Canadians To Spend $87.6 On Average For Halloween This Year

In 2022, the budget allocated by Canadians to Halloween should increase by 28.4%. But in a context of generalized inflation, spending more could nevertheless rhyme with buying less. Overall, Canadians should spend a total amount of $1.64 billion for Halloween, up 28.4% in one year.

Keep in mind

  • At $87.6 in 2022, Canadians' average budget for Halloween should increase by 28.4% in comparison with last year
  • This year, Canadians should spend a total amount of $1.64 billion for Halloween
  • Costumes, candies and pumpkins represent more than 84% of Canadians' budget for Halloween
  • $486 million in candies could be sold all across Canada during the month of October 2022

A 28.4% increase in the average budget allocated to Halloween in Canada this year compared to 2021

This year, the budget for Canadian participants in Halloween should go up again for the second year in a row. It is expected to rise from $68.2 in 2021 to $87.6 this year, an increase of 28.4%. However, this budget remains 9.6% lower than that of 2019 ($97) - the last year before the pandemic, a sign that the harmful effects of Covid-19 are not quite behind us yet.

Sources: StatCan, RCC, HelloSafe

$1.64 billion: the total spending for Halloween in Canada in 2022, i.e. +21.5% in one year

Halloween is an important date for many industries in Canada (see next section). In 2022, Canadians spend a total of $1.53 billion for Halloween, thanks to the increase average budget of Canadian participants in Halloween. This means:

Sources: StatCan, RCC, HelloSafe

Costumes account for nearly half of Canadians' budget for Halloween

How do Canadians spend on Halloween? In 2022, costumes are expected to still be the single largest expense item - $41.5 on average per participant, e.g. 47.5% of the total budget on average. Next come:

Sources: StatCan, RCC, HelloSafe

$486 million worth of candy to be sold across Canada for the only month of October 2022

For the vast majority of Canadian children, the essence of Halloween folklore lies in ringing the doorbell on neighbors' doors to ask for candy. Even if inflation may mean parents taking more care of their budget, many candies may be distributed all across Canada this year. As a result, it is expected to sell for $486 million in candy across Canada for the entire month of October 2021:

Sources: StatCan, RCC, HelloSafe

Our methodology

This study is based on information from public and private sources, which include: Statistics Canada, the Retail Council of Canada, and the West Foundation.'s estimates for the year 2021 were carried out by our team of data analysts, on demographic, economic, geographic criteria and including public health data related to the Covid-19 epidemic.

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