The top 5 weirdest insurance policies that we hope you never purchase

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Alexandre Desoutter updated on 26 August 2022

Nowadays, the great majority of humans are insured to cover the main risks of their everyday life. Car insurance, home insurance, health insurance or even travel insurance are now basic mainstream insurance policies that are in some countries mandatory to have by law. However, the imagination of the insurance providers is sometimes very prolific. To respond to the expectations of their great diversity of clients, they sometimes issue very unexpected policies! Here is our top 6 of the weirdest insurance policies on the market.

Kidnap and ransom insurance

kidnap insurance
(Credit: Pavlofox / Pixabay)

When living in a quite safe country such as the United Kingdom or Canada, kidnap and ransom insurance may seem a very strange thing. However, some countries in the world are faced with very difficult internal safety situations. That is why Mexico, Venezuela, Haiti or Nigeria are the countries most often named in those weird insurance contracts that cover individuals operating in high-risks areas - such diplomats, businessmen or humanitarian staff.

Alien insurance

alien insurance
Better be insured if aliens come out the area 51! (credit: EliasSch / Pixabay)

The risk of an alien invasion has always obsessed Hollywood as well as a broad passionates audience in the United Kingdom. Indeed, in the early 2000s’, the Telegraph reported that a UK-based insurance company had sold 37,000 policies in the country, protecting its clients against the risk of an alien abduction. The 0 risk never exists, they say! Better being well covered in case the green men overwhelm our planet.

Body parts insurance

smile insurance
Never thought about insuring your smile? (Credit : Alexandr Ivanov / Pixabay)

Some celebrities depend on a particular part of their body to earn their money. That is why their insurance providers have imagined tailored policies to insure their most precious personal assets. For example, did you know that Rihanna has a $1 million insurance cover for her legs? A singer as famous as Bruce Springsteen has his vocal cords covered for a sum up to $6 million. What about you? Which precious part of your body would you like to be insured?

Unusual pet insurance

python insurance
You should definitely look after your lovely python (credit: Skeeze / Pixabay)

You may want to have an original pet, different from a cat, a rabbit or the yorkshire of your mother. If you are up to welcoming home a python, a chimpanzee or a tarantula, know that you are still eligible for insurance, which will obviously be adapted to your special friends’ particular needs. Here is a little detail which should call your attention: some insurance plans even include the costs of stuffing your animal when he comes to die. How would you refuse such an offer?

Divorce insurance

divorce insurance
Some might wish to be prepared again the worst (Credit: Tumisu / Pixabay)

Can you imagine the worst the day you marry the one you love? That’s the bet made by some insensitive insurance providers, who understood that the high divorce rates registered in the Western countries could encourage individuals (or even couples!) to book a cover in case they divorce one day. Indeed, a divorce can be very costly, considering the legal fees incurred, child support payments or compensation costs. Who said that insurers had to be romantic?

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