Alexandre Desoutter has been working as editor-in-chief and head of press relations at HelloSafe since June 2020. A graduate of Sciences Po Grenoble, he worked as a journalist for several years in French media, and continues to collaborate as a contributor to several publications. In this sense, his role leads him to carry out steering and support work with all HelloSafe editors and contributors so that the editorial line defined by the company is fully respected and declined through the texts published daily on our platforms. As such, Alexandre is responsible for implementing and maintaining the strictest journalistic standards within the HelloSafe editorial staff, in order to guarantee the most accurate, up-to-date information on our platforms and expert as possible. Alexandre has in particular undertaken for two years now the implementation of a system of systematic double-checking of all the articles published within the HelloSafe ecosystem, able to guarantee the highest quality of information.

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[Guest post] 5 Questions to Ask When You Shop for Health Insurance

Comparing health and dental insurance can be overwhelming. There are a ton of plan options out there, each with different coverage inclusions and limitations and different eligibility requirements. To find the best plan for you, it’s important to look beyond the monthly cost, and learn how to evaluate insurance options holistically. 

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Life insurance in Canada: key figures and trends in 2023

The report "Life Insurance in Canada: Key Figures and Trends to 2023" provides an in-depth analysis of the current state of the life insurance industry in Canada and its provinces, highlighting key data and significant developments within the sector. In particular, the document examines the distribution of policies, premiums collected, the median age of policyholders,…

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[Report] Health Insurance Market in Canada : Key Figure & Trends in 2023

As in many countries, the Canadian health insurance system is made up of provincial public health insurance plans, supplemented by private insurance offerings that cover the bulk of health expenses for the citizens of our country. In this study, we look at the key data, statistics and figures for the health insurance market in Canada,…

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[Survey] 62.6% of Canadians don't know about pet insurance

More than one in two Canadian households owns a pet. Yet pet insurance is still a relatively new product in our province. We therefore questioned 1,079 pet owners on the subject, to find out how Canadians relate to this insurance product.

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HelloSafe Awarded Best Financial Services Comparison Company 2023 in Canada

Montreal, September 5, 2023 - HelloSafe, a world leader in the online comparison of financial products and services, is proud to announce that it has been named "Best Financial Services Comparison Company 2023 - Canada" by the prestigious British magazine Wealth and Finance.

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[Survey] 58.2% of Canadians already trust AI to invest their money

Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the investment industry. Thanks to its advanced data analysis and decision-making skills, AI is now very popular with investors. But what do Quebecers think? In a survey conducted on our site during June 2023, we questioned 1,157 people on this topic.

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[Survey] 32.1% of Canadians say they are dissatisfied with their health insurance premiums

Discover how much Canadians really pay for their health insurance. We conducted a survey from 1 to 31 September 2023, to which 1,762 participants responded via the HelloSafe Canada platform. Among our respondents who have health insurance, more than half spend no more than $50 on insurance on premiums every month for them and their…

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[Barometer] Key figures, trends and insight in the Canada home insurance market

Home insurance plays an essential role in protecting properties and homes against a multitude of risks. In Canada, where seasons vary and weather conditions can be unpredictable, the importance of home insurance is particularly high. To better understand the attitudes, preferences and behaviors of Canadian homeowners and renters when it comes to home insurance, we…

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[Blog] Why Ottawa Is A Great Place For Young Entrepreneurs

Are you a young entrepreneur with big dreams and ambitions? In the vast landscape of opportunities for young entrepreneurs, Ottawa has an entrepreneurial ecosystem that thrives with unparalleled vigour, providing fertile ground for innovation and growth. With its booming job market and conducive business environment, it is no wonder that Ottawa has emerged as a…

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