[Travel Map] 10 Dream Islands To spend Your Summer Vacation & Forget About Covid-19

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Alexandre Desoutter updated on 26 August 2022

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The prices displayed correspond to a trip from Saturday July 31 to Saturday August 14, 2021. They were taken on Google Flights on Monday March 1, and are therefore subject to change over time. Prices will be updated on a regular basis.

Are you tired of enduring the cold temperatures of the Canada winter, and spring seems like a distant prospect? So we invite you to plan now in the summer! We have selected for you 10 dream islands where to spend your summer vacation, where beaches and sun will make you forget the painful moments of winter and the Covid-19 pandemic. Watch and give yourself a dream!

Will travel be possible this summer ?

This is obviously the question everyone is asking. If it is impossible to predict what will the Covid-19 pandemic be like this summer, it is clear that the spread of the virus has been declining globally on the American continent (North and South) since February. In addition, the vaccination campaigns launched across the continent should gradually start to bear fruit. However, it should be borne in mind that it is not certain that you will be able to travel everywhere this summer.

Is it risky to buy airline tickets with Covid-19 still going on ?

As said in the previous paragraph, there is a significant amount of uncertainty about the health situation for next summer. However, it is possible to take advantage of this situation by purchasing discounted airline tickets and vacation plans. Indeed, the tourism industry will seek to rebound after a complicated year. So you have to be on the lookout for good deals. In addition, many companies offer free cancellation or, failing that, the possibility of moving your trip if it is impossible to reach the chosen destination.

Our top 4 paradise islands to travel this summer from Canada

To give you a little to dream in this very dark period, the editorial team of Hellosafe.ca concocted a list of 10 accessible islands from the 4 main cities of departure from Canada, namely: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Here are our favorite islands to be reached from these 4 airports.

From Toronto : Cayo Coco, idleness in Cuba with direct flights

cuba 1936262 1280
Cayo Coco is famous for its translucent waters (credit : Andromachos Dimitrokallis / Pixabay)

Among the islands accessible by direct flights from Toronto, Cayo Coco is a particularly attractive destination. Located on a small piece of land separated by a few kilometers from the main island of Cuba, this seaside resort far from large urban centers is the ideal refuge for a stay marked with the seal of disconnection. Many all-inclusive packages exist, perfect for those who wish to stay in their little bubble of paradise. Round trip accessible from $ 679 AR from July 31 to August 14, 2021.

From Calgary : Key West, Florida at the end of the world

key west 877340 1280
All around Key West you'll be surrounded by the ocean (credit : Dayron Villaverde)

Located 207 kilometers south of Miami, the city of Key West is the southernmost point of the mainland United States. You reach this destination with US Route 1, an improbable road that connects countless small keys one to another. 170 kilometers as the crow flies from Havana, Key West is therefore the most Caribbean destination that you'll find in the continental US. The city is particularly famous for having counted among its inhabitants the eccentric writer Ernest Hemingway. Round trip accessible from $ 507 from July 31 to August 14, 2021.

From Vancouver : Hawaii, a dream Pacific destination

waikiki 2244523 1920
Waikiki is the most famous beach in Honolulu (credit: Pixabay)

Given its geographic position, British Columbia has a habit of looking to the Pacific. With cheap direct flights proposed by WestJet, Hawaii is the perfect destination to leave the mainland and take a deep breath. With its delicious weather and its geographical wonders, Hawaii has everything to make you forget the pandemic and the harshness of winter! Round trip available from $ 512 from July 31 to August 14, 2021.

From Montreal : San Andres (Colombia), your most exotic choice

colombia 180788 1280 1
View from the heights of San Andres (credit : Julian Zapata / Pixabay)

Many ignore that Colombia has its Caribbean islands, with the archipelago formed by San Andres and its little sister Providencia, located off the coast of Nicaragua. Two small paradises with turquoise waters, bordered by idyllic beaches. With this little exotic touch brought by the locals - called Raizales - whose Creole tinged with English and the penchant for the Rasta culture connect with Jamaica where their ancestors are from. Round trip available from $ 872 AR for a trip from July 31 to August 14, 2021.

Should I purchase a travel insurance plan ?

Given the current pandemic circumstances, it may be useful to take out travel insurance to protect yourself in the event of sudden cancellation of your trip or any other incident that could occur on site (medical care or repatriation in particular ). Indeed, you never know what can happen, and on sometimes isolated islands, it is better to be well insured if you want to avoid paying a hefty bill. To find the best plan, you can consult the comparator that we put at your disposal, by clicking on the button below.

Beware, Covid-19 is often excluded from travel insurance plans, so read your contract well before purchasing.

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