Our CEO and editor-in-chief

Antoine, our CEO

Antoine, Insurtech entrepreneur, insurance & banking expert.

Antoine is the CEO & founder of Safe. He has previously launched two startups in France in the insurance comparison: platforms that help more than 15 million people each year. He has a passion for new technologies in the insurance industry.

Why did you decide to launch Safe?

My father works as a doctor advising insurance companies. Talking to him, I realized that many people suffering from health problems were unable to get a loan to buy their own home. To address this injustice, I decided to launch the first mortgage insurance comparison platform in France. 

When I started benchmarking the existing comparison tools to create our own, I realized that there was no efficient solution on the market that could give access to the best insurance deals in less than a minute. I always had to spend ages filling in forms with masses of personal information ! That made me convinced that I needed to disrupt the market - to create something better. 

I was right. The platform was a great success. 

That was the beginning of a very exciting journey. 

What has been the main challenge facing you on this journey?

Having to innovate all the time without ever stopping! When you're a newcomer in a market where existing websites already have strong brands, you have to offer added value by saving people time or money, or giving them an amazing customer experience. 

Our team always challenges the status quo. We want to give our customers the best free tools and bring the most added value we can. 

What makes Safe different from its main competitors?

No other comparison platform on the market is so quick. But Safe can show customers the best deals in just 20 seconds. No other platform can do it without collecting personal information. Safe can do it! Besides, our tool is interactive, and it displays the results depending on the principal factors affecting the price, so clients can choose the best solution in regard to their particular needs. 

To achieve this result, we use a powerful combination of technological tools and human brainpower. We are also 100 % independent and unbiased, unlike the basic comparison platforms. 

Lastly, Safe displays all the information the customer needs on a single page. This is unique on the market.

How has the Safe platform been developed?

After the success of the first version of our platform launched in 2014, we expanded our business to cover a whole range of insurance products, enhancing our technology at the same time. Our work has always been driven by an customer-oriented innovative approach: we have a comprehensive selection of insurers, we don't require any personal information to get access to quotes, and we offer very simple digital tools. We concentrate on creating value-added comparisons with 100 % free information - that's the key to our success.

What are your ambitions for the coming years?

We have a very dedicated team working hard to disrupt the Canadian insurance market and bring better insurance choices to customers in Canada. Our objective is to become one of the most used comparison platforms in the country. I am convinced we'll get there fast, as our solution gives very high quality of service. It's quick, confidential and free - that's what we promise our customers. 

James Rodriguez, our editor-in-chief

James is the editor-in-chief and brand ambassador for Safe in English-speaking markets. Before this role, he wrote about entrepreneurship and travel while working as a business consultant for startups and a marketing manager for an online travel agency. He holds an MBA and an undergraduate degree in history. James is passionate about entrepreneurship, personal finance and technology.