[Interactive map] How much will a pint of beer cost in the world in 2021?

Many people have heard of the Big Mac Index, the indicator that tracks the price of McDonald's famous burger around the world. This indicator aims to give an idea of the purchasing power of countries on all continents.

We have decided to create an indicator of the same type, no longer taking the Big Mac as a reference but... beer! This drink consumed all over the world (whether in its alcoholic or non-alcoholic version) makes a nice means of comparison.

These prices were collected in November 2021. They were obtained by cross-referencing five different sources.

The top 3 countries where beer is the cheapest around the world

Sierra Leone

$US 0.49
$CA 0.60


$US 0.84
$CA 1.04


$US 0.99
$CA 1.22

The top 3 countries where beer is the most expensive around the world


$US 12.67
$CA 15.66

United Arab Emirates

$US 12.12
$CA 14.98


$US 10.74
$CA 13.27

The price of a beer in a selection of countries

We have made a comparison of the price of a pint of beer in several countries.

Which are the biggest beer-producing countries worldwide?

Beer is produced in around 160 countries worldwide, located on all continents. Here is a ranking of countries by beer production:

China (around 40 million tons)

China is definitely the number 1 beer-producing country. The volumes of beer produced and consumed in the country have decreased in the past years, but the value of the beer market has still increased thanks to an increased interest in premium beers. The most famous Chinese beer brand would be Tsingtao.

US (over 21 million tons)

As for China, the US is also producing less beer but an increase in the sales of craft beers in the last years has led to an increase in the beer market value. Some of the best-known US beer brands are Budweiser, MolsonCoors or Bud Light.

Brazil (around 14 million tons)

As surprising as it might be, Brazil actually produces a lot of beer. Beer production in Brazil was learnt through German immigrants in the 1800s.

Germany (over 8 million tons)

Germany is a big beer-producing country and also a big beer exporter, with many popular brands.

Mexico (over 8 million tons)

Just as for Brazil, beer production techniques were introduced to Mexicans with the arrival of German immigrants. There actually only 2 big companies which produce beer in Mexico: FEMSA and Grupo Modelo.

Which countries have the biggest beer consumtion per capita?

You are quickly going to see that a lot of the countries consuming beer the most are European countries. Here are the top 5 countries with the biggest beer consumption:

RankCountryAverage annual consumption
Czech Republic148,6 liters
Austria107,8 liters
Germany106,1 liters
Estonia102,4 liters
Poland98,5 liters
Source : LARVF

1 beer = how many grams?

A pint of beer contains about 20 grams of alcohol or 25.4 mL. This is equivalent to the amount of alcohol found in, say, two 10 cL glasses of wine.

How many sugar cubes in a beer?

A glass of beer is equivalent to consuming 5 sugar cubes in terms of calories, making it only slightly more caloric than wine but far less than a whiskey and coke. However, the alcoholic beverage that still has the fewest calories is cider, which is equivalent to less than 3 pieces of sugar.

Who invented beer?

Beer was invented by monks during the Middle Ages. At that time, it was not uncommon for water to be contaminated, so the monks wanted to find a solution to eliminate the germs. They wanted to produce wine but the Belgian climate was not suitable for growing grapes. They then turned to the culture of cereals such as barley. The practice of brewing beer has become an important part of Belgian culture and is recognized worldwide.

How long does it take to eliminate a beer?

It takes between one and two hours to eliminate a glass of alcohol. So it takes about 4 hours to eliminate a pint of beer, which is equivalent to two glasses of alcohol.

Good to know

Thanks to our blood alcohol level calculator, you can determine how long it will take to eliminate alcohol from your system.

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