Which Countries Are Reinstating Lockdown Measures in The World?

Alexandre Desoutter Alexandre Desoutter  updated on 2021-01-29

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LocationCovid-19 Cases reported *Covid-19 Deaths reported *
*Cases reported as of 23 November, 2020

As of November 2020, the coronavirus pandemic is coming back very strong in Europe. With more than 46 million persons that have been infected all around the world and more than one million deaths reported, the epidemics is raging again. Ireland, France and Israel reinstated national lockdowns, and should be followed soon by other countries, whereas Quebec as been put under ‘red alert’. Check on our map and see the situation of each country.

You’re a Canada resident, wondering where you can still travel. Check our interactive map on holidays destinations still open to Canadians.

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4 comments on "Which Countries Are Reinstating Lockdown Measures in The World?"
Emilia lorio, on 2021-04-11

I am reconsidering travel to Ecuador, due to the Ecuador Travel Advisory
From what I read, Ecuador has a Level 3: Reconsider travel
The Centers for Disease Control (CFC) has issued a Level 4.
I am confused about travel measures because s Level 3 and a Level 4 is stated. Which Level should I be looking at?

Our expert
Julie, on 2021-04-12


Ecuador is at level 4, so any traveler should avoid all travel to this country. We recommend you to postpone your trip to another time, when the pandemic will be much lower in this country.

Have a great day,
The Hellosafe's team

Anon, on 2020-11-01

South Korea never had a lockdown? This seems too indicate otherwise but I don't know myself https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/south-korea-new-coronavirus-lockdown-case-rise-resurgence-covid-19-pandemic-a9697061.html

Our expert
Alexandre desoutter, on 2020-11-03

Hi Anon. Thanks for your comment, that we've taken into account. Cheers !

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