[Road Safety] Distracted driving deaths up 65% in one year in Alberta

Distracted driving is a major problem that continues to take a heavy toll, in Alberta and across Canada. This report takes a look at the damage this growing phenomenon is doing on our roads.

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  • The number of deaths related to distracted driving has increased by 65% in 1 year in Alberta
  • 25.17% of fatal collision in Alberta are caused by distracted driving
  • In 2021, 76 Albertans died as a result of distracted drivers - compared to 348 deaths across Canada
  • Distracted Albertans face a minimum fine of $287 for a violation, one of the lowest penalties in the country

Distracted driving is responsible for 25.17% of road fatalities in Alberta

Distracted driving refers to any action that takes the driver's attention away from the road, causes him or her to let go of the wheel and divert attention from driving. This unfortunate phenomenon is the cause of many deaths in Alberta. For the year 2021, 25.17% of deaths on Alberta roads were caused by distracted driving, compared to 25.32% in 2019.

Source: Government of Alberta

Good to know

Distracted driving does not only affect the distracted driver, fatalities also include other drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

In 2021, 76 people died in Alberta due to distracted driving

The consequences of distracted driving are unfortunately very real. According to the most recent data we could collect, 76 people died as a result of traffic crashes caused by distracted driving. That's 30 more deaths than in 2020, an increase of 65% in one year.

Source: Government of Alberta

In Canada, distracted driving is the second biggest cause of traffic deaths after speeding

Nationally, how much of a factor is distracted driving in road fatalities? 1,768 Canadians are estimated to have lost their lives in 2021 as a result of a fatal collision. Distracted driving would be responsible for 19.7% of road deaths nationally, or about 348 victims directly related to this infraction in that same year. In comparison, speed is responsible for 24.7% of fatal collisions, and 18% are caused by environmental factors (weather, roadway defects, adverse traffic conditions).

Source: Transport Canada (Government of Canada)

With a minimum fine of $287, Alberta is among the least strict provinces for distracted driving

All Canadian provinces have legislative measures in the form of fines, demerits and licence suspensions to punish distracted driving. The following table shows the different penalties in the provinces of Canada:

ProvinceFineDemeritsLicence suspension
$287 3 DemeritsNo
British Columbia
$5434 DemeritsTwo or more infractions within 12 months can result in a 3-12 month prohibition
Prince Edward Island
$500 - $1 200 5 DemeritsNo
$6725 DemeritsFirst Conviction:
3-day suspension

Subsequent offences:
7-day suspension
New Brunswick
$2805 DemeritsNo
Nova Scotia
First Conviction:

Second Conviction:

Subsequent Conviction:
4 DemeritsNo
First Conviction:
$615 – $1,000

Second Conviction:
$615 – $2,000

Subsequent Conviction:
$615 – $3,000
First Conviction:
3 Demerits

Second Conviction:
6 Demerits

Subsequent Conviction:
6 Demerits
First Conviction:
3-day suspension

Second Conviction:
7-day suspension

Subsequent Conviction:
30-day suspension
$300 - $600 5 DemeritsFirst Conviction:
3-day suspension

Second Conviction:
7-day suspension

Subsequent Conviction:
30-day suspension
$5804 DemeritsPenalties rise incrementally for second and third offences
Newfoundland and Labrador
$300 - $1,0004 DemeritsNo
Source: CAA National

Good to know

A total of 13,898 fines were issued in Alberta in 2022, which represents an annual amount of the fines of $3,988,726.

Distracted driving is more than just texting

When driving, the sources of distraction are multiple and can be visual, manual, cognitive and auditory. These sources do not stop at simply sending a text message or email. For everyone's safety, when you are driving you must not be:

distracted driving 1

Source: Canada Drives


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