINK plan online through the GSC Health Assist website.

  • You will need to create an account and provide some personal information, such as your name, address, date of birth, and contact information.
  • You will also need to choose the ZONE/LINK plan that you want to apply for.

TD dental insurance phone number

You can also apply for a ZONE/LINK plan over the phone by calling GSC Health Assist at 1-888-788-0839.

A GSC Health Assist representative will be able to help you choose the right plan for your needs and answer any questions that you have.

  • Once you have applied for a ZONE plan, GSC Health Assist will review your application and notify you of their decision.
  • If you are approved, you will receive a welcome package with more information about your plan and how to file claims.
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