[Survey] $444: Canadians' average budget for gifts this Christmas 2022

With the holiday season fast approaching, inflation is weighing more than ever on household budgets across Canada. We conducted a survey of 821 Canadians from November 11 to 30, 2022 how their purchasing behaviour would change this year given general price increases.

Good to know

  • 72.5% of Canadians say they will change their Christmas purchase intentions because of inflation
  • 50.8% of survey respondents plan to spend less money than last year for Christmas
  • Canadians' gifts budget should average $444 per household this year
  • To cope with inflation, 31.4% of Canadians plan to give fewer gifts this year.

50.8% of Canadians say they want to spend less this year for Christmas

We asked Canadians "How much are you willing to spend this year on your Christmas gifts?" to measure their purchase intentions. While 37.3% say they plan to spend roughly the same amount as last year, 50.8% of them say they want to spend less.

Following the answers we collected, the average budget allocated by Canadians for Christmas gifts is $444.60 per family. We noticed big differences between the different provinces:

72.5% of Canadians say inflation will impact their purchases for Christmas

72.5% of Canadians answered "yes" to the question "Will inflation have an impact on your Christmas purchases this year?". This is a sign that inflation will weigh heavily on purchasing behaviour. We observed this trend across Canada's most populous provinces:

31.4% of Canadians will offer fewer gifts for Christmas because of the inflation

Following our previous questions, we asked people what behaviour they would adopt (or not) to face inflation this year as the holiday season approaches. It appears that only 19.2% of Canadians do not plan to change their buying habits. For the rest of our respondents:

Our methodology

In addition to its expert editorial line around insurance and financial products, HelloSafe explores broader topics relating to global consumption in Canada and around the world. The aim is to decipher certain complex subjects for consumers and to provide everyone with the latest information. It is within this framework that HelloSafe regularly carries out studies on trends relating to current personal finance in Canada.

This survey was conducted from November 11 to 30, 2022 on the HelloSafe platform in Canada. A total of 821 people responded, representative of the demographic and geographic diversity of the province.

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