[Survey] 32% of Quebecers won't move on July 1 because of prices

In the run-up to Moving Day, traditionally held every July 1 across Quebec, HelloSafe wanted to find out what Canadians are doing on this special date. We conducted a survey from May 1 to 31, to which 452 participants responded via the HelloSafe Canada platform. Moving on July 1 is a well-established tradition in Canada, especially in Quebec. This date is often referred to as "Moving Day". Among our Quebecers respondents who plan to move house within the 6 coming months, only 16.2% are planning to move on July 1, 2023.

Good to know

The results presented above include respondents who answered "yes" to the question "Are you planning to move house in the next 6 months?".

25% of Quebecers are considering a move for professional reasons

We also asked our users to tell us why they move. In the top 3 reasons why Quebecers move, we find :

Then comes the desire to save money on bills (13.9% of responses) and finally the wish to be closer to family (for 8.3% of respondents).

Only 13.7% of respondents say they fear traffic congestion on July 1

For some, moving on July 1 isn't necessarily the most attractive option. We wanted to find out why. Among the reasons that may discourage people from moving on July 1 are :

So, even if July 1 remains a popular date for moving in Quebec, these various reasons may still lead some to consider other dates.

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Guillaume Lahoud, cofounder of MovingWaldo

" It is not surprising at all to see people discouraged about moving on July 1st in Quebec. Indeed, a few years ago, Hydro-Quebec reported 200,000 moves that day, which is more than 20% of the moves that occur during the year in the province. On July 1st in Quebec, it is not uncommon to see moving or truck rental prices double, and even be cancelled or postponed at the last minute.

That is why we encourage everyone who is moving during the busy period to book an experienced and professional moving team and always reconfirm the movers' arrival time in advance. Even then, flexibility will be needed during this weekend which is also extremely difficult for all industry players. If you have the choice, it will also be more economical to move in the middle of a month (from the 12th to the 20th, for example), or during the week rather than the weekend. The traffic is often lower, and the prices are accordingly lower".

For 41% of respondents, the price of moving house doesn't matter

Prices for house moving services can vary by as much as double in Quebec, depending on the date. But are Quebecers willing to pay the price? Responses to our survey indicate that :


In addition to its expert editorial line around insurance and financial products, HelloSafe explores broader topics relating to global consumption in Canada and around the world. The aim is to decipher certain complex subjects for consumers and to provide everyone with the latest information. It is within this framework that HelloSafe regularly carries out studies on trends relating to current personal finance in Canada.

This document is based on a survey of 452 Quebec residents conducted between May 1 and May 31, 2023 via the HelloSafe Canada platform, using a representative sample of Quebec society. In addition, the sample only includes people who have previously answered "yes" to the question "Are you planning to move in the next 6 months?".

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