[Survey] 71.7% Albertans worry over inflation impact on energy bills

Albertans fear to see their energy bills go up and massively call for the government to help them. That's what shows a survey conducted by HelloSafe during the month of October in Canada, and to which 1068 people answered. Here are the main findings or this survey:

Good to know

  • More than 7 Albertans out of 10 fear the effect of inflation on their energy bills this winter
  • 80% of Albertans say they would support a freeze on energy prices by the government
  • 70% of Albertans think the government should give people more money to help them pay their energy bills
  • More than 66% of Albertans say the are willing to decrease their energy consumption to face their winter bills

Alberta is the province where people worry the most about their energy bills this winter

Compared to the Western European countries, Canada is much more autonomous concerning energy supplies. However, when asked "Are you worried about the effects of inflation on your energy bills this coming winter?", 71.7% of Albertans that participated in our survey answered "yes" - this is 4.2 points more than the national results (67.5%), as illustrates the graph below:

56.1% of Ontarian respondents say they will decrease their energy consumption

Within the survey, we asked people in Alberta what they would do to face increasing energy bills. The answers show that :

4 Albertans out of 5 in favor of a freeze on energy prices by the government

With inflation striking hard all across Canada, we tried to evaluate on which extent Canadians expect help from the government to face their energy bills increase this winter. The answers we collected through our survey show that a vast majority of Albertans hope for such support from public authorities:

70% of Albertans think the government should give people more money to help them pay their energy bills

Rather than freezing the energy prices, another possible measure for the government consists of giving money to the people to help them pay their energy bills. But do Canadians support such measures? The answers we collected give interesting insight:

Our methodology

This study is based upon the results of a survey conducted on the hellosafe.ca platform during the month of October 2022, to which 1068 people from all across Canada responded.

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