The Best Dental Insurance in Alberta 2023

James James updated on 28 October 2022

Let's be honest, when was the last time you saw a dentist? Statistics show that 1 in 10 Canadians avoid certain foods due to tooth pain, putting off solving the problem by seeing a dental professional.

Perhaps it is the expense that is putting you off? While Albertans enjoy universal healthcare, dental insurance is not one of those included benefits.

But dental problems can go beyond mild discomfort and unappealing aesthetics. Certain gum and tooth problems can rapidly develop into serious illnesses if left unchecked.

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How much do dental services cost in Alberta?

Dental procedures range from three-figure basic services to eye-watering six-digit digit complex operations. All the more reason to have insurance in place so you never risk having to shoulder the full cost!

Let's look at some examples:

Edwyn, 36, has cracked a tooth while eating a sandwich on his lunch break in Calgary. He needs an emergency dental crown so that he can get through the rest of his day! At a minimum, this will cost him $825 plus lab fees plus $69.67 for an emergency exam. Luckily Edwyn has just made a big sale at work so he can afford this, but could you?

Tanya, 23, by contrast, has no money to spare. She has just moved to Edmonton and the job she was relying on getting has fallen through. Even worse, distracted by her phone while driving the U-Haul she hit a lampost and knocked out both of her front teeth. Clearly, she needs implants as soon as possible before her next job interview but the cost of a single implant in Alberta can be anywhere between $900 to $100,000. Luckily for Tanya, she is still on her parents' dental policy but how would she manage if she had no insurance?

Take a look below to see some typical pricing for other routine dental procedures:

New patient exam (child)
$77.18 - $105.20
New patient exam (adult)
New patient exam (emergency)
Root planing
Fluoride treatment
Panoramic x-rays
Bitewing x-rays
Periapical x-rays
$148.05 - $384.37
Braces / orthodontics
$2,999 - $5,495
Invisalign orthodontics
$1,799 - $5,495
Myobrace orthodontics
$3,199 - $4,295
Cost of dental services in Alberta.

Good to know

The Alberta Dental Association and College typically update their pricing every two to three years.

See the Alberta dental fee guide for 2022 below.

The cost of dental care in Alberta can be expensive and significant. A private dental insurance plan can help you access these services without the stress.

How do I purchase a private dental insurance plan in Alberta?

Dental insurance can be part of a wider health insurance policy or can be purchased separately. If you already have medical insurance, it might be worth talking to your provider to see if you qualify for any deals they might offer.

On the other hand, you might want to keep the policies separate so that a claim for dental does not affect your medical premiums and visa versa. Using our comparison tool you can run a simulation and see which companies are offering the best deals today:

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What services are covered under a private dental plan?

Services and coverage vary from insurer to insurer, but typically a dental policy will cover between 70% to 100% of costs.

Typically you will be able to choose between purchasing basic or comprehensive insurance. A basic insurance package will cover routine procedures and regular checks ups.

Basic dental insurance

  • oral examinations, x-rays
  • polishing, fluoride treatments
  • fillings
  • scaling and root planing
  • minor repairs
  • extractions

A comprehensive dental insurance policy will cover more complex dental procedures, such as surgery, as well as non-essential, aesthetic treatments like orthodontics.

Comprehensive dental insurance

  • root canals
  • treating gum diseases
  • braces
  • oral surgery
  • crowns
  • bridges
  • dentures and repairs

How much does private dental insurance cost in Alberta?

An Albertan can expect to pay between $59.70 and $148.50 per month for private dental care.

The cost of dental care can vary dramatically depending on the insurance provider and the amount of coverage you are looking for.

To compare plans and providers to make sure you are getting the best price for your coverage needs, check out our comparison tool.

Are dental services covered under AHCIP?

Dental services are generally not covered under provincial plans like the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. In fact, did you know that according to the Canadian Dental Association, nearly 94% of dental spending in Canada is covered by a private dental insurance plan?

However, AHCIP will cover some specific dental, oral and reconstructive surgery. These services will only be covered if they are performed in a hospital.

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Are there dental benefits for seniors in Alberta?

Alberta offers dental benefits for low-income seniors but in order to be eligible for those benefits, seniors will have to meet certain requirements. Residents must:

  • be 65 years old+
  • be an Alberta resident and have resided in Alberta for at least three months before applying
  • be a Canadian citizen or legal immigrant
  • have submitted a completed Seniors Financial Assistance application form

You can fill out the Seniors Financial Assistance form below:

Take a look at the chart below which matches annual income with program limits:

Marital statusTotal household annual incomeDental benefits
Single senior
$0 to $2, 285100% (maximum coverage)
Single senior
$29,286 to $31,67599 to 10% (partial coverage)
Single senior
Over $31,675Not eligible
Senior couple
$0 to $58,570100% (maximum coverage)
Senior couple
$58,571 to $63,35099% to 100% (partial coverage)
Senior couple
Over $63,350Not eligible
Income requirements for senior dental services in Alberta

If you qualify for these benefits, you will be covered by the routine and essential procedures included in basic dental coverage, with the addition of denture care and root canals.

Aesthetic procedures such as orthodontics are not covered by these benefits.

Dental clinics in Alberta may have charges above what is covered by the benefits. In this case, you will need to pay the difference or find a cheaper clinic.

Is there low-income dental assistance in Alberta?

Alberta does offer low-income dental assistance. If you find yourself in need of dental services that you are unable to pay for, you can visit a dental Public Health clinic. They offer reduced fees for dental services to low-income Alberta residents.

In order to qualify for low-income dental assistance, you need to live full-time in Alberta and be able to demonstrate that you fall into a low-income bracket. If you have a dental insurance plan you will not qualify for low-income dental assistance.

Dental Public Health clinics will perform routine and emergency dental procedures. They will not provide aesthetic treatments like orthodontics. To benefit from low-income dental assistance please fill out the form below:

Can I get Alberta Works emergency dental coverage?

All Albertan recipients of the following programs are entitled to full dental coverage:

  • Income Supports (Expected to Work or Barriers to Full Employment)
  • Learners
  • Alberta Adult Health Benefit (AAHB)

For a full list of those who qualify and what procedures are covered, please check out the form below:

Interested in dental care that is more than just the basics? Have a look at our comparison tool for private dental insurance:

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